MUST SEE VIDEO: Deception Is Everywhere

This is a must see video on the amazing amount of deception in the Bond and Stock Markets. I actually watched This video by Gordon T Long and John Rubino twice and plan on seeing it a third time.

They discuss the Belgium U.S. Treasury buying as well as what is keeping the stocks markets heading to new highs as more and more bad economic news rolls in. I had no idea of the amount of stock buy-backs taking place in the market.

Of course, I knew there were stock-buy backs, but I didn’t know to want degree and how this impacted earnings in such a BIG WAY.  Here are some of the screen-shots from the video:

GTLONG Video #1

GTLONG Video #2

GTLONG Video #3

According to Gordon T Long & John Rubino, there will be a total of $2 trillion in stock buybacks in 2013 and 2014.  This sort of DUMB BUYING has totally destroyed the valuations of the stock market.  I highly recommend watching this video and sharing it with your friends, family and associates.

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7 Comments on "MUST SEE VIDEO: Deception Is Everywhere"

  1. Steve

    Have you come across this article:

    Have you heard of Bo Polny? I’ve never heard of this guy and all of a sudden he is all over the web with his prediction that gold will hit $2000/oz by the end of 2014!

    Heres a video too:


  2. Gordon’s videos, Martenson’s videos pretty straightforward how far along the collapse is now…plus…

    Meaningless improving BLS unemployment rate vs. collapsed participation rates

    Median household incomes going negative…especially for bottom 80% of population

    Inflation #’s completely stripped of inflation by hedonics, substitution

    Rents at record highs and taking record % of renters income

    Corporations buying back more of their own stock than they are issuing (shrinking the outstanding float) with borrowed money

    CB’s and sovereign wealth funds buying stock indiscriminately (Norway Sovereign wealth fund holds 2.5% of all EU stock, moving to 5% target), Israel, Japanese, Swiss, Chinese CB’s all openly admit to buying equities…these sovereign’s now holding nearly $30 T of “assets”

    Federal Reserve playing games overseas to run a backdoor QE game likely through Belgium…CB schemes abound to push rates down and directly buy government debt (QE) or give away free money to banks and have them do it (LTRO)

    Energy available for export shrinking ever lower

    Resources in general running tighter and tighter for an ever larger population wanting an ever more “America” middle class lifestyle

    The list goes on and on…we are living in an utterly falsified Ponzi so much so it’s you sound crazy to the average person…their paradigm can’t handle the complete fraud we occupy…the economy, our government, our foreign policy, our way of life.

    And gold and silver are still for the crazy and backward…

    Shocking how this is all in the open now and TPTB are not even really trying to hide it…and shocking the lack of interest from average Joe

  3. the dumbing down of Amerika has succeeded beyond TPTB’s wildest dreams…the last president of the USA in full destruction mode with his zsar’s weighting down the economy, and overloading the ‘open borders’,as the CONgress holds hands and sings…. all the hearings continue with no resolutions in sight…the Roman Circus’s are nothing compared to the DC hearings….and the clowns that call themselves leader’s….imho

    • Dan,

      Well said. I particularly like “the Roman Circus’s are nothing compared to the DC hearings….and the clowns that call themselves leader’s”.

      In a corrupt administration that values power, control, and their ideological agendas [and of course complete allegiance to financial special interests] over doing anything that is right, the truth, etc, Only the VA scandal will get bipartisan attention and the whole federal government is so inept I’ll believe substantive changes with the VA when I see hear about them from a MD specialist friend who works there two days a week. I’ll listen to what he tells me from the veterans and their families about how long they have waited to see him. And what they have gone through.

  4. Steve,

    At 59 and a “realist” as opposed to an optimist or pessimist, I think not much can shock me. For some reason this story hit me hard. For it discloses an entire type & culture of deception and BS in equities, bonds, etc. It makes me realize there are many more articles and interviews of this magnitude that are ripe for coming out. Some will, some won’t. Depends on the price one may pay for exposing it.

    Combine this with other recent information [like Chris Martenson’s “slow pitch, PG rated” look at the next twenty years [Accelerated Crash Course] and to be optimistic with that knowledge seems illogical. But what we can’t change we shouldn’t be morose about; ruining our personal lives.

  5. Wrong link. The link presented is an interview with Charles Smith. You want the link with John Rubino at


    • Icarus,

      The video must have changed. I did put the correct link and most people did see the right video. Somehow, it changed to Gordon T Longs newest video. Thanks for the heads up… I have changed it.


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