Gold & Silver Maple Leaf Sales Increase in a Big Way

According to the Royal Canadian Mint’s newest quarterly report just released, Gold and Silver Maple Leaf sales increased substantially Q1, 2013.  During the first quarter of 2013, Silver Maple Leaf sales were up 65% at 6.6 million ounces compared to 4 million ounces during the same period last year.

Q1 2013 Silver Maple Leaf Sales2

The Royal Canadian Mint had a total of 18.1 million Silver Maple Leaf sales in 2012.  If the current sales trend continues, there will be an estimated 23 million Silver Maple Leaf sales for 2013 — 27% higher than 2012.

Even though first quarter 2013 Silver Maple leaf sales were impressive, the increase of Gold Maple leaf sales were even higher.  In the chart below we can see that Gold Maple leaf sales Q1, 2013 were nearly double compared to the same period last year:

Q1 2013 Goldr Maple Leaf Sales2

Here we can see that Gold Maple Leaf sales increased 96% to 269,000 ounces during Q1, 2013 compared to 137,000 ounces last year.  Furthermore, sales of Gold Maple Leafs are estimated to grow to approximately 1+ million oz  in 2013, up from 883,048 oz in 2012. 

Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf Sales Continue to Surpass Domestic Silver Production

As I mentioned in a prior article Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf Sales Up As Supply Slips, U.S. Silver Eagle & Canadian Maple sales are still outpacing domestic mine production.  Total sales of Silver Eagles & Maples during Q1 2013 were 20.8 million oz while domestic mine supply from these two countries only stood at 14.3 million oz.

If we look at the chart below, estimated 2013 Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf sales (based on present trends) may reach a new record of 65 million oz and are forecasted to surpass total U.S. & Canadian domestic mine production supply of 57 million oz by 8 million oz.  Thus, both the United States and Canada have to continue to import silver to help meet the demand of their official coin sales.

Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf Sales vs Domestic Production

This forecast is based on a total of 42 million Silver Eagle and 23 million Silver Maple Leaf sales for 2013.  While the Royal Canadian Mint only updates their sales figures quarterly (2 month lag), the U.S. Mint just released their total Silver Eagle sales on May 28, 2013 at 21.7 million oz.  If we consider that the sales of Eagles and Maples picked up significantly during April & May, due to the recent silver price take-down, the estimated coin sales for 2013 above may turn out to be conservative. 

It will be interesting to see what kind of demand these coins will generate for the remainder of the year. 

You can find updates to these figures at the SRSrocco Report.

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17 Comments on "Gold & Silver Maple Leaf Sales Increase in a Big Way"

  1. With these low prices everyone is piling on to the silver frenzy. Now let’s get that price back up

    • larry myles | May 31, 2013 at 6:44 am |

      Yes, this mauling of the paper prices has been well received. I cannot believe we have been given this fire sale opportunity. The only downside is the longer lines when I go out to buy gold maples. And the times when I make the trek only to find the gold and silver has been sold out. Now I hear talk (mainly by the neo-Keynesian Lummox) that the price of their paper gold will break through $1,000 an ounce. Fine by me, I will be there to take full advantage.

  2. craig….. thanks for the reply and yes, it’s amazing how low the price of silver is with it being one of best stores of TRADE-ABLE ENERGY VALUE. Because the Royal Canadian Mint doesn’t release their figures for nearly two months after the quarter has ended, we don’t know how many they sold during this recent take-down in the silver price during APRIL-MAY.

    However, I would imagine they may have sold 6-7 million more which would give them a total for the first half of 2013 to about 12.5-13.5 million oz. If sales remain strong the rest of the year, they will probably surpass that 23 million oz estimate that I stated above.


    • SRSrocco,

      What I don’t understand is why have premiums come back down to a more normal level now? Sure they are a little higher than they were before the crash but they have certainly fallen from their highs. Does this mean the demand is slowing down? I would like to know your thoughts-

      • Mr.T… in some parts of the world, they can’t get enough gold bullion. This has been shown in many instances in India, China and some other eastern countries. However, in the West, there has been a bit of a different story. There is still a great deal of buying as Silver Eagle sales which were 830,000 just over the holiday weekend… actually more silver being sold than silver.

        The Fed and Central Banks controlling fiat money realize to destroy physical demand, you have to destroy precious metal sentiment. After the take-down in 2008, prices of gold and silver came back quite quickly by 2009… a new approach was a longer term slow kill of the price which has now been nearly 2 years for silver and year and half for gold.

        I believe demand has died down since the first take-down in April… this was the effect. Furthermore, precious metal sentiment is at its worst. But there is no need to be concerned as the largest short positions against gold are in the weak hands. Once this turns around, it may be very violent.

        Silver will perform well with gold when things turn around. At some point in time in the future, physical gold and silver supply will not be available.


    • Dear craig,I think you shouldn’t negelect the supply chain capability of silver/gold mint.

      The supply chain of gold/silver is not designed for high volatility under current circumstances. With high volatility in gold/silver price movement, high volume of demand goes out,then you’ll get stressed supply chain of g/s mint during that period,so with the high purchase premiums.

      Later, when the mint bureau makes up the inventory deficit by purchasing a lot silver/gold, the premiums will go back to a normal level.

      That’s my point for the premiums.

  3. Have been fancying the Canadian Wildlife Series a lot myself lately….

  4. Cleburne61 | May 29, 2013 at 1:06 pm |

    Excellent, quite excellent.

    I’ve heard some quite far-fetched estimates for ASE production this year….ranging from 60 to 70 million. Sadly that won’t happen. Not because there isn’t demand for it, but because the US Mint is corrupt, and doesn’t feel the need to source additional planchette makers for their coins.

    But, at this pace, it appears….45 to 50 million ASE’s isn’t out of the question.
    I’d like to see an RCM burn rate of silver oz’s this year in excess of 25 million.

    If we saw anything close to those numbers, we’d outstrip domestic supply by 12 to 15 million oz.

    These charts prove that those who say “silver isn’t money” are just wrong. There’s so little of it, we don’t NEED sovereign demand to bolster silver prices. Humanity can easily, easily supplant central bank demand for silver.

  5. wait for the whole world to wake up to silver.

    in china, when i talk to rich people about silver. they look down upon silver. “silver? builky and cheap.” is their typical answer. “10 tons of silver? i need a big truck to ship and a big basement to store it. how cunbersome!” “the painting on my wall is worth 10 tons of silver!”

    china was an empire of silver. when silver was money, any family that had 1 ton of silver was considered very rich, 1 ounce of silver was a schoolteacher’s monthly pay. nowadays, rich people can easily afford 10 tons of silver without blinking their eyes, yet nobody cares about it!

    silverbug’s patience will be insanely rewarded.

    • Judejin… yes I agree. Silver is much bulkier than gold at its current price. However, if the price of silver moved closer to either a 20/1 or 15/1 ratio with gold, it would seem a hell of a lot less bulkier. Furthermore, I believe most of the gold will be tied up in Central Banks hands as well as the wealthy.

      Thus, silver will become the POOR MANS affordable gold.

      Again, silver is just as good as a source of TRADE-ABLE ENERGY VALUE as is gold. So at some point in time we are going to see a mass movement of pension plans, bond funds, retirement plans and etc, into gold and silver. When this occurs, there will be no supply…. hence the exponential price move higher.


      • when the worldwide grand experiment of fiat money ponzi scheme collapses, gold and silver in bullion form is probably 1:1 to 1:5.

        so i believe gold/silver ratio will drop below 1:10, spike down to 1:5 before trending higher to stabilize at 1:10 to 1:15, geological ratio.

        the stupid masses will view silver as valuable and beautilful when silver is trading at above $500 per ounce. they won’t touch it now.

        i see gold easily at 5 digits, silver at 4 digits per ounce, given today’s worldwide liquidity.

        10 kilos of silver will be able to buy a condo which now costs over a ton, which means houses will drop 99% in terms of silver, the real money.

        per capita silver is 1/10 of when silver was money 100 years ago. then, 5 ounces, now, 0.5 ounce! “silver is the new gold” is not exaggerating!

  6. Salvatore' | May 30, 2013 at 5:50 pm |

    I love my grandchildren!!.. I buy Silver, look at it once, in my possesion and forget about it!

  7. so people are writing about potential shortages in terms of delays in purchases and premiums going up a few bucks (chump change). I”m wondering if and/or when we’d expect to hear about industrial users freaking out about supply problems?

  8. tonight , shanghai gold exchange starts its first friday night session. before, only monday thru thursda has night sessions from 9:00pm to 2:30am.

    right at 9:00pm, silver/gold rebounded from the low of the day.

    whoever hit the gold/silver prices since early afternoon asia time has to back off when the chinese traders open.

    god, please stop the criminals!

  9. without sudden strength/support coming from shanghai, silver’s 22 support line could be gone by now.

    i’ve been watching the ticks. it’s unbelievable. the strength in silver came right when shanghai opens for trading. gold got hammered more and made new low, but silver is 20 cents off the low!

    i can’t imagine it if 22 is gone.

    i can’t think of anywhere else where silver’s strength might come from.

  10. OutLookingIn | May 31, 2013 at 10:53 am |

    Congrats on having this article linked on Ed Steer’s gold and silver report today.

    • OutLookingin… thanks for stopping by. Yes, it seems as if the word is starting to spread and more people are coming to check out the new site.


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