MUST WATCH VIDEO: Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & the Rise of Dictators

The world is heading towards a huge collapse of its fiat currency system with hyperinflation as an inevitable result.  A collapse of the monetary and financial system will wipe out a great deal of wealth held by all classes of citizens throughout the world.

However, the destruction of wealth may not be the worst outcome when the U.S. Dollar finally collapses.  The real threat may be in rise of a Dictator who plays upon the fear of the public at this time:

Hitler Dictator HIdden Secrets of Money

Mike Maloney explains this in detail in his newest video, When Money Is Corrupted – Episode 5: Hidden Secrets Of Money.  Maloney goes on to describe how Hitler first came to power after the Weimar hyperinflation in the early 1920’s and then later took full control of the Germany…. its people, their rights and most of Europe in the following decade.

One of the very important aspects of this video and ongoing message by Maloney is the correct labeling of our present money as “Currency.” I still make the mistake of calling Federal Reserve Notes as money.  I have to go back and edit my articles by taking out the word money and inserting currency.  It may sound like a petty thing, but the public has been trained to believe worthless fiat currency is money… and it’s not.

Mike starts off the video by his visit to the Bundesbank Money Museum in Germany where he shows that the first forms of money were livestock:

LiveStock as Money Episode 5

He goes on to explain the inherent problems with using livestock as money and then proceeds to give a quick history of the different forms of commodity money, the birth of gold & silver money as well as the rise of the fiat currency system that we have presently.

I highly recommend my readers to check out most recent Episode as it continues to give more evidence and information on just how vulnerable our present monetary system has become.

One of the challenges of articles or videos that have several parts or episodes, is that reader-viewership falls off as the number increases.  While this may be true in the industry, this video series should be an exception to the rule by the public and investors.

The information in this Hidden Secrets of Money Series is so critical to understand, each episode is just as important as the last.  Again, that is why I really recommend watching this video if you have not done so, or believe that it isn’t really necessary.

IT IS NECESSARY…. and truth be told, I watch these videos at least 2-3 times and learn something new each time.  Here is the link to the video below:

Episode 5: WHEN MONEY IS CORRUPTED, Hidden Secrets of Money

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9 Comments on "MUST WATCH VIDEO: Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & the Rise of Dictators"

  1. I would suggest you use legal tender instead of currency. On every Federal Reserve Note in very small print is “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE”. Gold, silver, script, food stamps, postage stamps could be used as currency. The point being to demonstrate that the government enabled Central Bank determines their fiat is “money” and not the free market. A free market is impossible with a fiat currency.

    Historically all fiat currencies have gone to zero. Get out of as much government or private paper as possible and into something you can physically posses. You will not be MF Globeled or Cypressed.

  2. I also watch some of them more than once. I have started a few friends on #4 first and then have them watch In order from#1. it takes a couple of views for the banks methods to sink in for those who have never thought it thru.

  3. “One of the very important aspects of this video and ongoing message by Maloney is the correct labeling of . . . ”

    Named hitler . . . as total Dictator
    when, in fact, WHO funded him before and after …
    which, in fact, both before and after Versailles, and as can now be verified, saw just whose
    TOTALITARIAN paper/money/currency/FIAT! even now allow for what’s yet here again presented as…


    . . . all-the-more-so if left to imagine__
    __just what kind of maloney might once again be used to explain this latest fin de siecle
    100yrs –from now ? who’ll care ? right– just another whole
    CENTURY of ? THEIR selfsame “correct labeling”
    . . .


  4. The ENTIRE global financial ponzi scheme is rigged. We thought The Fed were the biggest crooks in town. Well according to a Zero Hedge report, it turns out the Chinese are even bigger crooks.. While The Fed was pumping 4T of cheap money into the system, the Chinese showed everyone they can out do everyone by pumping 15.4T in their banking system during the same time span as The Fed.

    When this whole ponzi scheme comes crashing down, no one is going to trust any new reserve currency including the Yuan even if it’s backed by gold because politicians will always find a way to cheat the system.

  5. The “Dark Horse” rising will be the entity headed by a charismatic person, that will present him or herself as a saviour. Seemingly with all the right solutions and plan to put the country back on track and on it’s way to ever higher prosperity.

    This has always been the means of dictators and the method by which they gain power. The US is a prime target, ready for this to occur. If allowed to happen, it will surly usher in a new “Dark Age” that will be global in scope.

    Time is rapidly running out. Attempting to educate the masses to this very real threat, via these videos is a noble thing done by Mike. However, I’m afraid the horse has long bolted and closing the barn door now will do nothing. I hope and pray I’m wrong.

  6. Are you sure you think our monetary system is becoming “venerable”? You might want to look up that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  7. Interesting note on the rise of Hitler,

    According to John Loftus, former Army intelligence and prosecutor for the US Dept of Justice, involved in nazi hunting in the 1970s, Wall Street financed ~70% of the rise of the 3rd Reich. According to him, not for ideological reasons but just for money.

    One might forgive that. But many continued to work with the Nazis even after US and Germany were at war. None were ever held accountable. And after the war, many nazis were incorporated into the CIA.

    Combine this with what L. Fletcher Prouty, with the CIA from 1955 until 1964, tells us in his ‘The Secret Team’, and it’s a worrisome picture. He details how the CIA took on operational capabilities that Truman never intended it to have, and how it escaped oversight and control.

    This interview was conducted in 1989, when the US debt was already bad, but not hopeless. Prouty concluded on a prophetic note, that future warfare would be economic, and that our debt was a concern in that light.

  8. Only problem with the system is too much money,in the hands of people who care not for the possible depletion of resources needed to sustain the human life with exceptable living standards. Its called class warfare. Everyone attempts in the beginning to succeed from socialism and graduate to personal freedom.But what the individual excepts for personal freedom is different for everyone. Most free people mumble about how to succeed to the masses in attempting to persuade the groupies (masses)to turn from obvious future failure.But groups feed on each other’s misfortunes and turn them against other groups who have seemed to succeeded far beyond what they really want or need.(always a minority) But it is not recognizable to those caught in a trap by one group’s continued success. Especially when they are forced to live as slaves with no future seemingly in sight.The complications of living can become totally oppressive and lead to wars gradually escalating and unavoidable.But no one is really aware.Because ===I quote! “In the end we are all dead” Closed quote. A famous British Economist said that to the masses long ago. And they listened. But did they?
    The problem is generational and religious in nature and attempted education of the young by the young. If you have ever watched the animal kingdom you will be surprised at the tolerance between different species or attempted tolerance for a specific period of time. It is a fascinating reality never mentioned by supposedly smart elected officials.For after all what would you gain from watching an animal that cannot convey its thoughts to you in your language?

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