FY 2014 Silver Eagle Dollar Sales Surpass Gold Eagles By Wide Margin

The U.S. Mint just released its FY 2014 Annual Report and the total Dollar sales of Silver Eagles surpassed Gold Eagles by a wide margin.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Mint’s Annual Reports are based on Fiscal Year accounting, so their figures do not correspond to the data released on their website.

For example, the U.S. Mint sold 44 million ounces (Moz) of Silver Eagles in 2014, and 524,500 Gold Eagle oz.  However, the Fiscal Year figures are from Oct 2013 to Sept 2014, which only show 38.3 Moz of Silver Eagles versus 524,000 Gold Eagles.

According to the data put out in the U.S. Mint 2014 Annual Report, total sales of Silver Eagles were $850 million compared to $693 million in Gold Eagle sales. 

Fiscal Year 2014 Gold vs Silver Eagle Sales

Thus, Silver Eagle Dollar sales were 23% higher than Gold Eagles in FY 2014.  Now, if we look at the figures for FY 2013, we see a much different picture.  In FY 2013, the U.S. Mint sold 983,000 oz of Gold Eagles at $1.58 billion compared to 43.5 Moz of Silver Eagles at $1.2 billion:

Fiscal Year 2013 Gold vs Silver Eagle Sales

Even though total Eagle sales are down considerably in FY 2014 compared to FY 2013, Gold Eagles fell off a cliff.  Here are the net change in Gold and Silver Eagle sales:

Net Change FY 2014 vs FY 2013

Gold Eagle Dollar sales= -$893 million (-56%)

Silver Eagle Dollar sales = -$406 million (-32%)

Gold Eagle Dollar sales fell 56%, while Silver Eagle sales declined 32%.

While FY 2014 Silver Eagle Dollar sales surpassed Gold Eagles, if we add Gold Buffalo sales, then total gold bullion sales were higher than silver sales.  Again, according to the U.S. Mint, 178,000 Gold Buffalos were sold at a value of $234 million.  If we add this to the $693 million of Gold Eagles, we get a total of $927 million for these to official gold coins.

Regardless, sustained lower prices of the precious metals in 2014 impacted sales of Gold Eagles a great deal more than Silver Eagles.  Which proves the point… investors find more value in purchasing Silver Eagles as an excellent store of wealth in the future compared to Gold Eagles.

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17 Comments on "FY 2014 Silver Eagle Dollar Sales Surpass Gold Eagles By Wide Margin"

  1. Daniel Smith | March 4, 2015 at 7:49 pm |


  2. That’s sad that the west has given up on monetary metals despite lower prices, demand is decreasing on a fiat basis.

    Indian government is doing what they can also to dismiss to prevent monetary metals purchases despite their own culture.

    It’s up to china to blow western paper scam…

    • “It’s up to china to blow western paper scam…”

      You have to understand. THIS IS THE FALLACY. All the governments are involved in holding down gold ans silver. That is why they have died and gone to heaven. I said over a year ago silver was NEVER going to go up again. I have been proven right.

      You see, all these govts are essentially doing the same thing. Which is why even Russia doesn’t dare blow the lid on the paper scam.

      And if you ever end up on the right side of gold and silver, just think what the Fascists around the world will do then? You will still lose—NO MATTER WHAT. Gold and silver are not a form of protection. The greatest transfer of wealth ever, sadly, is for those overinvested in gold and silver —- they have done nothing but lose money for years now. That won’t end.

      Buy paper. It is the only game in town.


      P.S. There is no peak oil. Even Exxon’s CEO said to mellow out: oil is gushing he said. Won’t slow down and expect low oil prices for years–even decaded. I agree.

      Buy iWidets, truck companies, and airlines. Don’t bet against the best–like Buffett.

      • silverfreaky | March 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm |

        China won’t blow up the System.That’s wrong.They are holder of US-Bands and Dollars.
        They would destroy their own balance.

        The Ponzi-Shemata could last for years.We have trust in PM.But this was wrong.

        Dax runs from one High to the Next.We had the wrong Investment at this times.
        Even in miner stocks we see no better values.

      • Great plan, Frank… sell precious metals at, or under, production cost and buy bubblish paper…
        What can possibly go wrong?

      • Hwy Franky,

        You kee[ drinking the Kool-Aid and I will buy all of your silver eagles for $2.00 over spot. Don’t lert it bother you that 17 central banks have slashed rates this year;

        Central Bank Official Rates

        Euro zone 0.05%
        UK 0.5%
        Sweden -0.1% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        Denmark -0.75% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        Norway 1.25% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        Switzerland -1.25% to -0.25% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        US 0 to 0.25% —rate hike forecast this year
        Canada 0.75%
        Japan 0 to 0.10%
        Australia 2.25% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        China 2.75% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        South Korea 2.00% —more rate cuts forecast ahead
        Thailand 2.00% —more rate cuts forecast ahead

        Source and forecasts: BNP Paribas

        It may seem like long time but the switling arounnd the bowl has begun. How long and what other moves can the CBs make before it all blows up.

        I will stick with guns, bullets and bullion. Buy for cash and stash.


        • Frank doesn’t do economics, math, and finance. It be too hawd. When interest rates go negative AND there are still buyers, then musical chairs has officially begun. For starters, there’s no going back to + rates, secondly, the only way to make money is to sell at an even higher negative rate. At some point, the music will stop and the last Frank left standing will be the all time biggest loser. Cept we’ll all lose as the sovereign debt ponzi will have been fully played.

      • Frankstradamus speaks! All take heed!

        Hey Francis, “I said over a year ago silver was NEVER going to go up again. I have been proven right.” So Franky, “NEVER” typically lasts for something much greater than a mere year.

      • Your are a shill, an idiot, or both.

      • There is one problem with you theory to buy only paper and that is counter-party risk. When (not if) the whole paper Ponzi derivative monster collapses you will NOT be safe regardless of what paper instruments you hold. I agree with your assessment that Gold and Silver will NEVER be allowed to rise again AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN CONTROL!! If you think they will stay in control indefinitely you are delusional. We WILL have another Leman crisis and next time it will be infinitely worse. Geo-politically things are getting more unstable by the day and economies around the world seem to be heading for a cliff.
        I am not saying Gold and Silver will protect you when the whole thing blows, but given the alternatives, physical is still your best bet to survive the demise of the Western financial system as we know it.

  3. Gold coins held by financial instructions are still hitting the retail market. Every once in a while you see these flash sales at places like apmex where “random date” one ounce gold maples will be sold for $25 over spot. You buy them and find they are brand new and all the same date. All the gold coins coming from the mints did not go to retail purchases when gold was going up. Lately that gold has been liquidated and those coins are hitting the retail market.

    I believe your conclusion is correct. Just keep in mind the data is a little skewed. Mint sales do not equate to net retail demand when viewed in individual years.


    • “Gold coins held by financial instructions are still hitting the retail market. Every once in a while you see these flash sales at places like apmex where “random date” one ounce gold maples will be sold for $25 over spot.”

      FYI Mike APMEX [and just about every coin & bullion dealer] buys gold and silver coins from the public, not just businesses and institutions, then resells them when the get an adequate quantity to advertise the availability. So a flash sale doesn’t imply the source of the coins.

      • You are correct. I was not offering that as proof. I know this happens from industry insiders. Hedge funds bought some of the gold coins on the way up and are selling them on the way down. I can’t tell you how much, but it appears somewhat signifcant.

  4. Steve,
    Like Mike said, you are basing retail demand solely on new coin sales. Take for instance the one ounce coins dumped onto the market by the multi-billion dollar Permanent Fund. They allocate 20% of the fund to gold and most of that is in the form of one ounce gold coins. Over the past couple years the fund has had a lot of redemptions and to rebalance it, 640,000 of the fund’s one ounce Eagles/Maples were sold into the retail market between July 31 2012 and Jul 31 2014. That’s more ounces than the US mint sold in FY 2014. You don’t think that would cause a dent in mint sales? You make the mistake in thinking that coin sales are only for Mom and Pop investors.

  5. These crafty bastards have used every trick possible and I’m sure their playbook is not quite depleted yet. Obviously with negative interest rates, we are nearing the last chapters of this paperback(ed) novel. I can’t afford to stack napkins let alone silver so I’m hoping for any kind of implosion to this unfair system.

  6. Imagine you had a credit card you never had to pay back?
    In actuality I believe all money is credit, so did this man
    80 years ago outlined the problem. An engineer
    CH Douglas. The state monopoly of credit .
    Welcome to your chains plebs. You have witnessed
    over the last 100 years the greatest leveraged buyout
    of the planet including your own indenturement.

  7. COMEX action alone determines silver price in the West….for as long as the manipulators can suppress paper/contract prices while engorging themselves on the physical.


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