Precious Metal Tsunami

By DenaliGuide, Like feeling an earthquake while riding a bus, when you pass over a tsunami swell in a deep ocean, its remarkable.  When its forced higher by the rising ocean floor, it turns into a raging tidal wave, smashing everything before it.  IMO, we have passed over a GOLD Stock Tsunami wave that HAS triggered but not yet made shallow water.

Like what happens when a gasoline-air mixture meets a spark, what comes next may be quite amazing….  I was amazed when I recognized it at all.


DISCLAIMER & NOTE:  Nick over there at Denaliguide contacted me last year about possibly writing some articles for the SRSrocco Report.  Furthermore, we discussed about working together on some other aspects.

At first I agreed as I wanted to keep an open mind about TA – Technical Analysis.  However, after the huge orchestrated take-down in the precious metals in April and June, I decided that I wouldn’t put any TA work on the site.  I have written many times that I believe TA in a rigged market is completely worthless.

That being said, Nick reminds me that I should try to keep an open mind, so I have included some of his work on the site.  I want the readers and members of the site to know that while I don’t put MUCH FAITH in TA, I will allow some articles to see if I can be proven wrong.

By the way, some of Nick’s charts have been published on Jim Sinclair’s website.





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4 Comments on "Guest Post: HURRICANE SURGE for GOLD MINERS"

  1. If there is a breakthrough its only because the criminal bullion bank are done manipulating the market, not because of some technical trend line being broken.

    I have to agree with Steve on this, rigged market make technical analysis obsolete, we should focus on fundamentals. When reality sets in and large supplies of gold and silver can no longer be found by playing musical chairs at the bullion bank to satisfy physical demand that is when the real tsunami will happen.

    On a side note, the online dealers still have not replenished their inventories to anywhere near the levels before this take down, my belief is they won’t while this suppressed prices are in play.


    • Aaron… I actually agree with you on that one. However, there are other people out there who believe in it. It’s kind of like providing alcohol at a Wedding, while you don’t believe in drinking. Sometimes we do things not because of what we think, but rather for the sake of others.

      This big decline in gold and silver today seems like a small correction before a larger move higher. Again, nothing goes up in a straight line… especially those things controlled by the banks…LOL


    • OutLookingIn | August 29, 2013 at 12:04 pm |

      Agreed. Focus on the fundamentals.

      As the price of gold and silver appreciate, so does the price of energy. The miners are caught in a ‘price vise’ that pays them more for their product and at the same time they must pay more for energy.

      This is a “catch 22” as the big questions will be; Which price moves upward faster? Or, will they keep pace with each other? Kind of like running faster but getting nowhere!

  2. The blood, sweat and tears, ( the economic cost ) in one ounce of Gold or silver will sooner than later express itself …I agree the fundamentals can temporarily be thrown out as there are too many friends in low places collecting the fallout of manipulation…It will not last much longer.


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