More Of The Public Is Waking Up To Precious Metals Investment

While the low paper gold and silver prices continue to frustrate some investors, I can tell you that my SRSrocco Report Google Analytics data suggests more of the public is waking up to PRECIOUS METALS INVESTMENT.

Normally, my site receives approximately 40% New Visitors versus 60% for Returning Visitors each day.  This is actually a very good percentage, as 40% of my daily traffic is NEW EYEBALLS.  However, traffic to my site yesterday suggests even more of the public is waking up due to the misinformation and propaganda put out by the MainStream Media.

My newest article posted yesterday, SOMETHING CHANGED IN THE SILVER MARKET IN MAY: Here Are 3 Reasons Why, received the most visits for all my articles over the past month.  Furthermore, the percentage of New Visitors yesterday were the highest I have seen in quite some time.

Of the 15,281 visitors to my site yesterday, 50.8% were New Visitors, while 49.2% were Returning:

Which means, the SRSrocco Report site experienced more New Visitors than Returning Visitors yesterday…. a new daily record.  In addition, the total amount of visits to the SRSrocco Report site yesterday were 69,200.  These visits include internet Bots of all types.  However, I have found out that the 15,281 of the “supposed” human visitors reported yesterday, are seriously under counted.

I know this because I have a SiteLock security Firewall to protect the site from malicious attacks.  When I spoke with the Sitelock account rep last year about updating the Firewall, he told me that I should as my traffic was really high.  I replied to him by saying, “Yes, I know…. on good days I received 12-15,000 visitors.”  He replied back and said, “Oh no… according to our data, some of your daily human visitor counts are reaching 40,000-60,000 this past month.”

I asked the SiteLock account rep, “Why does Google Analytics show a much lower number?”  He said he couldn’t give me a reason why, but the data that they receive for my daily visitors is more accurate as they maintain the site’s firewall and know all the details about the types of visits… human or internet bots.

So, I imagine my actual visitor counts are likely 2-3 times more than what Google Analytics are reporting.

Furthermore, the majority of my visitors come from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and other European countries:

However, I do receive a good bit of traffic from Eastern European and Asian countries.  For example, I received at least 1,000 visits from Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Africa during the month.  And… I would imagine these figures are under-reported as well.

That being said, I find it quite interesting that my last article generated a great deal more NEW VISITORS than I have in the past.  It seems as if the public are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the MainStream Media’s misinformation and propaganda.

Now, I am not just talking about the insane reporting on President Trump and Geopolitics, but also the lack of any insight of the dire economic situation Americans will soon face as the massive amount of debt and derivatives comes crashing down due to the disintegrating U.S. and global oil industry.

When I turn on the TV and see commercials on how some typical American family is being advised by a “Financial Planner”, it really disgusts me.  These poor folks have no idea they are pouring their funds into the BIGGEST FINANCIAL PONZI SCHEME in history.  All I can do is watch the Shakespearean Tragedy take place until the day the markets crack.

The good thing through it all, is that more and more of the investing public is waking up to the PRECIOUS METALS.  I can see it through the visitor data on my site.

Lastly, while the crypto-currencies are the new RAGE and investment FAD today, I would kindly like to remind everyone, Gold and Silver have been stores of wealth for 2,000+ years.  I don’t have anything negative to say about owning crypto-currencies, but I believe owning physical precious metals will be some of the safest assets to own, when the U.S.A. Titanic finally sinks.

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50 Comments on "More Of The Public Is Waking Up To Precious Metals Investment"

  1. Robert Mix | May 25, 2017 at 11:42 am |

    I’m down here visiting in Peru. I have checked your site once a day since here (over 10 days now). Yet your map shows Peru as grey as the desert all around Lima…

    You have a very interesting and increasingly relevant site, that alone should explain your traffic.

  2. Hi Steve,
    I am not good with charts or rather not very patient with them, but it seems that fundamentally, you would like to see a growing number of returning readers and a growing number of new readers as your foundation, not relative new v returning, but I can assure you, I am definitely one of your returning ones.

    It seems that a simple point on a chart is not as valuable information compared to having two points on a time line chart from which you can start constructing a basic trend. Of course 3 points are even better, etc.

    Gold /Silver/ Crypto address the same issue as they are anti -fiat. However, due to the spike in Cryptos absent a concomitant spike in PM’s I would consider that cryptos are now taking on a life based on speculation such as tulips, rather than their original purpose of avoiding central bank cartel issuance of fiat. However, the argument that if Cryptos can explode as they have, so in theory can gold or silver, except that Cryptos are more liquid as “currency” than gold or silver. However, I quickly add that this crypto currency distraction has served to delay any potential sudden rise in gold or silver, which is beneficial for true believers/stackers, and paradoxically the central banks..up to a point I guess.

    The question CBs must be asking: Do we allow cryptos to extend their run for a while to take everyone’s eyes off of PMs, especially if there is a possible looming shortage of physical? Or, on the other hand, if we start allowing cryptos to rise, and encourage too many other different cryptos to get a foothold, they might multiply like rabbits and also take over the system.

    Finally, as I don’t understand the nuances of bitcoin, is it still not possible for the government to monitor every separate bitcoin user’s ISP address and still herd all these cats?

    BTW, Robert, speaking of grey, Lima is constantly enshrouded with grey skies coming off the ocean abutting against the mountain backdrop. Ultrafine drizzle, so fine that people in Lima don’t carry umbrellas. Hope you make it to Cusco, Macchu, and Iquitos. Peru is a beautiful country.

    • Robert Mix | May 26, 2017 at 4:52 pm |

      I married a Peruvian girl 31 years ago. Smile. I know the country well. Lima has now more-or-less entered “Winter” with the cool cloudy weather.

      Peru is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Everyone should visit. They produce gold too (I think they are the world’s sixth largest producer, and second or third largest producer of silver). LOTS to see and great food too!

  3. From Bulgaria, keep up with the great job!! You write the best articles!

  4. SRS put me on track on the declining net energy stuff. Thanks for that. Or maybe it would have been better not to know it. As net energy declines, central banks will monetize the kitchen sink in the end. They simply don’t have a choice. That’s why i only buy things i can hold in my hands and which i can use in a simplified local economy.

    Funny though Goog underreports visitor numbers on a energy/pm website. Makes me think… ah, never mind.

  5. Hi Steve.

    I found your through an re-post on Zerohedge. I’ve been reading about and investing in precious metals since 2009.

    What you brought to me that was new was your insight about oil. I can’t believe I swallowed shale oil and oil sands so easily. I’ve gone through many of your articles on the accounting books of the major oil companies of the world.

    Deep down I knew many of the gold and silver bugs were wrong when they painted the next financial crisis as just another bump before things settle back down to normal.

    Thanks for your site.

    • I feel the same way! I believed all the Shale stuff too and my brother thinks I’m nuts for reading and following this guy…!

  6. Hi Steve.
    Thanks again for your articles!
    I would think you would be very pro crypto currencies. The more people flee the banking system to use an alternative form of currency, other than fiat, the better this will be for gold and silver going forward. Since the biggest reason for the banks to suppress these metals is so people won’t use them as an alternate currency. As crypto currencies continue to flourish, I see the banks losing control and that can only be positive for us stackers. ( We still have real money)
    I bought my first crypto’s this week and I view them all as another dagger in the manipulated paper market. Have a great Memorial day weekend Steve.

  7. Gold bugs keep putting out reports/comments that the US economy is on the edge of collapse, hyper-inflation is around the corner, the US bond marker is about to collapse, the USD is also about to collapse, the US is about to enter a depression, etc.
    The fact is the US has unemployment below 5%, the economy is growing, interest rates are rising, inflation is around the target of 2%, stock market at all time high’s, etc.

    Don’t believe the scaremongers on the internet that say the world is about to end and the only salvation is Gold & Silver. These metals have an abysmal track record and are a guaranteed way to lose money.

    • Stuart,

      Ahhhh… come on now. Tell us what you really think…. LOL.

      Stuart, I have a question for you. If you actually believe the U.S. and Global economies are doing so well, why do you visit and place comments on this site?

      Also… I gather the supposedly highly inflated WONDERFUL ECONOMIC INDICATORS you mentioned had nothing to do with the $8 trillion of Central Bank asset purchases since 2011. And that is the amount they made public.

      Stuart… maybe you actually believe the KOOLAID put out on the Mainstream Media.

      Well, when the markets finally COLLAPSE, please make sure you do us the PLEASURE by coming in here and telling us how WRONG we were… LOL.


      • There is a lot of hysteria on the internet with sites like these that tell people the world is headed into disaster. Its always been that way as there has always been plenty of people who proclaim the world is headed for disaster. However the internet has given the doomsters a much wider audience than in the past so they are having a much bigger impact than previously.

        I also think you are a fan of Peter Schiff. He is a perfect example of some one who has for 20+ years predicted imminent disaster. He got lucky in 2008 but have a close look at what he has said since 2008. He predicted hyper-inflation, collapse of the USD, bond market collapse, a depression worse than 1930’s, he has predicted a recession every month since 2008, etc. and he has been wrong on all counts for 9 years. He is a typical case of extreme views getting a wider audience than possible in the past.

        So how about you giving me the PLEASURE of admitting you have been WRONG with your predictions of collapse.

        • Stuart,

          Out of the hundreds of doomsters out there (some of them truly nutjobs), you happen to pick out two people who simply relay data and analysis. Peter and Steve are two of the very rare kind who are able to discuss very serious topics in a calm, almost academic manner.

          Btw, I’ve been following Peter for a long long time. Saying that he’s been ever right once in his 20+ years career makes you look like an idiot.

          You have the outlook of an addict. Uh-oh I must earn 1,000% profits on my investments today, tomorrow latest. Otherwise the investment is crap. If you are a genius, please, make your awesome investments. Sorry that we are too common and stupid here to keep up with you. And don’t forget to keep all your millions in a digital bank account or even better – in bitcoins. Never worry – it will be all good.

          The fact that something takes longer to happen than was predicted is NOT a reason to admit that one is wrong. Even if Steve and Peter were to admit that they are wrong – their admission wouldn’t change anything. This is the logic of the Spanish inquisition, not a rational person. The facts would remain the same and the collapse would still come. Maybe in another 10 years. But how is that any better for you, me or anyone? How is it better NOT to inform people? Why are you so hung up on details instead of focusing on the larger picture? What’s the matter with you?


          • Peter – very well said. All of the ‘predictions’ that have been put out there would have come to pass IF a legal market was in play. However its so distorted, manipulated and the growth, unemployment and debt is so blatantly lied about that of course the predictions don’t come to pass. It is particularly damning that the USA – ‘the land of the free’ is so corrupted. The forefathers knew the dangers but they weren’t heeded… However the manipulation has not saved the economies of the world – it has only made what was a bad situation in 2008 massively worse. I do hold 1 bitcoin, Ethereum and Veritaseum tokens. This may be an intermediate currency once the global debt implodes but my pm’s are tangible and globally recognisable as store of money. Everyone jumping into crypto now- some will make money – some won’t – but remember ‘be greedy when everyone is fearful, be fearful when everyone is greedy’ Cryptos, now, there is a lot of greediness. I prefer wealth preservation. Not everything in life is about a buck…

          • Peter you must take another look at Peter Schiff’s predictions. Go back and look at his podcasts from 2008 you will see he predicted hyper-inflation, a depression worse than the 1930’s, collapse of the USD, financial collapse, bond market collapse, stock market collapse, etc. Every month since 2008 he has said he believes the US is in recession and every month for 9 years he has been wrong.

            Your comments are typical behaviour from a Gold bug who denies reality and years for a return to the glory days of a Gold standard.

            However you are right that Peter Schiff & Steve are more reasonable & logical than many of the Gold bug lunatics on the internet. I also think they honestly believe what they are saying as compared to others like Bo Polny, Clif High and Lindsay Williams who invoke God, religion, junk science, aliens, etc. in their Gold predictions.

    • Adam Rickman | May 25, 2017 at 6:29 pm |

      Stuart, you cannot be that dense! Quantitative easing fraudulent numbers. Give us a break and go troll somewhere else!

      • See, that’s what really annoys me. Stuart is making quite rational, reasonable comments (that I happen to disagree with, btw) and along comes Adam with the ‘go away troll’ infantile comment.
        It seems to be used a lot by unintelligent people in place of an argument

    • Stuart, have you driven through this country at all?? It’s one run down shithole after another and people wonder the money velocity stinks. As Steve said the central banks have bought trillions of stocks and bonds overtly who knows what was done covertly. Don’t expect some sudden collapse I would expect a long drawn out collapse where you wake up one day and wonder what happened.

    • Unemployment below 5%? Really, what planet are you living on? The reason the real analysts KNOW that we are facing another financial crisis is because they have figured out that the wall street and government cheer leaders are dead wrong as they always have been and that the real facts paint a very different picture. What nobody can predict is WHEN the next crisis will unfold but we can predict with 100% accuracy THAT it will occur. None of the main stream analysts predicted the last crisis, they were all cheerleaders for the economy and EVERYBODY believed that housing would never go down. If you honestly believe that our unemployment is at 5% and the real rate of inflation is at 2%, you are not paying attention.

  8. Those that control the silver price will first crash the silver price down below $10 again (like in 2008-2009) to cover their massive short interest if the stock market crashes; then, they go long before they allow the silver price to spike up. Going short silver is trading silver with those that control the silver price; going long on silver now at $18 is trading silver against them, and the downside risk is losing $8-$9 per ounce. Be careful, as this is how they revealed their hands in the last stock market crash, and they repeat history.

    • DisappearingCulture | May 25, 2017 at 6:06 pm |

      I don’t think they have the ability to crash the price of silver below say, about $14, and that only briefly. They have had all-time record shorts lately and haven’t had the leverage they use to have [diminishing returns on their price control efforts]. And the lower the push the price down, the higher the premiums over spot.

  9. > However, I do receive a good bit of traffic from Eastern European and Asian countries.

    I have seen your articles translated the same or next day, and put on rather busy foreign hubs, and then reposted in foreign social networks. There is no way to count all that, but I would say that can add about 100k views to your count.

  10. Silvrwllwn | May 25, 2017 at 7:42 pm |

    Again I will put the question out there… We all know that there is a side to the gold and silver market which clearly has got paper plays to their advantage and they do quite well with making profit on swinging the price around , both up and down. WHERE or WHO is in place to counter the full advantage taking of the physical side ??? crickets !!! Why isn’t any group doing this ? Wouldn’t they be at an advantage? Especially with the kind of circumstances taking place worldwide economically !!!? Oh wait , AIIB is right around the corner . Better tuck your tails under your legs shorties !!

  11. You have a ton of people who read you because you are a Rock Star!!!!!

  12. silvoracious | May 25, 2017 at 10:57 pm |

    Steve, I noticed that your articles have recently been picked up by MarketSLANT which are posted at Kitco. Perhaps this is where some of your new readers are coming from, as well as from Zero Hedge, of course. As your credibility rises, as it has, the dissemination of your articles increase exponentially, as they have. Keep up the good work!

  13. To fully understand why you should buy precious metals watchthese 3 videos starting with
    If you sit throught them and use your commonsence this will change your view on money and the media and a lot of other preconcieved ideas.

  14. Ashok Chawla | May 26, 2017 at 1:33 am |

    Great Research SRS. You have to grow.People will take you seriously as you are original. God Bless.

  15. Steve, I am a long time gold bug. If the manipulators let the gold price rise enormously, surely this will mostly enrich the Indian and Chinese public, while the Western world, with little private ownership, would continue a downward spiral? For this reason, I think the paper price will stay low for as long as they can keep slamming it down. With infinite supplies of money printing, how can they ever be stopped?

  16. silverfreaky | May 26, 2017 at 2:03 am |

    That’s without a doubt true.The USA is in a very bad shape.A great amount of american
    people can not pay 400$ if they get an unexpexcted bill.The employment rate with 5% is a joke.
    OK in Germany inflation rate and employment rate is a fake true.But the creativity from the US-government to tune those numbers is without a limit.

    I recommand you to look what inflation means.The keyword are substitution an distribution of the consumer basket.

    In general is the german living standard in compare to the US-Standard much better.

    The long time of hollywood pictures leave marks.To face the truth is certainly not a
    strong feature of the average american.

    We solved this internal problem with the different economy power in germany with the
    “Länderfinanzausgleich”.It means the south pays for the north.So we get never those great economical differences.

    The big question in the EU is how we solve this problem with the different economical power between the northern and southern countries.

    • Silverfreaky, enjoy the higher standard of living in Germany while you can. No doubt, the US economy is on the ropes and we will see some tough times but Germany is not far behind especially with Merkel allowing millions of migrants into the country all on welfare with no contribution to GDP. Germany is being destroyed from within by disastrous EU policies.
      It is sad to see what is happening to Europe. It has nearly become a militarized zone with endless crime and terrorism thanks to the US who has needlessly attacked and destroyed country after country causing a muslim invasion of Europe. The European people need to wake up, send their EU dictator overlord homes and cut their ties to a criminal US government whose only aim it is to control Europe.

      • silverfreaky | May 26, 2017 at 11:07 am |

        That’s right.Merkel has a brain damage.
        But who created most of this refugees?It was the USA with those oil wars.
        I don’t understand why the USA must spend so much money in weapons.
        The EU is a bad construct.One currency for so much different economical power doesn’t work.

        • Shes part of it, they know exactly what they’re doing and its been planned out, a long time.

        • Merkel has brain damage? You must be kidding. You actually believe that she let them in not knowing the rapes and chaos these muslims would do? She knew FULL WELL the chaos and destruction they would cause. That is the plan of the elite! This is all by design!

          The same bankers and elite who cause the wars over there are the same bankers and elite who are welcoming and using this muslim migrant invasion. You think the migration of muslims into Europe is just an accident? LOL

          You think it is just a coincidence that Europe and the USA are both being flooded with 3rd world invaders at the same time? I mean c’mon.

          How can you guys not see the entire thing from wars to migrations are all part of the agenda???

      • Fighting israel wars

  17. silverfreaky | May 26, 2017 at 4:19 am |

    Trump is really a strage guy.He complains about the big german Export in direction USA.
    It’s obviously so that german cars are better than the US-Cars.Dito our maschines.

    Instead of moving all money to the bankster and big companys he should better copy our
    “duales Ausbildungssystem”.The backbone of germany are the many small companys with 50-100 employees.When you concentrate all power in big companies then you might have a big financial industrie or a lot of military power.But at the end you go direct in direction consumption society.This cannot work a long time.

    At the end you must look to the whole picture.To much egoism in the USA.

    • You make a good point. Small business has always been the backbone of a healthy US economy and unfortunately our useless government in their infinite wisdom has made it virtually impossible for small businesses to survive much less thrive. This is another Obama legacy who has done more to hurt small businesses with endless new regulations and the Obamacare fiasco than just about any other president before him.

  18. Mister Anderson | May 26, 2017 at 6:03 am |

    It’s quite simple actually, Steve Quayle linked your article yesterday; that is where your new visitors came from, he linked it again today, so expect a few more. If for what ever reason he doesn’t link, then expect to see your numbers go down relatively in order to prove this factual observation.

  19. Mister Anderson | May 26, 2017 at 6:15 am |

    Also, I want to note that Amazon and Google both underreport their analytics about websites that discuss topics against the propaganda narrative by formulating algorithms which sole purpose is for censoring. Any topic of Gold and Silver that goes against the US Central Bank’s narrative about the economy will most likely be censored by the same tactics. Look at how bitcoin has exploded far past Gold, that right there is enough proof that gold is heavily manipulated.

    Most of this occurred during the Obama administration. Now I am curious to see the angle in which the deep state will use against the Trump administration regarding the economy. You can expect a crash developing soon in which gold and silver will finally skyrocket to it’s long due revaluation.

    • DisappearingCulture | May 26, 2017 at 11:06 am |

      “Now I am curious to see the angle in which the deep state will use against the Trump administration regarding the economy.”

      Trump is under the thumb of the deep state.

  20. Michael Ponzani | May 26, 2017 at 6:39 am |

    Google doesn’t like people like you and me. They consistently underrate such site traffic. Same as Facebook which has a connotation of another kind of book.

  21. George Lucas | May 26, 2017 at 6:51 am |

    The moderation on this website sucks, expect to see your visitors decline overall.

    • George Lucas,

      I try to moderate brand new commenters as quick as possible, but sometimes I am away from the office. That being said, if you are referring to the comment made by Mr. Anderson (whom I gather you know very well), it had links in it. When a comment has links in it, then it has to be moderated due to the links. This is just a protection from spam links.

      Lastly, my web traffic has actually been trading higher over the past several years and I am now picked up by more and more new websites everyday.


  22. Keep up the good work Steve,I think you are right on the money, when is the big question.

  23. jimcricket | May 26, 2017 at 2:14 pm |

    Wonder how they taste like when you are hungry?

  24. Steeve the frequency of resume of your writings through number of blog on the net only confirms the quality of your work and in particular your graphics comments, but unfortunately it will never prevent “the frustrators of the MP” to return to you the resentments Negative as if you were responsible for mp courses
    It takes everything to make a world !!!!!

  25. Steve – love your work. From NZ

  26. Noah spent over 100 yrs building the ark and all the while he warned of coming catastrophe, but no one believed him because something like that had never happened before.

    Seems folks never change.

  27. I am over 60 and have seen a gradual decline in the prosperity of the U.S. We are like frogs in water that is going to the boiling point.Look at the price of potato chips, going from 99 cents for 16 ounces to $4.59 for 9.5 ounces. Our currency is only supported world wide because we are the police of the free world and are willing to sacrifice our young men and women for world stability. But look out, this is unsustainable, large cracks are forming in our country’s foundation and soon (5years or less) WORLD WIDE financial disaster will happen

  28. Donald Duck | May 29, 2017 at 10:04 pm |

    Silver stackers are at the mercy of the rigged silver price; where those that control the world factory economy also control the price of silver (by increasing the supply of silver by shorting as much paper silver as they want in order to keep the price of silver as low as possible), so their factories can produce their products cheaper (that require silver to make) and they make greater net profits every year. Therefore, if they raise the silver price, they are literally attacking their own bottom-line profits by it, as it will cost that much more to make their products. For silver is the oil of the world factory economy and an industrial metal now. This is why when the economy crashes, gold is better than silver, as silver demand by factories plummet as less people are buying their products when the economy crashes. Until they allow the price of silver to spike up again (which only happened 2 times in history), enjoy their rigged $13-$19 silver price trading range. Silver is the only “investment” that those that sell you the silver don’t want the price of silver to ever go up, lest they lose money by paying more to make their products. What a remarkable rigged silver market!

  29. From Singapore,

    Keep up the good work Steve, Thanks to you that I be able to escape from security brought by fiat illusion and learn to preserve my purchasing power.

    As a Malaysian, I was lucky to be able to work in Singapore as Expat since 2013. The SGD$ is much powerful and I manage to buy few hundred oz of silvers in a short period of time.
    On contrary, My country currency Malaysian Ringgit value has dropped almost 30%.

    But the recent exclusion of Singapore from China OBOR forum may hint that this country will have some hard time in the future as well. So a physical metal always make me has a sense of security in case of anything bad happen to the economy.


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