GUEST POST: CFTC – Connivers Figuring to Cheat

By Charles Savoie:  New $100 bills are coming in early October 2013!  Even though these can be created to infinity and cost little effort and resources to produce, we are demanded by authorities to accept these as worth several times more than an ounce of geologically depleted, essential silver!  But should we use these new bills, when we can use a debit card?

Connivers Figuring To Cheat (CFTC) & What Will They Say When Silver Runs Out

Presented October 2013 by Charles Savoie




Stephen Fay in “Beyond Greed: The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market” (1982).


CFTC chief Gary Gensler, Goldman Sachs alumnus, seems to be saying, “Hey!  Silver longs and mining shareholders! I picked up a line from “The Big Valley” TV series, October 31, 1966 episode, “Target.”  I use the line at all CFTC meetings on silver prices—“I say, we kill him right now!”

 Savoie 1 Gensler

“Marauders who’ll kill you for a hatband!” —“Hang ‘Em High,” 1968 Clint Eastwood movie.

In September 2002 in “Commodity Futures Treacherous Collusion” I speculated the CFTC to be in the pocket of silver short sellers

In October 2002 in “Is The Silver Lie Ready?”   I speculated the shorts, exchange officials and regulators, when a silver delivery crisis hits, may attribute it to an Arab consortium who raided London of a huge amount of silver—I suggested the sum of 770 million ounces, as the London Bullion Market Association is famed for its opacity!  The LBMA features top tier precious metals price antagonists including Barclays; Goldman; HSBC and MorganChase.  Mine has been a very lonely voice in the wilderness since December 2004 saying these entities are all represented in The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain and its Manhattan branch, and that this group constitutes the central committee of synthetic money creators.  Though difficult to quantify, I reckon that perhaps 15% of major metals sites have given this situation at least a trace of coverage, and the cause of absence of coverage is not because anyone challenged any part of the documentation presented.  I remain one of two (2) long commentators in silver to be cited by the Silver Users Association, the others have been disregarded

But back to the suggested disclaimer for an availability crisis—I had the idea 11 years ago in “Silver Lie” that when it manifests, we’ll be told there was a huge shipment due to leave London for the COMEX, but it was clandestinely siphoned away by Arab interests as retaliation for the busting of the Hunt/Arab silver play of 1979-1980, which read about from this rather biased source “Beyond Greed: The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market” (1982).  Arabs burned by the rigged silver collapse in January 1980 included Abdul Wahab Galadari (construction, auto dealerships, travel agencies, hotels); Khalid Bin Mahfouz (adviser to Saudi Royal family; National Commercial Bank of Jeddah, with holdings in Belgium, France, Bahamas, U.S. and Brazil), Gaith R. Pharoan (consultant to Saudi Royal family; construction, real estate, hotels, Dallas skyscrapers); Saudi Prince Abdullah; Sheikh Ali Ben Mussalam and Sheikh Mohammed Aboud Al-Amoudi, co-owners with the Hunts of International Metals Investment Company (by August 1979 IMIC held at least 8,400 silver futures contracts); Haji Ashraf, then the leading bullion dealer in Dubai; and other Middle Easterners.  Lebanese born Naji Nahas, who started in cotton and coffee trading, held large tracts of land in Brazil and also got burned by the shorts in the Hunt/Arab silver play.  So when the delivery/availability crisis hits, we contemporary activists may hear that Arab interests colluded (because “conspiracies do not exist”) to withdraw a huge pile of 1,000 ounce silver ingots from the LBMA (unaudited) pool, and shipped the metal to an unknown destination in Brazil for safety from wartime prospects.  This would fit the globalists plans of disfavoring the BRIC countries competing with the Anglo-American-European empire.

In January 2003 in “Silver Devils” I was convinced as to the fraudulent nature of the CFTC and concluded it to be “an infested hotbed of subversion for silver shorts”

No one need have searched further for corroboration as to the CFTC being infested by shorts than to tally the following five facts—first, Read Dunn, a CFTC commissioner, told Herbert Hunt in November 1979, in response to Hunt urging Dunn to buy some silver—


(See page 173, “Beyond Greed”).

Second,  has a 2001 speech by James Newsome, then CFTC chairman, to a meeting with the Silver Users Association—


Plump looking bully boy James Newsome, who was the equivalent of Colonel Hessler about to hit Poland with his paper selling Panzer tank division as concerned silver “trading,” thrilled the industrial silver users with servile, simpering verbal bouquets—

 Savoie 2 Newsome

Newsome, a Mississippi cattleman, felt that only silver users should be allowed to graze at the COMEX silver feedlot!  He knew this special interest lobby’s objective was low silver prices; his speech to them was not the act of an impartial regulator.  On the long side it was equivalent to Newsome addressing a Silver Summit and declaring he wanted to “work with us as we move forward.”  In silver, the CFTC “coin” always has only one side.  He “worked with” the silver users while at CFTC, and was rewarded by being tapped to head the NYMEX on exiting CFTC!  Whether in Washington, New York or Chicago, Newsome “worked with” silver users!

Newsome promised silver users their desire!

Looks like he’s just a mercenary for hire!

Don’t appeal to him; he’s already taken sides,

Option call money washes away on NYMEX tides,

Taking small investors for more losing rides!

Third, Brooksley Born, an earlier head of the CFTC (1996-1999), addressed the Silver Users Association on October 28, 1998, tickling their ears with the typical glowing, sweet talking flattery by towing the official dogma that no price manipulation in silver is possible other than on the long side—

“I am pleased to be asked to speak today to members of the Silver Users Association. Having represented a client in the cases and investigations relating to the 1980 manipulation of the world silver market by the Hunt brothers and others, I CONTINUE TO HAVE A SPECIAL INTEREST IN THE SILVER MARKET.”

Imagine the outcry if a see-saw manufacturer offered a playground machine which was delivered and installed with a low end that just always remained low!  Who would want to ride or endorse it?

Fourth, October 18, 2000, saw CFTC Commissioner Thomas J. Erickson addressing the Silver Users Association  and indicating the expected belly-crawling attitude—

 “I was pleased to accept Walter Frankland’s invitation to speak with members of the Silver Users Association.”

After leaving the CFTC Erickson was “conscripted” (very cooperatively we may assume) to take the chairmanship of the Commodity Markets Council, another District of Columbia entity.  He is or was additionally associated with agribusiness titan Bunge Corporation (founded in 1818), which formed a joint venture in 2003 with silver user Du Pont.  Maybe the CFTC could consider blaming the old silver-soybeans connection in a price run-up?  No, because it won’t apply; and soybeans aren’t a financial devastation target like metals longs!

Fifth, Frederick W. Hatfield, CFTC Commissioner, spoke to the Silver Users Association on May 24, 2006 and opened with the usual glittering, star struck benediction (possibly with bejeweled slave maidens singing ethereally in the background) —

“It is a pleasure to be here today to address your association.”

At Hatfield was a member of the Obama Economic Policy Advisory Committee and is now chairman of ICE Futures U.S.

We just saw direct evidence straight out of the easily accessible public record of at least five (5) CFTC commissioners being undercover, in a brazenly out in the open way, with the Silver Users Association.  Make that six (6), because to the contrary of any whining noises made by Bart Chilton in late September 2013 after the CFTC closed its five year silver “investigation,” he has very strong connections to silver user Du Pont It’s not realistic to see Bart as other than window dressing!  The fact that so many CFTC commissioners have been pals with the Silver Users Association, by itself, constitutes prima facie evidence this agency has at all times been incapable of mandating any level playing field in silver.  As Stephen Fay said in “Beyond Greed” (largely biased against longs), page 172—


Andrew Brimmer, a FED governor from 1966-1974, was on the COMEX governing board when silver was crushed.  Just like Chilton, he had a Du Pont connection—he was a board member of Du Pont!  Unbiased regulators and exchange officials?  The facts say it’s an impossibility.  There was a Du Pont on the board of the second United States Bank (shuttered by Andrew Jackson in 1836!)  The biggest insider on the COMEX board at the time the Hunt/Arab silver play was crushed was former Treasury Secretary William E. Simon.  In “Treasury Official Lies About Gold” I documented details about Simon—how after gold ownership was made legal again in 1975, till August 1976, he bombed gold from $200 to $103.50; he was a director of the IMF; World Bank; Bretton Woods Commission and many other entities.

Simon bragged, “I’m the guy that caused the lines at the gas stations!” —New York Times, June 4, 2000.  Pilgrims Society members are Crown agents capable of influencing national and world events at the highest levels.  Simon headed the (fascist) Federal Energy Office, 1973-1974.

According to the Australian League of Rights at

“The world’s Money Rulers are trying to phase out gold as the basis of monetary reserves. We believe that the most powerful group of International Finance operators is aiming to have International Monetary Fund Special Drawing Rights (S.D.R.s) accepted as the World Reserve Currency. This does not please such people as the French monetary authorities who are sitting on large gold reserves. The International Monetary Fund has very recently been “dumping” gold in the world’s bullion markets. The United States’ Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. William Simon, intends that the role of gold will be phased out of international monetary dealings. MR. SIMON REPRESENTS THE MOST POWERFUL GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE OPERATORS.”

Another big marker of CFTC servility to silver (and gold) shorts is this from the Wall Street Journal, February 4, 1980, page 34—


Even the Wall Street Journal admitted there was no free market in silver!  For the State Department to improve relations with Mexico and Peru by intervening with CFTC for fairplay in the silver market is less likely than body builders to stop flexing.  After almost 34 years, nothing has changed, because the same Wall Street apparatus maintains stranglehold control over Federal agencies and Cabinet posts!

Reuben Jeffery III from Goldman Sachs headed the CFTC starting in 2005 and he is since and presently CEO of Rockefeller Financial Services The Rockefeller name recurs all over the financial sphere; Nelson Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) was pals with the Congressional gang that legislated the CFTC into existence in 1975.  Judge Patterson, who dismissed the silver lawsuit against MorganChase, was a Rockefeller University Council member in the 1980s.  William T. Bagley, first CFTC chairman in April, 1975, was a Gerald Ford (Pilgrims Society) appointee.  The CFTC was, is, and remains, irretrievably crooked, same as rattlesnakes can hatch out only more rattlesnakes.  At the Rockefeller site I see a great-great grandson of John D. Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) in addition to David Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society since 1949 or earlier), David Rockefeller Jr. (100% likely a member), Michael S. Rockefeller (likely member), Mark F. Rockefeller (likely member), Colin G. Campbell (Pilgrims Society) and Lord Jacob Rothschild (100% chance he’s a member, his family was one of the founders) —

Savoie 3 Rockefeller

Reuben Jeffrey III, a highly likely Pilgrims Society member (no list has surfaced since 1980), was with the Pilgrims Society law firm of Davis, Polk & Wardwell, and is still presently a director of major silver price antagonist Barclays Bank, chaired by Rothschild son in law, Marcus Agius (yes, another highly likely member.)  At they say their intention is “promoting Anglo-American good fellowship.”  So?  This doesn’t by itself sound like a risky program, therefore, why are they still largely hiding in the dark?  Why is their dual membership roster not publicly viewable?  If all they want is to “cement better relations” between the USA and the UK, what do they feel they have to hide?  Why must they be anonymous if they just want the two countries to be better pals?  Unfortunately such phrases are merely code language stating a deeper meaning.

Details on the group are available for the price of your time at  Too many globally influential silver and gold suppressors over the past century have been members to be happenstance.  Five and a half months after my site went up, and with pressure from the major input of Joel Van Der Reijden, the group erected a site.  Still no membership list, in spite of the fact that better known groups, which its members founded and continue to manage (Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral, et al) have viewable rosters.  This single organization is easily the major threat we face; when metals spin out of control they intend to have their puppet President play the nationalization card!  I am placing as much sand into their gears as I am able by being a whistleblower—please help, your future depends on them losing their secrecy!

Ted Butler has been pounding his drums for years about silver short concentration.  This has never been any issue with the Connivers Figuring To Cheat!  However, when there was some long concentration about a third of a century ago, that was an exploding bomb situation with the Connivers Figuring To Cheat!  In “Beyond Greed,” page 71, we see—

“…in 1976, the Hunts attracted the attention of the CFTC, WHICH WAS CONCERNED AT THE CONCENTRATION OF SO MUCH SILVER IN SO FEW HANDS.”

The August 11, 1980 Dallas Morning News quoted Bunker Hunt declaring about the CFTC, CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) and COMEX—


American antitrust law is not interpreted to act against or even apply to any cartel that exists to depress prices!  The Justice Department is as much complicit in the reeking thievery as the CFTC.  The Attorney General has often surfaced, when details were verifiable, as a Pilgrims Society member.  The Money Power is very concerned with the national legal apparatus, since if it can’t win against market forces, it can simply declare the winners takings to be illegal to neutralize their gains, when the winners aren’t allied with the top Secret Society!

 Savoie 4 CFTC Scott

CFTC commissioner Scott O’ Malia seems to be saying—“Hey, you don’t want silver—look, here’s a check!”

 Savoie 5 Check

Meantime, which of the big silver mining execs are hollering about the price of OUR product being stuffed into a hole and market capitalizations looking like decayed junkyard wrecks when they should resemble gleaming new Lamborghinis? —

Savoie 6 Junker & Lamborgini

We hear the view that the CFTC could not, by law, find a silver price depressive collusion, due to the content of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934.  In such interpretation, other more valid laws prohibiting business combinations to control prices should clearly take precedence.  Case law in addition to statutes should make that clear.  The Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2012, reported a $500 million penalty assessed against AU Optronics Corporation (no relation to “Au” as in gold) and even the Justice Department called it a “price-fixing cartel”  When the national government fails its duties, the States are supposed to take action!  But silver is the most sensitive price control situation of all, isn’t it?  The Government won’t stand up to the money creators, because we have too many bought off whores in Congress!

Another objection that needs stating is the overuse of the term “correction.”  If a market is functioning normally, corrections do take place.  If a market is dominated by collusive management consisting of large money interests in combination with government regulators holding a lock on prices, in such conditions, abrupt, steep price declines are accurately called “whipsaws.”

May I mention Butler again?  Among his information offerings we see that some years ago the big silver short was Drexel Burnham Lambert.  The Drexel firm is the namesake of John R. Drexel IV, a Pilgrims Society executive committee member (third generation) with ancestors tracing back 700 years to the Earls of Camoy, British aristocrats.  The Drexels have been associated with the Morgan interests for at least six generations.  His wife Jacqueline Astor comes from a long line of Pilgrims Society members and Vincent Astor was Franklin Roosevelt’s chief “mentor” on the road to the White House—

Savoie 7 Astors

The New York Social Diary had a reference, since deleted, that Astor real estate holdings in Manhattan exceed $100 billion.  John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) was “landlord of New York,” a party to the silver looting British opium trade and main domestic power in the gold and silver stealing United States Bank—notes from each branch could only be converted into specie at the most distant branch!  Bankers never stop creating money and buying the planet with it, and obstructing real money!

New York Congressman Andrew L. Somers was up to his neck in that Roosevelt era legislation—

Savoie 8 Congressmen Somers

Photo taken early in 1925 shows Andrew L. Somers was with the chemical industry.  This industry would always be heavily slanted to favoring low silver prices, as the two biggest chemical concerns in the country, Dow Chemical and Du Pont, are Silver Users Association members.  Somers was a New York Democrat Congressman, 1925-1944.  One of the features of the GRA was to transfer gold from the FED to the Treasury—just another shell game!  No matter what the CFTC thinks, without making public, about its motives to deny silver and gold a level playing field between shorts and longs, the fact is it has been no good since the 1974 legislation that created it, which gave the financial powers more clout to depress metals.  All they had to do was have their spear carriers at CFTC say, “We know of no malpractice in the pricing of silver,” which is what an ex-Congressman of mine told me (he received money from the Du Pont Good Government Fund).

In addition to very likely blaming Arab interests—who the conspirators will unhesitatingly link to terrorist funding—rank and file silver investors will be blamed for “hoarding in time of national need,” and some larger silver holders, say of 100,000 ounces and up, will be identified and vilified as cold-blooded, heartless speculators.  The temptation to cite the August 9, 1934 Executive Order seizing silver as “precedent” remains a specter haunting us—even FDR’s daughter in law is a member (see bottom line)

Gensler and Chilton tell us, play hide-and-seek,

Who took the silver? Some Arab sheikh!

Will this be their desperation evasion technique?

Shorts & CFTC are racketeers, so to speak!

Arabs caused the silver crisis is what we’ll hear in the news,

There was lots of silver available, will be the editorial views,

The shorts will have a party with streetwalkers and booze!

Regiments of dissemblers, the shorts have cutthroat crews!

Diverting blame to others is the manipulators orgasm,

His head is full of printed circuits, not protoplasm,

Let him read this, he’ll have a weird spasm,

Hopefully he’s near the edge of a chasm!

Savoie 9 CFTC Mark Wetjen

Mark Wetjen, CFTC commissioner, seems to be saying—

“Yes I cheated him but it was my job!”

(Line from “The Rifleman,” February 24, 1959)


A can with a banker label, bulging at both ends!

This is the CFTC; they aren’t our friends!

Many links to silver shorts, collusion it portends;

Will courts force schemers to make amends?

(NO!  Says Judge Robert Patterson!)



for Jules Karp Inc., New York coin dealer, Wall Street Journal, January 31, 1980, front page.

Savoie 9A $100 Bill

New $100 bills are coming in early October 2013!  Even though these can be created to infinity and cost little effort and resources to produce, we are demanded by authorities to accept these as worth several times more than an ounce of geologically depleted, essential silver!  But should we use these new bills, when we can use a debit card?  After all, members of “law enforcement” are fond of saying, “only drug dealers carry large amounts of cash!”

But also on the scene are voices saying “only tax cheats and terrorists use cash!”  The next thing will be “The American Psychiatric Association has determined that gold and silver hoarders who distrust our sound, stable government issued currency are mentally ill.  He is insane whom we so deem and although mental illness is like any other illness, we cannot be mentally ill, because our degrees give us immunity!”

If a cardiologist claimed his medical specialty degree gave him immunity against heart disease, he’d be howled down!  But in psychiatry, those doing the finger pointing have the same immunity as William Stoughton, judge at the Salem Witch Trials in 1692-1693!

The American Psychiatric Association HQ is at 1000 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia, owned by Monday Properties.  Timothy Helmig is a director of MP and appears to be related to Albert Helmig, former COMEX-NYMEX official who relocated to Hong Kong.  When the APA takes a vote to decide that silver savers have a “monetary defiance disorder,” remember this is the one branch of “medicine” that invents, rather than identifies, disease!  Benjamin Rush, father of American psychiatry, was so brilliant as to figure out that Blacks skin color was caused by disease (see below)!  Anything can be a “mental illness” if psychiatry says so!  There may be corn in a can, but if they slap a label on it that says “green beans,” by God, now the can does actually contain green beans!  In the 1850s, Samuel Cartwright decided the urge to escape slavery was also a “mental illness” and called it “drapetomania.”  In 1943 Chicago judge Jacob Braude ordered Evelyn Bross to see a psychiatrist for six months because she violated an 1851 ordinance banning women from wearing pants.  When I was in junior high, a school psychologist told me I “needed treatment.”  Her basis?  My socks were mismatched!  The Inquisition never went away; it merely shifted configuration! Psychiatrists can and do call anyone mentally ill if engaged in an activity someone wants to suppress!  The DSM-5, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”  says over half of Americans will have a “mental disorder,” and “hoarding” is among the hundreds of “illnesses/disorders” listed

Savoie 9B American Psychartic Society

In August 2013, William Ayers, former president of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, was sentenced to 8 years in the California state penitentiary for child molestation.  Instances of criminality run very high in this totally spurious occupation Psychiatry is also causing the gun massacres because their drugs make people go berserk in more than sixty (60) documented incidents and more are on the way The media will not report this as the anti-Second Amendment agenda is to abolish gun ownership, and the same interests own Big Pharma and the media.  The head of the APA has been on the take from as many as a dozen and a half Big Pharma companies

I fully expect the Obama administration to use psychiatry as a weapon to attempt to discredit everyone who holds gold and silver, and against everyone who believes any Federal agency is corrupt!  Ask your state and national legislators to reverse the trend towards absolutist government and that citizens rights, including property rights, be respected.


  —President James Madison (1809-1817)

(A surprisingly large reference for facts relating to silver).

Is it possible that if we ask God to give the bad boys according to their deeds, this thing will end?

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  1. while gold/silver community is talking about bank holiday in panama, in china, there will be no wire transfer for about 7 days in a row during this golden holidy week, for system upgrade too!

  2. kudos to you Steve. you’re getting into the meat now.

  3. Steve

    When will *all* the silver in the world be used up? ie: when will silver be removed from the peridioic table?

    I assume this will be VERY bullish for silver when it runs out!!

    • lastmanstanding | September 29, 2013 at 9:38 am |

      Exactly Bob…all of tech for the last 50+ years has been completely dependant on silver to function.

      No silver…no iphone, no laptop, no space exploration, no MIC, no nuc’s, no tv, no hd, no stereo, no air travel, no oil drilling/exploration, no big equipment to mine for it…

      Whew…did I forget anything…

      Why?… for the enslavement of humanity, dumbing down humanity…all they needed was a couple generations of hard-working, productive, innovated AMERICANS to provide the capital. (of which we are now few).

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Bob, I’ve been curious about that also. It seems like the experts cannot calculate that number, its too multivariate. The US geological service has predicted that 2020 is the extinction date but I don’t how they made that call.

      I read an article somewhere (maybe Ted Butler) talking about a 10 BILLION ounce stockpile of silver after WW2. Now its down to 1 billion available. I think this basically means that 9 BILLION ounces is scattered through landfills and electronic equipment all over the world.

      The big unknown in your question I believe is what will investment demand look like moving forward. Rocco has said (I hope my numbers are right) that the entire WORLD only spent 8 BILLION dollars on silver in all of 2012. That’s absolutely nothing. That’s just 2.8 days of currency creation in the US alone, much less the rest of the world. A few rich guys could upset that whole apple cart at any moment by farting out a few billion $ of spare change.

  4. Preaching to the chior.

    Good article for those just beginning their information quest and opening their eyes to reality.

    “Ask your state and national legislators”… Much too late.

    The entire western financial/politico system is infested with corruption from top to bottom and now from bottom to top also. There is NO moral compass. Personal morality of ‘doing the right thing’ no longer exists. This is a generational malady and will take the passage of generations to put right, if ever!

    Sometimes, I wish I had not started on this truth seeking journey, those many years ago. I look around me at the 90+% of the population that have absolutely no idea, of what the true state of the real world looks like. They do not see the stark ugliness of hubristic greed run amok.

    Theirs will be a painful, eye opening experience. Keep up the good fight Steve.

  5. Webster stated: “The US geological service has predicted that 2020 is the extinction date but I don’t how they made that call.”

    Webster, you are repeating false information from some confused people who don’t know how to read.

    In ’09, the USGS did state that silver would become extinct, if depletion levels continue at this rate, in TWENTY YEARS, NOT THE YEAR TWENTY TWENTY.
    Bix Weir reiterated in a recent article, that we have 16 years to go to hit this point in time. That’s the year 2029.

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