NEW UPDATE: Silver Eagle Sales Surpass 2013 Record At Nearly 43 Million

After the U.S. Mint updated its bullion figures on Monday, 2014 Silver Eagle sales reached a new annual record surpassing last years total by nearly 200,000.  Not only was 2014 a banner year for world’s most sought after official coin, the Silver-Gold Eagle ratio also hit a new record high.

The U.S. Mint sold nearly a half million Silver Eagles over the weekend, putting the total for December at 1,317,000.  This strong weekend demand pushed total annual Silver Eagle sales to 42,864,000 over last years previous record of 42,765,000.  Furthermore, there are still a few more weeks remaining in the month.

U.S Gold & Silver Eagle Sales 2007-2014

As we can see from the chart above, investors purchased 82 Silver Eagles for every Gold Eagle ounce in 2014.  This is up from 50 to 1 in 2013.  The reason for the big increase in the 2014 Silver-Gold Eagle ratio was due to weak demand of Gold Eagle sales (523,000 oz) as Western investors sought refuge in one of the two FED INDUCED PAPER PONZI SCHEMES — Bonds & Stocks.

The U.S. Mint program reached another important milestone in 2014.  Total Silver Eagle sales from 1986 to 2014 surpassed 400 million.  This is indeed a huge figure.  If we look at the chart below, we can see just how strong Silver Eagle sales have been since the collapse of the U.S. Housing and Investment Banking Industry in 2007:

Total U.S. Gold & Silver Eagle Sales (1986-20`4) NEW

Since its inception in 1986, the U.S. Mint sold 401.4 million Silver Eagles and 20.6 million oz of Gold Eagles.  This is an overall Silver-Gold Eagle ratio of 19 to 1.  However, if we just consider sales of these two official coins since 2008,  demand for Silver Eagles are twice the historic Silver-Gold ratio.

From 2008 to 2014, the U.S. Mint sold 234.1 million Silver Eagles and 6.6 million oz of Gold Eagles.  Thus, the Silver-Gold Eagle ratio nearly doubled to 37/1 in this seven-year period, compared to the 19/1 ratio from 1986-2014.

Furthermore, the U.S. Mint sold 60% of its total Silver Eagle sales from 2008-2014 — an astonishing trend.  Just think about that for a minute.  Investors purchased 243.1 million Silver Eagles in the past eight years compared to 401.4 million since 1986.  This is nearly double the rate of the 2008-2014 Gold Eagle sales of 6.6 million oz at 32% of the 20.6 million oz sold since the program started.

When I spoke with Michael White, U.S. Mint public affairs person a few weeks ago, he could not tell me how long they planned on selling 2014 Silver Eagles.  Normally, in December, the U.S. Mint shuts down production of Gold and Silver Eagles, and retools for the next year’s release.

I would imagine we might see sales continue until at least the third week of the month.  If Silver Eagle sales remain strong for the next two weeks, there is a chance we could see a total of 44+ million for the year.

UPDATE:  The U.S. Mint sold another 187,000 Silver Eagles today, bringing the annual total to 43,051,000.

In addition, I believe sales of the 2015 Silver Eagles will be very strong in the beginning of the year.  Today, the price of gold and silver are skyrocketing as the broader stock indices plummet.  This may be the sign precious metal investors have been waiting for… A REAL BOTTOM.

Right now, the price of gold is up $30 and silver, $0.70.  If we truly seeing the MOTHER OF ALL REVERSALS, 2015 may turn out to be quite the pivotal year.

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17 Comments on "NEW UPDATE: Silver Eagle Sales Surpass 2013 Record At Nearly 43 Million"

  1. IMO until the “US recovery” is put aside, it is down big time for monetary metals…

    In the western dome, USA is still recovering at this stage.

  2. The DBC and BDI are tanking. So much for global recovery talk. Recent USD strength is due to flight to safety, in that the USD is the best looking horse at the glue factory, as can be seen in the weakness of all other fiat currencies.

    Any “happy talk” about the so-called “US recovery” is nothing but wishful thinking. The only recovery is within equities which are owned by the 1% of the populace and the other 99% struggles to remain afloat.

    The amount of fragility in the increasingly sensitive financial system is approaching a critical level. All it will take to topple this top heavy beast is one major financial shock. At that point, if you haven’t already protected your wealth with ownership of gold and silver bullion, you will be too late to do so.

    The recent strength of the PM’s bears witness to this move of wealth. Time is very short now, as Steve eludes to the “MOTHER OF ALL REVERSALS” in the article. Facta non verba.

    • Maybe In the west when something is at more than a few weeks, the best is to wait !

      “The Recovery” is still in place and so it means always lower PMs prices…

      • “The Recovery”? I don’t know what circles you fly in, but there is no recovery for the 99% who don’t own the wealth of the country. Yes. There is recovery for the 1% who own the vast majority of the wealth, as can be seen by the equities market. However, they will be experiencing a religious moment soon, as the paper foundation on which their so-called wealth rests, crashes and burns.

  3. Another good article. Roughly half of the mints silver sold in the last six years. Seems Lehman was the wake up call for the stackers.

  4. QUOTE: “The reason for the big increase in the 2014 Silver-Gold Eagle ratio was due to weak demand of Gold Eagle sales”


    “was due to weak demand of Gold Eagle sales”??????…… Really, the bottom line is its all about the Silver-to-Gold ratio being over 70-to1 …. which means Silver when viewed over a long-term historical basis is significantly more UNDERVALUED when compared to Gold…. the ratio doesn’t go over 70 very often.

  5. Hi Steve , I was wondering if the sales numbers reported by the mint for gold and silver eagles includes the proofs and special uncs also?

  6. Steve,
    What your chart ‘Total US Gold & Silver Eagle Sales’ in advertently tells us:

    Due to their lower mintages – Silver Eagles minted before 2008 will gain in numismatic value as time goes by, just as lower-mintage ‘junk silver’ coins are worth more than the common-date ones.


    • “Due to their lower mintages – Silver Eagles minted before 2008 will gain in numismatic value as time goes by, just as lower-mintage ‘junk silver’ coins are worth more than the common-date ones.”

      Early bullion ASE’s have little numismatic value and what little they have with be overshadowed when silver increases in value.

      A proof ASE that might sell for $50 now…a lot of that difference between it’s value in fiat versus a bullion ASE will be eroded when silver moves up substantially.

      • Uh, I don’t know about that…
        Checking APMEX, they charge more for the “early years”.

        For example:
        1996 1 oz Silver American Eagle BU ($74.99 ea.! for one)
        As low as $69.99 per coin!
        There were fewer Silver Eagles minted in 1996 than in any other year of the coin’s existence.

        • And a few fools who will pay that.

          Turn around and try to sell a roll of 1996 ASE’s to APMEX or Provident Metals or your local coin dealer and see what you are offered. Yeah if the mintage was low it carries a premium when you try to sell it…maybe.

          Here’s a 1987 for sale for $27.15

          When silver goes up substantially the differences will largely evaporate. The ay are BU ASE’s; nothing special.

          I’ve been collecting coins since 1962. Most are not worth what people think they are worth.

  7. As you can see from the following chart, Silver has spent aprox. 90% of it’s time during the past decade averaging well below the 70-to-1 Silver-to-Gold ratio ….. translated; this means that roughly only 1 in 10 months do you get the opportunity to buy Silver in excess of a 70-to-1 ratio …. of course in the real world, when the ratio goes above 70-to-1 it usually only happens for brief periods every few years – and now is one of those periods;

  8. Yep, I believe the “Lone Rangers” horse is the one to ride.

  9. Mish: I Traded Some Gold For Silver;

    Last Friday I decided the gold:silver ratio was so out of line that I swapped some of my gold for silver. The ratio is a measure of how many ounces of silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold….

  10. We all realize that every ounce of PM’s we buy takes money away from the politicians and the welfare state. It appears there will be no restraint in spending / borrowing even after the GOP controls the Senate. To many are self serving and the taxpayer be da__ed.

  11. Miner stocks crash again.Each days it’s even more worse.
    I think we will loose much more money with silver.

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