SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 8: And Their Interesting Associates

(by Charles Savoie) —

The commodity markets are controlled by Wall Street and London banking interests, frequently to the detriment of commodity producers. At the top of this pyramid, for over a century—are Pilgrims Society members, suppressing precious metals! This they have done to facilitate buying land and real assets with their created currency, and achieved a lien against all private property in these fifty States based on the Federal debt, which is owed to these megabankers!

The entire Federal debt must sooner or later be entirely repudiated or expunged, and titles (domestic and foreign) to land, buildings and other assets should be investigated—and seized, in all cases in which the holders can be connected to the Federal Reserve! All members of “globalist” organizations must be banned from any government posts, elected or appointed!

“We don’t dare confront the implications. I think we all agree there was a conspiracy and we don’t want to know. It involves SUCH A POWERFUL HIGH FORCE IN WHAT WE CALL THE HIGH PLACES, IF WE DO KNOW, EVERYTHING MIGHT FALL APART.”

—Leonard Bernstein, globally prominent music conductor, about the Kennedy assassination; Associated Press, November 24, 1980.

Bernstein (1918-1990) was music director of the New York Philharmonic and president of the London Symphony Orchestra—both Pilgrims Society “cultural” interests. His allegation about “a powerful high force in the high places” was more than an educated guess because—under “Awards and Recognitions” at they list “Pilgrims Society.” Is it possible to receive an award from The Pilgrims Society, without actually being a member? Perhaps so; this hasn’t been 100% determined. However, my capable European colleague, Joel Van Der Reijden, for whom I have deep respect, says Bernstein was a member. He certainly would have had “outer circle” status and only been aware of the inner circle of the Society as containing the “powerful high force” he didn’t specifically identify.

Here’s something in The Congressional Record, Volume 153, page 8245, March 28, 2007, mentioning The Pilgrims Society and John Brademas, a Pilgrims member and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Rockefeller Foundation trustee, and Bernstein both receiving the George Foster Peabody Award. George Foster Peabody (1852-1938, Pilgrims Society) was a large scale Wall Street financier who according to the New York Times, December 10, 1933, section 2, page 4, was a supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and his gold theft from the public; but additionally, Peabody also claimed as one of his alleged accolades that—

“HE HAD A PART IN DEFEATING BIMETALLISM and reached the conclusion that it is absurd to depend on a metal not possible of expansion or contraction as a standard of value.”

George Foster Peabody, Pilgrims Society, and Franklin Roosevelt were friends; naturally their views agreed. Peabody was a partner in Spencer, Trask & Company, which played a leading role in financing electric lighting corporations and railroad construction in the West and in Mexico. Peabody held large interests in Edison Electric and became a director of General Electric and many other corporations including Mexican Metallurgical Company, Mexican Lead Company, Mexican Coke & Coal Company, Broadway Realty, and Southern Improvement Company. He was a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1914-1921. He was a trustee of the University of Georgia and treasurer of the Southern Education Board and a director of Rockefellers (Pilgrims Society) General Education Board. During 1896-1905 he was treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.

With this as an intro to #8 Silver Squelchers, we now proceed to review 15 men from the 1969 New York and London Pilgrims Society rosters. These were the first rosters I obtained, and they came by way of a since defunct publisher in California, the ’76 Press.

The celebrated Gary Allen had seen these lists, sent to him by an unidentified party, and Allen had a chance to mention The Pilgrims in two of his books and at least two lower circulation magazine articles in 1970 (American Opinion). He wrote of it as the “Pilgrim Society,” a minor error, as they use plural.

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24 Comments on "SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 8: And Their Interesting Associates"

  1. Silver is never going to materially go up. They have the price “fixed” through eternity. The silver price was 50 in 1980. It is 15 today.

    Nothing will change.

    Oil can go to 300 a barrel…..silver will still be in the teens.

    Good luck all. The financial repression in crazy.

    • Defeatist statements at best.

    • barney,

      I understand your frustration, but you must remember the ELITE were unable to stop the collapse of the GREAT ROMAN EMPIRE. Furthermore, the French people guillotined the French rulers and thousands of the wealthy. So, control by the ELITE is not a guarantee.

      Especially, when the BRICS will soon hold the cards.


      • So sick of hearing about the French “Revolution”. The people were not dissatisfied with their rulers. People in France just before the overthrow were much more satisfied and had better lives than any others on the continent.

        The reason for the chaos and turmoil was the Jacobins a Jewish sponsored and led organization that acted in the best interests of the banking cabal.

        The Roman Empire never “ended” and continues on to this day being directed and sponsored by the same Jewish banking cabal that ran it 2,000 years ago. The Pope is still the Holy Roman Emperor.

        Look into the revolutions and research the motives and movers behind them.

        Stop repeating these “accepted” facts or I will start to spout “peak oil is a myth” propaganda here.

        • Johnny Pallyswine | December 17, 2014 at 3:20 pm |

          America and Europe are just ugly balls of anger and confusion. Rothchild may have financed the so called French Revolution. Perhaps at the edge of a knife. And what did this revolution do for France? Another bankrupt failed European country.

          Jews directed Rome too???? Americans deserve islam to a degree.

      • steve,

        I don’t believe they will EVER lose control of the paper price. If they started to lose control, trading would simply be halted, physical buying would be disallowed, only selling would be allowed, and the world will simply move on…..especially Americans since they own almost no precious.

        That is how I see the game playing out. Look, silver is now heading sub 15. It is on a straight staircase down…..and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The banking cabal is in charge.

        Read this article:

        The cabal has ruined price discovery in just about everything. The difference is the banking cabal will send oil higher at some point due to their leveraged loans to the Shale.

        So, what we can expect, like I said, is oil could head far far higher…..but SILVER and GOLD will NEVER go higher or beyond all in sustaining costs.

        So at best silver goes to 20-21. And that is all.


      • I allow myself to make a little remark about french revolution.

        It was the french colored revolution which was financed by newly riches in order to destroy the old noble class, which some were wealthy of course, some less.

        These newly riches were also for some part some ferious opposite to catholicism (free masons, non catholic, agnostic,…) and destroyed even lots of goods included statues paid by poor people in their local churches.

        What we can hope this time, the new elite will be less rotten than for the last one/couple centuries….

    • Wrong. They can manipulate the price as long as they can DELIVER. Once they can no longer deliver they lose credibility to establish price and pricing control moves to who holds the most and therefore has credibility to set price. They can set price to $1 but if they can’t deliver what difference does their pricing matter? This loss of confidence will be their loss of control, default and bankruptcy as the corrupt criminal banking cartel is exposed for the den of lying snakes it is. Merry Christmas.

  2. Look at today, *they* have been able to hold silver @-.36/.37 almost ALL DAY.

  3. ……..And still trading at -.37, -.37. Isn’t this this apeshit crazy!

  4. The govt. creates more money with no backing everyday. The welfare state and the giant bureaucracy can’t be sustained without devaluing the currency. Neither party will restrain spending so metal prices won’t be able to be restrained at some point. Bank accounts and pensions would be seized before the metals imo.

  5. barney,barney,barney the fall will come as sure as the sun will rise. Patience Barney these scumbags are sweating silver bullets

  6. IMO silver will never be worth $1,000 because when it moves somewhere in the 3 figure range, the dollar will be no more.
    PM’s buying power may greatly increase in the future, but goodbye dollar.
    Today an ounce of silver will buy a steak dinner, some day it might possibly buy 50 steak dinners.

    • I would be happy to buy 2 steak dinners.LOL!

      • LOL, there maybe more truth in what you said than one might realize.

        As Elene said to Cathy Lee: ” May I be frank with you?”

        IMO we are moving to a time of limited natural resources. The standard of living is simply the total of spherical wealth divided by the given population.
        Our sphere has moved from local, to nation, and now global.
        Take energy for example: wood was major source, then coal, then oil; however each shift was made while ample supply of previous remained available.
        Each shift was made because each new resource was more “economical”, but not today.

        As easily obtained natural resources wain and population increases, the standard of living must decrease.

    • The dollar is a lie and doesn’t matter to anyone not holding it as more and more nation are wont to do. As more nations bail on the dollar future gold and silver will be priced in Yuan and Deutschmarks.

  7. Nice Article, but it doesn’t help a bit. Silver miners have production costs in
    excess of spot silver and doesn’t mean a thing. Demand has exceeded
    production these past 10 years ( Silver Institute ) and that also means nothing.
    The big banks are manipulating the market. Yet, China has hired them as consultants
    for their Shanghai physical silver. With 1.3 billion people guess who wants silver at a
    low price? And, not one single silver guru knows why silver being below production
    costs can fall an additional 10% these past few days. NOT ONE SINGLE GURU SAYS
    anything except in 2030 silver will be higher or when everything collapses silver will be
    real money and on and on. It is similar to the oil story. We were out of oil a few years
    ago and the gurus were conning us into alternatives. Now we got oil coming out of our
    ears and now they say, “This can’t last for more than 10 years or so” then prices will rise.
    All a bunch of baloney. Joe

    • Joe,

      You’re a piece of work…LOL. After sending me dozens of emails asking me countless questions over the past year, this is your way of responding. God bless the fickle nature of the public.

      LOL… Steve

  8. “It’s too big to fail.” Eric Holder.

  9. Charles,

    What do you think of the booksof Anne Pimlott Baker about this society ?


    • I have these plus several others by Harry Brittain much harder to come by. I was surprised they put these books out. That was a mistake on their part, as it adds to the body of accessible details on them. There are a number of places in these books where it can be shown that false information is intentionally placed. The main aspect however is—since they were published in 2002-2003, why did they not include membership rosters as of those years? If we are to accept their claims at face value—why do they need to remain mostly anonymous? There is no passable answer besides they speak in euphemisms and have a very great deal to hide.

  10. Steve: As to my countless emails I’ve sent you. You should also mention the countless
    emails that go unanswered. You are in the camp of buy silver and in 10 years you’ll
    be glad you did., but you can’t tell me why that will be so. Are we going to run out of mined
    silver as some say? Will JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks start accumulating silver? Will
    China, who needs several hundred million more ounces than they produce yearly, hire the
    big banks as consultants so they can pay more for silver? One way to change all of this is
    to constantly try to get investors to buy silver. The silver market is quite small. If we can get
    25% more people buying it, the price will go up and it won’t be 2020. And also, we can dispense
    with all these articles by silver gurus.

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