MONETARY MALPRACTICE: Liquidity Is Not Wealth Or Collateral!

We are heading towards a tipping point in the global economy and broader stock markets.  Monetary Malpractice by the Fed and Central Banks created an economic system of, “Delusional Markets.”  Nothing is as it seems, and we continue to kick the can down the road.

Furthermore, U.S. Treasury sales are no longer being bought by foreign buyers and it looks like we are approaching Net Selling.  Which is the reason the Fed is forced to create more liquidity to continue purchasing U.S. Treasuries.  However, LIQUIDITY IS NOT WEALTH OR COLLATERAL.

This is all explained in Gordon T Long’s video below.  There are excellent charts and slides that provides more evidence of just how weak the economic system has now become.  Gordon was nice enough to forward this video first sent to his subscribers:

You can check out more of Gordon’s work at his site:  Gordon T Long – Market Research & Analytics

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4 Comments on "MONETARY MALPRACTICE: Liquidity Is Not Wealth Or Collateral!"

  1. Outlookingin | June 30, 2014 at 1:48 pm |

    Kind of brings to mind Dmitry Olov’s “The Five Stages of Collapse;

    1/ Financial Collapse
    Faith in business as usual is lost.

    2/ Commercial Collapse
    Faith that the market will provide is lost

    3/ Political Collapse
    Faith that government will take care of you is lost

    4/ Social Collapse
    Faith that your people will take care of you is lost

    5/ Cultural Collapse
    Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost

  2. Steve you never talk about platinum and palladium and more specifically the miners.. Do you have any opinion regarding them?

  3. Adam,

    Good question.

    P + P have jewelry and industrial uses and as you know are quite rare.

    They haven’t historically been money in many places, and together + gold don’t have 1/10 the uses of silver.

    • I was leaning towards buying a miner for a speculative play (maybe long term as well) but with all the turmoil in South Africa it makes it risky and there are few places that mine those metals outside of South Africa of any significant quantity.. I really don’t own many paper assets but I also know I can’t have all my eggs in one basket and since I own no mining shares of anything I thought maybe with this group of pm’s I go the mining share route

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