OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The U.S. Mint Has NOT STOPPED Production Of Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles US Mint San Fran FIMAGEAccording to the public affairs person at the U.S. Mint, the rumor that Silver Eagle production was halted due to lack of demand, is not true.  I have been receiving lots of emails on this issue, so I decided to pick up the phone and call Michael White, public affairs person at the U.S. Mint.

I have spoken to Mr. White several times over the past five years on different issues.  So, instead of going by secondary channels and the blog-sphere rumor-mill, I thought it best to get it directly from the source itself.

I called up Mr. White and he answered the phone directly.  Normally, I would get his secretary or answering service.  However, he picked up right away and I told him who I was and asked him if the rumor was true that the U.S. Mint stopped production of Silver Eagles.

Mr. White told me that it was not true as they continue to produce and sell Silver Eagles.  I asked Mr. White if he could provide a full statement, and he said that only thing he would tell me is that they are CONTINUING TO PRODUCE and SELL SILVER EAGLES and the rumor was not true.

I really don’t care about this issue all that much, but feel the best thing to do is to always get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.  Most people tend to get their answers lower down the chain or from superficial sources.

It really doesn’t matter if Silver Eagle sales are slower for the short term.  As I explained in my article, The Breakdown Of The U.S. & Global Markets Explained:  What Most Analysts Miss, we are serious trouble.  And this has to do with energy.  Without energy, the world stands still.

Moreover, the idea that investors should put 5 or 10% of the wealth in gold and the remainder in Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate is pure INSANITY.  Don’t take my word for it…. just stick around for the next five years and find out for yourselves.

Unfortunately, economists and most precious metal analysts don’t seem to understand this basic principle.  Which is why I am currently writing another important article titled, UNLOCKING GOLD’s TRUE VALUE:  The Economic Code – Finally Revealed.

I will be posting this article tomorrow.  I highly recommend the article to all my followers and sites that link my work.  This article will show why the value of GOLD (money) is misunderstood by the economists, monetary scientists and precious metals analysts.

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16 Comments on "OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The U.S. Mint Has NOT STOPPED Production Of Silver Eagles"

  1. Unfortunately, we cannot deny that silver is in strong contango and so that physical demand is globally weak.

    Of course it could strike back in the future but we will if and when.

  2. ” And this has to do with energy. Without energy, the world stands still….”

    I recently had an article forwarded to me from a paid-for investing service a friend belongs to. In it the writer was making a case for the markets, with one reason being “energy is cheap”.

    Yes gasoline and diesel are cheap now. That’s as far as most financial analysts look into energy.

  3. “Without energy, the world stands still.”

    actually, it means it operates on muscle power – and you come to realize why slavery was so popular in so many cultures from the beginning of history ….

    • robertsinclair | August 23, 2016 at 9:55 am |

      as it is now with a debt based monetary system, were slaves now.

      • robertsinclair | August 23, 2016 at 10:14 am |

        Only we put on our own shackles..
        Adam smith wrote” england is a free country, men are paid for the fruits of their labour” This is not an exact quote but near enough.
        In a fiat, debt based system, everyman can borrow the fruits of their labour, which has to be repaid with interest. Most people don’t understand this. House appreciation is a way of raising taxes in which the participants are eager and willing to pay the extra tax. .

  4. Bhavesh Modi | August 22, 2016 at 7:12 pm |

    Good job Steve, as always you do…thanks for keep educating us. regards

  5. Weak silver demand sounds like MSM lies. What else is new?

  6. Steve. I am new to your research and news. Very impressive stuff! It fits right in with my outlook and status as a precious metals permabull since 1974, when I read Harry Browne’s second book, You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis.

    Anyone not having read Harry Browne’s books… you simply must. They are still available used, on ebay, amazon, and wherever you can find them. He explains economics in a way that a 5 year old can understand and makes it interesting. Sadly, he passed away but his legacy as the original goldbug lives on.

    The only real difference between his books in the seventies and now is the size of the numbers. A couple more commas and six more zeroes but all the information on money-printing, inflation, interest rates, economics, and precious metals is just as valid now as it was then.

    I agree with you that energy is vital and the return of energy on invested capital is now in the land of the law of diminishing returns.

    I continue to believe that gold and silver reigns supreme as non inflatable money and that the current regime of analysts and so called experts just don’t get it when it comes to precious metals and their role as real money.

    Keep up your good work.

  7. Thanks Steve. The 5% to 10% allocation you stated was crazy. You also said “just stick around for the next 5 years and see for yourself.” That’s what you told me in 2010. It’s now 7 years later and I’m down 25% in spot. Under your scenario, if I wait another 5 years will I be down another 25%?

    • Live by the day, live by the dollar JL?

    • joe lindell,

      Maybe you should spend more time with your family instead of wasting time telling stories on this blog. Funny how you say that I told you in 2010 to “Just Stick around for five years.” Why? Because I didn’t start my blog until 2013.

      Again, Joe… if you don’t have anything better to do with your time then TELL FALSE STORIES or BELLY ACHE, I would advise you to spend it with your family.


      • “Because I didn’t start my blog until 2013.”

        heh. everybody was saying, “gold/silver is going to the moon!” your blog here doesn’t seem so different from what has been trumpeted for the last eight years, so his confusion is easy to understand.

        hey joe. the mistakes they are making, and that you are making with them, is the presumption that 1) there is a valid functioning market for g/s right now, and that 2) after a general drawdown/depression/collapse/whatever ensues that there will be a valid functioning market of any kind wherein g/s will have utility and you with your insight and wisdom and little stash of gold will be rich. there isn’t, and there won’t be, and you won’t. and even if there is any kind of functioning market you won’t be able to use your 1oz gold coins, because they’ll be so rare and so many other people will have nothing at all, spending it will be like walking into a grocery store with a $100,000 bill and trying to buy a loaf of bread.

        you can’t buy your way out of what’s coming, joe. no-one can. just think “mediaeval society”, “mediaeval farm”, “mediaeval lifestyle”, and you’ll be as ready as anyone can be.

        • just think “mediaeval society”… You’re on to something. Just who was living well then? It was the owners of PMs. Look back for the future as things will collapse and economies will get forced (by means of lack of energy) to be much more local again in a greatly de-globalized world… International trade – much reduced in size – will be settle in… …possibly some MEDIEVAL (or midevil ?-) relict ??? And yes, a good stack of BIC lighters will also be a useful thing to own.

        • Thanks gman. You see my points. If collapse comes, EROI or peak oil as Steve
          says, then it won’t be worth a plugged nickle to be living on this earth. There will
          be riots everywhere. Chaos everywhere. For silver to rise we don’t need doom and
          gloom. Hyper inflation perhaps. Devaluation not collapse. Imagine! 99% of USA
          citizenry doesn’t own one ounce of silver or gold. If what steve predicts, there will be
          no where I can walk with silver in my pocket safely. All I keep saying is the Morgans, Butlers, Clouds etc. are commissioned salesman of PCs knowing very little about the
          future of the spot price. .

  8. They need to bring back the capability of buying coins/paper bills for face value and with a debit/credit card. Limit the amount like they do now for non businesses. I know that it was abused back in the day but it did still get the money circulating.

  9. SilverSeeker | August 23, 2016 at 4:51 pm |

    Ok silver eagles are plentiful so plentiful that mint had to stop producing them not to get drawn within them… and you can get as many as you like… just wait 2 or 3 months.. and pay 30% PREMIUM… +23% VAT on that… oops.

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