Emergency Fed Meetings Spooked Investors Into Purchasing Record Gold Eagles

Sales of the U.S. Mint Gold Eagles surged last week as investors were spooked by the emergency Fed meetings.  As several news sources reported last week, this was the first time both the President and Vice President “unexpectedly” met with the Fed Chairman to discuss the state of the American and global economy.

In addition, according to the news release, SuperStation95 – TWO MORE! Closed-Door, Expedited Meetings of Federal Reserve:

Many rumors were spread around the blogosphere as to why there were several emergency Fed meetings.  One such rumor is the U.S. government being force to enact martial law due to a systemic breakdown of the banking industry.  Other rumors floating around are tied to the ramifications of the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Treasury market when China launches its gold-backed Yuan tomorrow, April 19th.

Regardless, the rumors had investors spooked enough to purchase the most Gold Eagles in a week since Jan 11th.  Last week, the U.S. Mint sold 33,000 oz of Gold Eagles and 6,000 Gold Buffalos.  That’s a lot of Gold Eagles sold in a week compared to 38,500 oz sold in the entire month of March:


The majority of Gold Eagle sales were the 1 oz coin which totaled 29,500, followed by 1,000 oz of the 1/2 oz coin, 1,500 oz of the 1/4 oz coin and 1,000 oz of the 1/10th oz coin.  Again, these are shown in total ounces.  For example, the U.S. Mint sold a total of 10,000 of the 1/10th oz Gold Eagle coins which equals 1,000 oz.

Furthermore, the U.S. Mint continues to sell out of its weekly allocation of Silver Eagles as total sales for the year reached 17 million– 26% higher than sales during the same period last year (CoinNews.net):


It will be interesting to see what takes place after the Chinese Yuan-denominated gold benchmark starts tomorrow.  If this wasn’t going to be such a big deal, then why all the emergency Fed meetings?

The U.S. and global financial markets are in serious trouble.  Investors who haven’t taken a position in owning physical precious metals may be running out of time to do so.

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21 Comments on "Emergency Fed Meetings Spooked Investors Into Purchasing Record Gold Eagles"

  1. ” As several news sources reported last week, this was the first time both the President and Vice President “unexpectedly” met with the Fed Chairman to discuss the state of the American and global economy.”

    Do we know what was discussed? No, it wasn’t disclosed, and what was is regurgitation for the masses. In fact there are few stories about the meeting. I don’t know what you read; there wasn’t much mainstream coverage for sure.

    That buying could have been by 50 individuals or sources, or less.

    • David,

      It was probably all the members of FOMC. If Stansberry et. al. are to be believed, our government is working on the “Metropolitan Plan” to issue a new gold back dollar when gold hits $10,000/ounce.

      The inmates are running the nut house so anything is possible.


      • Lol, still in total control, just see what happens to the jackasses who shorted US stock markets :


        Be ready for the DOW/SP500/Biotechs dow breakout !

        The west is going to buy all BRICS with our rotten pice of papers, the first stage will be when the emerging debts will be in default, western banks will pick up the collateral/real assets. If their leaders refuse, they will have the same fate that argentina, or libya in a different style. A better option would be to allow their crony capitalists to buy a house on the french rivieira or alps and to find a little room for their offsprings in an anglo american university ! As seen in vancouver, there is not a single chinese leaders who do not dream to move his butt and assets to the west, not a single one.

        • 45 Years in Wall Street by W. D Gann, pages 129, 130.

          What Will Cause the Next Depression or Panic

          There will be many causes of the next great depression. England is broke as a result of the two great wars and most all of the other countries in Europe are in the same fix.

          Japan, China, and India are in a bad financial condition and are likely to get worse if Communism continues to dominate China.

          The United States debt is a great burden which cannot be overcome. The wasteful spending by our government has already caused irreparable damage and even if it should stop now panic would come anyway.

          Foreign investors are already selling stocks in our market and have been for some time.

          The investors in the United States nearly always sell in the last stages of a bear market. This causes a wide open break. In the future, as things get worse, insurance companies will have to liquidate stocks and bonds. Investment trusts will try to support stocks for a time and buy on a scale down but as conditions get worse they may get scared and become sellers in the last stages of the bear market after it has run for several years.

          When the business men and investors in the United States lose confidence in the government’s ability to prevent a depression then matters will get worse because business and the stock market hold up as long as people have confidence.

          If the day comes, and it is not impossible, when the government can no longer support bond prices, this will be the last straw that will destroy public confidence and bring on the worst panic this country has ever seen. Effects always follow causes. The causes already exist and the government has sown the seed for another panic and depression and the cycles of business and the stock market prove that a panic is inevitable.


          • Yes, the west will continue to rule for decades. The rumour is that the emergency fed meetings were about a new agreement regarding international monetary affairs, that’s quite possible.
            The bottom line is that BRICS will get a huge FU from the western banking cartel. the former will threaten to not ship anymore all these commodities and POS stuff from china but as we could see with putin’s truth bombs, they have not the balls to release them, this is just bluff ! What poutin released about soros and the panama papers ? Nothing as usual and I am quite sure that they have thousands of evidence of criminal charges in tens of countries.
            Japan showed us that the system can be run without problem at much higher debt levels so despite being broke by 19th century standards, the west is still miles ahead of the BRICS.
            It also looks like the latter, apart being only able to tak and talk and talk and talk again (they needed more than one decade for creating their paltry world bank), they are too afraid of a west destabilization which could lead to ripple effects at their home ie riots, rebellion against their TPTB.
            it is not so western central banks who are cornered it is the whole capitalist world ie all the planet now.

        • So people like you continue to talk defiance in the face of overwhelming evidence that the US dollar will not survive in it’s current form. You say they markets will explode upwards, and maybe that will be so, but only as the result of massive inflation caused by a massive loss in the PPP of US money. What makes you think, other than being an American who is thoroughly brainwashed that the US, the US dollar and the US stock market has a god given right to exist, and further, what makes you believe that Wall Street can pull off another fire sale purchase of depressed industries in foreign countries? I guess it is the interminable tendency of Americans to believe that they and they alone have a right to everything in the world, regardless of what anybody else thinks.
          I’ll tell you what will happen. For those countries such as Canada, Brazil and other trading nations that China and Russia find supply them with essential goods, China will lease gold to their treasuries which will support their currencies and stock markets. There will be no fire sale this time buddy.

      • Yeah I read the Stansberry article on the Metropolitan Plan. The backing of the dollar with gold is based on the BELIEF the U.S. has all the gold they say they do. That is one hell of an assumption.

        • Some has stated recently that chinese has proposed to lend some of its gold to the USA in order to “back” a new USD as the chinese know (because they have probably lots of it) the treasury/fed have not much anymore.
          US banking cartel will obviously refuse and china will not have the balls to put its threats into execution.

  2. Thanks for this good monday humor : “It will be interesting to see what takes place after the Chinese Yuan-denominated gold benchmark starts tomorrow.”

    It will require to do something new different of what the west has done, but wait, maybe by 2050 putin will be able to make a dishwasher in his own country or chinese will realize that their Uncle Scrooge puritan behaviour is now completely out of date/old fashioned sin the last stage of real/effective capitalism domination.

  3. Deutsche Bank Admits Manipulating Silver and Gold
    Yuan Gold Fix Launches Tomorrow
    Yellen and Obama are Having Secret Meetings
    Investors are Getting “Spooked” and Buying Record Gold and Silver

    Blogosphere’s comments: “Something BIG is About to Happen!”
    My comments: Something BIG has been happening for many years, gold and silver are still not skyrocketing, stock market is at an all time high, maybe something will change by 2050, maybe not….good luck to all stackers!

    • OutLookingIn | April 18, 2016 at 11:10 pm |

      Maybe the “Bank supervisory question” meeting of the fed, had to do with Deutsche Bank turning “states evidence” and copping a plea bargain, to throw their cohorts under the nearest bus?

      Two class action suits were launched against Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto, as pertains to the bank (in collusion with other banks) manipulating gold and silver prices. Looks like B of NS will be having a “bank supervisory” crisis also!

      The crown prosecutors will follow the money trail, starting with the little fish, which always leads up the ladder to bigger fish. There is no honor among thieves. Sit back and watch them start to throw each other under the nearest bus, in an attempt to cop a plea bargain.
      “Bank supervisory question” indeed!

      • These actions will stop the US banking titans which will emerge from all the banking crisis even stronger. Every opponents will be destroyed by their army ie traders in the city and NYC much more powerful than chinese and russian armies : a single runt at GS or JPM is more powerful than any african, south american and most asian countries. Putin can continue his body building show, but in the meantime the russian companies must face 15/20% interest rates in RUB which prevents a real industrial and commercial development.

        Also be ready for hillary !

  4. 1% from all time high in stocks the day china open their yuan gold fix : it would be interesting to see if the breakout can happen today, it would be another huge slam in the face of the chinese clowns :


  5. GLD depletion picks up again, after opening of the SGE physical exchange. It seems, for now, paper trading in metals is going to die slowly. DB is out of manipulation should be translated in; out of paper. It’s possible the whole paper trading in metals blows up within a few weeks.


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