Global Interest In Silver Investment Expands As South Africa Adds New Silver Krugerrand

As interest in silver investment expands throughout the world, the South African Mint will produce its first 1 oz Silver Krugerrand, to be released this November.  This is quite remarkable as the South African Mint has been producing Gold Krugerrands since 1967.

Matter-a-fact, the South African Mint has produced over 50 million oz of Gold Krugerrands over the past 49 years.  It is the largest Official Gold coin producer in the world.  The U.S. Mint’s Gold Eagle comes in second with over 22 million oz produced since the program started in 1987.

With the 50 year anniversary of the minting of the Gold Krugerrand in 2017, the South African Government will also release a new 1 oz Platinum Krugerrand along with its new silver coin.  They also plan on adding some addition sizes of the Gold Krugerrand, such as a 1/20th, 1/50th oz variants as well as a 5 oz coin.

However, the big deal for the silver investor will be the new 1 oz Silver Krugerrand:


The South African Mint plans on releasing 500,000 of the 1 oz 2017 Silver Krugerrand next year, along with 15,000 proofs.  I imagine they plan to see how successful the initial coin sales of the Silver Krugerrand will be before they revise their annual mintage figures.

I always wondered why the word, “Krugerrand” came from.  According to the first article that broke the news about the release of the Silver Krugerrand from, that stated the following:

Back in 1967, the South African government took the decision to release a new gold bullion coin to help promote South African gold as an investment vehicle into the international markets. Named after the famous South African President and nature conservationist Paul Kruger and the South African monetary currency, Krugerrands have been produced since the first coin was struck on the 3 July 1967. Next year represents the coins 50th anniversary and the South African Mint are pulling out all the stops to make it memorable.

First thing to note with the silver coin is that it carries an actual denomination, 1 Rand, the gold never having done so. Apart from the inscriptions in the bottom half of the reverse face, the design remains unchanged from the original. For this 2017 coin, we’re going to assume that these will continue onwards unless they’re an unlikely poor seller, there is also a small privy stamp of the number 50 in a circle, the meaning obvious.

I actually plan on purchasing some of these Silver Krugerrands.  I think they are going to be a bit hit as investors will quickly acquire all 500,000 of the coins issued for the first year.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I will be publishing an article on ExxonMobil within the next few days.  I highly recommend checking out the article because it provides startling evidence just how dire the U.S. Oil Industry has become.

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19 Comments on "Global Interest In Silver Investment Expands As South Africa Adds New Silver Krugerrand"

  1. Where’s the pre order button?

  2. Juergen Heil | October 31, 2016 at 1:43 pm |

    A second after i read the headline i though i must have some of these coins. I agree with you Steve this will be a successful coin. By the way when i had my first purchase of PM I bought Gold, it was Krugerrands I didn’t know something else at all. For people not involved in the PM scene this will be a signal that silver is more than a industrial metal it’s a monetary metal.

  3. The silver Krugerrand from the South African mint will only be produced ONE YEAR. I work for one of their distributors and mint officials have told us it will only be done once to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gold Krugerrand, the granddaddy of all modern issue gold coins. For what it’s worth, I sell coins, there is FAR more interest and anticipation from the collector market than from bullion buyers.

  4. Thanks, SRSrocco. I love silver coin, too.

    By the way, How do you think about Commodity & Agriculture ? Jim Rogers is very optimistic about the future of the markets for agricultural product.

    What’s your opinion ?

  5. Juergen Heil | October 31, 2016 at 9:48 pm |

    Steve maybe we all wrong you just can’t eat silver, but this Krugerrand coin made out of chocolate paked in tinfoil, even the normal Guy on the street he would love it !

    • Hah ! You pretend to be a coin collector. You carry those “coins” with you so you can have a convenient bite of chocolate wherever you go.

      I can get several friends together to make a purchase. I wonder if the “cases” of these will be in 500’s, same as the Maple Leafs and Eagles? Any ideas on where we can get the best deal?

      Charley Z

  6. Great stuff Steve. This is a real positive for silver. Let me know where I can get in lineto
    purchase a roll?

    • DisappearingCulture | November 1, 2016 at 8:05 am |

      I suspect all you have to do is “stay tuned” to a large metals dealer. Provident, SD Bullion, APMEX, and other good track record dealers.

  7. I keep anticipating some mint to turn out fractional ounce coins with same percentage premium as their one ounce.
    I realize there might be added cost for them, but the incentive for future acceptability might overcome this.

    Now 4 quarters equal 1 dollar. In the future it would be very popular if 10 1/10 ounce or 2 1/2 ounce coins can be traded for 1 ounce or vise-versa with no consideration of premium needed.

  8. Hi Steve.
    To change the subject I just saw a video
    where they are converting wind into hydrogen energy on site. They are claiming this is a viable alternative to oil driven cars.
    With wind at about 18 to 1 EROI and subsequent loss in conversion there seems to be a EROI spanner in the works of this technology.
    What do you think.

  9. silverfreaky | November 2, 2016 at 6:40 pm |

    Junior Miner and Explorer stocks very worse.There is now money for them.Maybe I’am wrong.
    My explorer-stocks at a lowest level since 4 month.

  10. Along with the PMs themselves, but that ain’t gonna last. Expect to see a lot change next year.

  11. Silver Savior | November 4, 2016 at 12:55 am |

    I am for sure interested in obtaining some of these coins. I wonder what the premium will be on them.

  12. Official North American distributors have been announced. Details at

  13. Douglas Martin | August 8, 2017 at 10:54 am |

    Do you have circulated silver coins and what do they cost?

    • Douglas,

      You would have to contact Tom Cloud in our Precious Metals Investment section to find out the details of that question. However, Tom has some of the best rates in the industry. Also, he is not a hard sales type of guy. You can just talk with him and not buy anything.


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