PHYSICAL GOLD INVESTMENT: The United States Ranks Worst In The World

Ever since the world suffered a near collapse of its economic and financial system in 2008, investors around the globe have purchased physical gold in increasing volume.  However, if you lived in the United States… the opposite is the case.

Not only did Americans purchase less gold, they ranked DEAD LAST on the planet.  Americans came in last place due to the wonderful job the FED and U.S. Treasury accomplished by totally bamboozling its citizens into believing the financial crisis was over and everything was now under control.

Of course the opposite is the case, but you wouldn’t know if you visited any of the typical large suburban “Restaurant Rows” in the states.  It’s standing room only, especially on a Friday night.  Why should Americans buy gold when they could drop a $100 bill at the Outback Steakhouse on Friday, $150 for attending a college football game on Saturday and another $250 for a NFL game on Sunday??

Times are good and Americans are spending fiat money hand over fist…. well, that is… until the next major financial crisis hits.

If we take a look at the chart below, we can see how every country-region in the world increased their physical gold investment from 2008 to 2013… except the United States:


The only region that purchased less gold than the U.S. last year was the Middle East.  However, the change from 2008 to 2013 was still positive, while the United States declined.  Below are  the figures for the countries-regions shown above.

Physical Gold Investment 2008-2013 (mt – metric tons):

Middle East =  (2008 – 28 mt) (2013 – 53 mt)

United States =  (2008 – 79 mt) (2013 – 67 mt)

Turkey = (2008 – 57 mt) (2013 – 102 mt)

Thailand-Vietnam = (2008 – 139 mt) (2013 – 217 mt)

Europe = (2008 -243 mt) (2013 – 265 mt)

India = (2008 – 211 mt) (2013 – 312 mt)

China = (2008 – 76 mt) (2013 – 409 mt)

(figures from World Gold Council Full Year Gold Demand Trends)

The big three winners of increased physical gold investment from 2008 to 2013 are Turkey (+45 mt), India (+101 mt) and China (+333 mt).  The United States wins the BRAIN-DEAD GOLD AWARD in the world for being the only country-region that stated a decline (-12mt) in overall physical gold investment during this same time period.

Lastly, I will be finally publishing my first paid report called THE U.S. GOLD MARKET REPORT in the next few weeks.  It explains the dynamics of the U.S. Gold Market going back until 1981.  There are over 25 chart and graphs included in the 38 page report.

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23 Comments on "PHYSICAL GOLD INVESTMENT: The United States Ranks Worst In The World"

  1. Lol that doesn’t surprise me at all I know a lot of people there’s only a couple that I know who actually buy pm’s and they buy 100’s of dollars worth nothing substantial.. It’s all about 401k’s the company match, fast food,reality tv, and sports.. The world has already collapsed culturally mainly the western culture now I’m just waiting for the next collapse which will be monetary/financial

  2. Steve, if you rank the US as “worst in the world” vis a vis physical gold investment, then Canada is even worse!

    In 1980 Canada had 660 tonnes of gold in it’s official reserves. This was slowly sold off into the world market as part of “Brown’s Bottom” in conjunction with the gold cartels efforts to control the price of gold.

    Today, Canada’s official gold reserves are 2.98 tonnes or 95,895 ounces, worth an estimated 117 million US dollars on the market. Very poor, when one purchase from any high net worth individual can clean out the gold in the Bank of Canada’s vault!

  3. Please do a similar article on silver. Thx

    • I’m with you on that! I like to buy silver regularly no matter the price. I just received a small box 3 days ago with a lovely tube of 25 Silver Maples, or I could have spend roughly the same amount on a quarter oz plus a one-tenth oz coin of gold. Factoring into my quick decision, which is always the same decision, silver is a much better place to put my pocket change and who the hell doesn’t like the weight of some beautiful .9999 silver in their hand. I love silver and one day soon we will all look back at these current times and wish we had bought more….. Just my opinion, and I know I am not alone in that opinion. Thanks SRS and fellow SRS fans for keeping the truth alive in a world of lies and deceit.

      • Jimbo, I’m with you. The feel of silver maples and silver eagles in the hand is somewhat of a magical feeling. When you hold em in your palm, you instinctively know that you are holding something of real value!! I recently cashed in all of my kids’ savings bonds that my mother in law had been buying them since birth and traded all of the fiat for silver eagles. They don’t even know about it, but they’ll thank me for it someday. Keep stackin, bro!!

  4. The whole world is no different than a small community economic sphere, the farmer and cobbler can only exchange goods for so long until new natural resources must be infused to sustain.
    When the natural resources of this world become a zero sum game to harvest, the gig is up…….

  5. Great info! Can we see all the paper gold in the world too? It seems to effect value of the Ounces we should all be buying. Even gold is distorted! Gotta own items free of Bank influence. Rare Coins if you like metal…Cars, paintings…Fixed supply…paper gold is endless!

  6. Very interesting statistics indeed although it would have been even more interesting if that statistics would have been adjusted for the population size. For instance China and Inda are roughly three times as large as Europe by population size. Taking that fact into account, Europe buys more gold per capita than either India or China. The greatest mystery however, is Vietnam and Thailand, together roughly half the size of of Europe. On a per capita basis, I think these two countries buy the most gold.

    Regarding the restrained interest of US citizens in gold, one has to take into account the fact that the US Dollar has been around for well over 100 years. During that time, Germany and many other European countries have seen several different currencies in circulation. So the sensitivity of people abroad to gold as the ultimate currency is much greater than in the US. Perhaps this fact explains why Vietnam is buying so much gold, while the US does not seem to care that much about gold. We trust in King Dollar.

    • Since those numbers are from the World Gold Council, they are probably legal gold imported to India. However much more gold than those numbers was smuggled into India to get by the government crack down on gold imports. (Google gold smuggling into India.) You can also subtract a lot of China’s ounces as they were/are the principal smugglers into India. So a lot of that gold was only in China long enough to travel to India’s border. No one buys more gold per capita than India, no one, no matter what the “official” numbers say, and gold will not go back up to or above where it was until the Indian market is once again freed up to buy openly like they used to so the ounces they buy will count against supply, making it impossible for the banksters to hide real demand vs supply (or until we have a major black swan event).

    • Robert,

      You bring up some excellent points, however its noteworthy to understand that China went from 76 mt of physical gold coin & bar investment in 2008 to 409 mt in 2013, while Europe increased from 243 mt to 265 mt during the same time period. China increased their gold investment 333 mt in five years while Europe only increased 22 mt. I believe that is an interesting trend regardless of the difference in population.

      Robert, you are absolutely correct about Americans trusting in the KING DOLLAR. However, in 1999 American’s purchased more than 2 million oz of Gold Eagles when they thought Y2K might take down the banking system. Either way, Americans have been bamboozled to believe the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Treasury market will be around for quite some time… when the opposite is the case.

      Americans will experience first-hand the biggest FINANCIAL ENEMA in history.


  7. The american people have been programed to shun gold. The banks tell us it’s a worthless relic,for decoration and tradition only. These same banks are well aware of golds real value, they are also aware that a gold buying citizenry kills their game. They’ve bet and bet wrong. Just as they bet on QE and ZIRP also wrong. King dollar I’ve heard, yet while traveling overseas some countries won’t even take it I’m told.

  8. First off, I am wholly suspect of anything (Charts, Graphs, etc.) that is put out by the “World Gold Council”, besides wondering as well why both “Australia” (chart provider), Canada, as well Russia & S. Africa was not separately ranked vs. merely lumped in supposedly w/ the “Rest of the World”. Also. apparently two minor countries such as “Thailand and Vietnam” appear to be right behind ALL of “Europe”. Since Germany’s manufacturing & export economy likely puts the U.S.’ counterparts to shame, is it merely lumped in with all of “Europe” so as not to put them to shame, since apparently they cannot get ANY gold, even their own, presumably still held by those bastions of honesty and integrity at the NY Fed? On another point, I am willing to venture that more likely than as not, every gov’t/municipal/public employee as well as the Wall St. and Corp leeches were given the word that their Fiat paychecks are 100% dependent on the perception of strength of those ponzied FRN IOUs currency, and unless they want to be standing in line along with the rest of the Free Sh*t Army collecting rapidly depreciating purchasing power “benefits”, they had better do everything possible to keep the Fraud going by avoiding Hard Assets such as Silver and Gold, lest the Sheople get suspicious, suddenly wake the hell up and panic /stampede back into Hard, Honest Money. Oh well, let the Wise with eyes to actually see, count their blessings and be grateful for the short lines and fire sale prices of PMs while they still last. Cheers, S. Rex

    • Spartacus Rex,

      While the knee-jerk reaction by many precious metals investors is to be suspect of the WGC-World Gold Council figures, I find many of them to be quite accurate when we compare them to other sources. I am not saying the WGC is perfect or might be under-reporting certain figures, but the overall figures are good estimates.

      I have checked Official coin sales data with the WGC and its pretty accurate. This is also true for gold production. We must remember, Thomson Reuters GFMS is the organization that provides the WGC as well as the Silver Institute data for both GOLD & SILVER publications.

      Again, I am not defending these “Official” sources, but rather saying the data and information “FOR THE MOST PART” is fairly accurate when it comes to Gold mine production, scrap supply, Jewelry & Bar-Coin demand. The only place they may be off is Central Bank selling-buying and the amount due to unreported smuggling.

      Regardless… it’s the best data we have to go by. They don’t publish Russian physical bar & coin demand because there are still laws on the books from the old Soviet Union that makes owning investment gold very difficult for Russians. According to an interview by Casey Research:

      Dmitriy: Repressive Soviet laws are still on the books in modern-day Russia. It is illegal to buy or sell bullion bars anywhere except at banks that have a precious metals license, and very few have them. So if you buy or sell a gold bar from your friend or relative, you commit a criminal offense.

      There are also special rules for transportation of bullion bars, and breaking them entails a prison term. Taking bullion bars out of the country is illegal. Selling and buying of foreign-made bullion bars is also illegal. To top it off, there are enormous hurdles for bullion coin importers.

      Anyhow, it doesn’t matter how we define or cut it… Americans purchased less physical gold bars & coins in 2013 compared to 2008, lower than all the countries-regions show in that chart.


      • Steve, I am not saying that the U.S. hasn’t been slacking in their stacking versus pre 2011, however the Title alleging “The United States Ranks Worst In The World” is 100% Bull Sh*t!
        1) As “Outlookingin” correctly pointed out above, Canada is even worse!
        2) The “Middle East” is NOT a “Country” the U.S. is;
        “Europe” is NOT a “Country” the U.S. is;
        “Rest of World” is NOT a “Country”, the U.S. is!
        3) If you are going to compare “Apples”, then LIST the Countries separately to actually see which one “Ranks Worst in The World” ie Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

        BTW, did you by chance get the follow up @ silverseek with the add’tl chart showing that for the last five years running, Gold has repeatedly outperformed Silver in FRN sales figures for each Month of Oct., Nov., AND Dec., without fail?

        Cheers, S. Rex

  9. Herman the German | October 13, 2014 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    Hi Steve, thanks for this summary based in WGC.

    I would like to add that according to Koos Jansen the wholesale demand in China was
    2200 tons in 2013. China imported 1540 tons to meet that demand (thru SGE).
    The balance came from own mining and gold scrap.

    This Figuren does NOT include what PBOC purchased!

  10. “PHYSICAL GOLD INVESTMENT: The United States Ranks Worst In The World”

    This is one fact out of a whole set of facts that indicate to me how unprepared [and unaware] Americans are for a future where their dollars, particularly digital dollars, are in investments that really won’t make for a secure future or retirement.

    I watch some football, weather, and a few movies or shows on TV. No brain-dead reality shows. No mainstream media news. But even in what I watch I’ve never seen so many ads from “financial services” companies. Companies that want to make sure you have enough for retirement. Companies that pitch “wealth management”, or managing your money for you. And of course taking a slice each year.

  11. It seems to me if the silver market is as thin as they say, it wouldn’t take much for someone to step in and completely wipe out the paper market. Max Keiser tried to get this to happen….it didn’t happen.

    It has been like that for several years.

    I’m not here to debate, but since that has not happened, it seems to me we don’t know all the facts. I mean, someone is selling their silver at today’s price. Why? Because it is worth it to them to take a loss in silver then cause the paper system to crash. Mr Buffet hates metals, I wonder why?

    With that said, when this does come to a head, what’s to keep the government from coming in and legally forcing people to sell their metals like they did in the past? And the morons will ge tin line to sell, thinking it is their patriotic duty or something.

    And if you then refuse to sell, you think they will be worth more on the street then the government is willing to pay? ?

    Sorry, but with the corruption going on, it’s anything goes and all this is just fantasy talk.

    Just my humble opinion.

    You can’t even buy a cup of copy with that.

  12. “With that said, when this does come to a head, what’s to keep the government from coming in and legally forcing people to sell their metals like they did in the past? And the morons will ge tin line to sell, thinking it is their patriotic duty or something.”


    “And if you then refuse to sell, you think they will be worth more on the street then the government is willing to pay? ”


  13. Until we have not reached 26$ we are still in Bear market.Silver Price has no power.We are in a bad economical condition worldwide.Why should siver go up?The fat fingers in paper make the Price until physical silver is available.

  14. What does the Tard say?
    Check it out, slavetards!
    OCT 15
    13 min

  15. Even when the stockmarket is falling like a stone silver and gold is weak.
    The dream of the save-haven currency is over.

    • You are looking at very short term action of commodities [PM’s] where the price in dollars is heavily manipulated downward..and comparing it to the stock markets where prices are manipulated upward.

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