SIGN-UP For The SRSrocco Report Precious Metals Webinar, August 2nd

We will be hosting the first Live SRSrocco Report Precious Metals Webinar on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6 pm EST.   This is a chance for individuals to ask any questions about gold and silver as well as the retail-wholesale precious metals market.

CLICK HERE TO:  SIGN-UP For The SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar

I will be hosting the webinar with precious metals expert Tom Cloud and new member Vic Patane (financial industry).  Tom Cloud has been a precious metals, rare coin and diamond dealer for nearly 40 years, while Vic Patane’s experience is in the investment banking side of municipal finance where he worked with State and Local Governments for nearly 30 years.

SRSrocco-Report-Precious-Metals-Webinar-080216The SRSrocco Report Precious Metals Webinar will start with Tom Cloud providing an update on what is going on in the gold and silver market, including insight to what is taking place in his precious metals business.  He has some very interesting information to share, so make sure you sign up to be apart of the webinar.

I will then ask Tom some questions, including those emailed prior to the webinar.   After Tom answers these questions, I will then turn to attendee questions.  We will try to answer as many of the attendee questions, but time constraints will probably not allow us to get to them all.

However, we can ask Tom to cover some of the questions that we couldn’t get to during the webinar in his next Precious Metals Update.

If you would like to send in a question before the webinar, please send it to the following email address:

Also, I want to let you all know there are only so many available spots on this webinar.  So, please register for the webinar as soon as possible.  You can register for the webinar by clicking on the link below:

CLICK HERE TO:  SIGN-UP For The SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar

Lastly, I highly recommend my followers to join the webinar as we will cover interesting information not covered by other precious metals websites.  Furthermore, I would advise new and experienced investors to learn more about the retail and wholesale gold and silver market from Tom Cloud as he offers an education not provided by most precious metals dealers in the industry.

In addition, Vic Patane offers a unique insight from his 30 years in the financial industry.  I really believe you will all enjoy the webinar… we certainly look forward to it.

And for all those who were not able to attend the webinar, either due to scheduling or limited attendee spots, we will provide a recording of the webinar a few days later.

CLICK HERE TO:  SIGN-UP For The SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar

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  1. Signed up!

  2. I registered for the webinar, but had a last-minute schedule conflict. Will the recording be up soon?

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