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The problem with self-interest as a fake and totally hollow ideology is never knowing when it’s your own turn to go under the bus…

22 million people have to lose their health insurance to pay for Forrest Trump’s planned tax cut. And he has untold legions of brainwashed morons who support him taking away their own coverage. It’s an all time new low for the collapsing Roman empire. Selling daughters comes next:

This is a GUEST POST by PonziWorld Blogspot.

The narrative that attends collapse in broad daylight is so f’#@king dumb and facile that you have to feel mildly sorry for the Kardashianized sheeple getting fleeced by it. Eight years into the first non-recovery in U.S. history aka. Corporate Shock Doctrine 2.0, and the simultaneous collapse of EVERY retail store, shopping mall, REIT operator, restaurant, grocery chain, automaker, auto dealer is supposedly due to Amazon. It’s a narrative so f#@king stupid you have to be a South Park educated retard to believe it.

It’s the end of the *free trade* jobless consumer – the end of the fantasy that millions of people would trade well-paying good jobs for low paying Mcjobs and then borrow themselves into oblivion at 0% to make up the difference. Only then to have interest rates raised at the end of the cycle while blaming the lowest cost retailer for the simultaneous decimation of thousands of retail outlets across the entire country.

Blighted. Gone.

The jobless consumer is strictly an EconoDunce fabrication to allow the corporate arbitrage of a developed world standard of living vis-a-vis the third world, ending in mass poverty. All while stunned dunces voted against their own interests continually.

At the end of this mega-fiasco the current cadre of ultra-corrupt alpha males in all sectors of leadership will be the ones going under the bus. They won’t see it coming, because for them it was always someone else’s turn to go under the bus.

And when stoned zombies rudely awaken to the reality that one internet retailer could not single-handedly blight an entire economy, they will be shocked to learn that they got muppetized all over again by the same Fed dunces as last time. And that collapse is the new *Economics”.

This was a guest post by PonziWorld.Blogspot.  You can find the original article here: Collapse Is the New “Economics.”

I want to make sure my readers know that this article was NOT written by me, rather it was a guest post from the PonziWorld Blogspot.  I decided to post this article on my site because the author has a unique way of cutting through all the BULL and showing what is really going on in the economy and markets.  While the author uses some four-letter words and colorful adjectives to describe what is going on, words I don’t use in my blog, I didn’t want to edit too much of the original content.

In addition, the author makes a political judgment about the current President.  I very rarely write about or discuss politics in my blog… as I find that it is pointless.  The immense problems that we will be facing in the future, the Federal Government will be totally incapable to deal with.  Regardless, I do not agree or disagree with the author’s “Political judgement” as it really doesn’t matter who is in the White house now.

That being said, some followers of my site have relayed to me that they are growing tired of the “COLLAPSE” or “PONZI SCHEME” mantra.  This is understandable but quite unfortunate, as collapse continues right in front of our eyes.  However, the system is being rigged in a way that totally LOBOTOMIZES the individual’s brain to comprehend what is going on.

Basically… it all seems quite normal now to live in an economy that is totally propped up by massive Central bank intervention and debt.

However, if we look at the charts above, the author at PonziWorld Blogspot compares what is taking place in the real MainStreet Economy versus the highly inflated S&P 500 Index.  In three of the charts, the author compares the S&P 500 Index (in Grey Color) heading towards the moon versus Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods and the Gap Stores which are breaking down much lower.

While the Mainstream media portrays the collapse of the Brick & Mortar Retail Market due to Amazon, the author clearly states this is WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND the pathetic increase in market share of Amazon.  What is taking place is a SYSTEMIC collapse of the entire physical economy.

In another article at PonziWorld Blogspot, the author published this very interesting chart below comparing the S&P 500 to the S&P 500 Volatility Index (its 20 day Moving Average):

You will notice that the last time the S&P 500 Volatility Index (20 MA) fell below the BLUE LINE, was in 2007.  The volatility Index has fallen so low that the market and traders have become so desensitized and apathetic, that they don’t realize the S&P 500 Index is orders of magnitude more LEVERAGED than it was in 2007…. right before the economic and market collapse.

So yes… I am writing about collapse again.  We must remember, the Roman Empire Collapsed, but it did not happen overnight.  It took decades, even a century or more.  Well, the United States has been collapsing slowly over the past 50+ years as it has debased its currency and added a massive amount of debt.  However, the disintegration of the REAL U.S. economy is really picking up speed now.

Furthermore, technology has allowed us to do things QUICKER & FASTER than the ancient Romans.  Utilizing technology was great on the way up, but it will be one HELL OF A BUMMER on the way down.

I find it simply amazing to see how the Financial Media Networks continue to rationalize this ongoing collapse as a mere TREND CHANGE from a “Brick & Morter Economy” to an “High-tech Internet Economy.”  I would kindly like to remind everyone that without cheap and abundant ENERGY… you can forget technology… especially highly advanced complex technology.

So… you better get used to the NEW COLLAPSE ECONOMICS.  It will unfold in a way that most are unprepared for.

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  1. Steve, Thanks for sharing. I would rather hear your view of the TRUE and FACTUAL state of our country. My friends can not understand my perception but I realized their view has been shaped on many fronts for decades. Yesterday I had a real eye opening that you can appreciate. I closed my IRA account at Scottrade to be able to buy more physical silver. I mentioned in passing to the account manager that my gold and silver mining shares were up HUGE in 2015. He rolled back in his chair in hysterical laughter and obviously has total disregard for anything related to precious metals. I am of course selling paper assets including miners that become profitable much more often to convert further into silver. Thanks for this interesting article. The trend of the collapse is increasing and Americans just can’t see it due to their perception from Wall Street, media shills, Federal Reserve, and government officials.

    • Ron,

      Glad to see that you are able to CONNECT THE DOTS, whereas most Americans are totally in the dark. Yes, it is a sad state of affairs when the entire market is Bernie Maddoff on Steroids.

      It is also true that the RETAIL BROKERS are some of the most BRAIN DEAD “supposed” professionals out there. I read a book called F.I.A.S.C.O about Wall Street and the guy who wrote the book explained the term… RIPPING ONES FACE OFF.

      What that term meant is that when brokers put their clients into investments that were good for their company but bad for the client, the day the stock or investment value collapsed and the client called up the broker… .the broker could hear the desperation in the clients voice. When the broker hung up the phone… he yelled to the other brokers… JUST RIPPED OFF ANOTHER CLIENT’S FACE… and was laughing while saying it.

      This is what we call Professional Portfolio management. The example used in the book was when brokers were getting their clients into risky Mortgagted Backed Securities. So, when they collapsed… well, the Pension Manager got his face RIPPED OFF.

      It’s the same in most of the Broker market. Yes, it is true that Brokers look at gold and silver as the most BACKWARD STOOPID assets to own. This is how far and wide the BRAIN DAMAGE has spread.


  2. the buildout of retail in America since 1990 is truly amazing. In Detroit where I live, I saw former industrial plants leveled and replaced by retail. I think shopping is now America’s past time. Everyone’s house’s are clogged with stuff, and the debt burden is immense. Looking back three generations, they would consider what we do as madness. Retail may be the canary in the coal mine for the stock market. In fact, it is most of the economy. Eventually, we will have tens of thousands of vacant building’s cluttering up the countryside. STEVE: do you have any stats on new retail building construction? It must be down from a high or is the madness persisting? Building new stuff while old stuff is closing down?

  3. I’m so glad to see others reading Mac10’s work over at PonziWorld. I have posted links to it on other sites in the comment section. He has some of the best charts out there.

  4. MASTERMIND | June 28, 2017 at 1:40 pm |

    I’m waiting for a stock market crash so large we see bankers and CEO’s hanging from trees! or a nuclear bomb hit a major city!

  5. MASTERMIND | June 28, 2017 at 1:47 pm |

    22 million people have to lose their health insurance to pay for Forrest Trump’s planned tax cut. And he has untold legions of brainwashed morons who support him taking away their own coverage.

    LOL so true..

    • Glad he is doing it. I am tired of being called a moron just because I wish to make my own decisions. Regarding the CBO – they said obamacare would cover 23 million people; in reality it covered 10.3 million. An agency that is off by that much is about as wrong as everyone else is. Anything that allows me to keep more of what I earn and gives me more freedom to make my own choices is good and it doesn’t matter whether it is Trump or any other soul who chooses to occupy the White House.

      • It’s refreshing to see that someone here cares about personal financial freedom and doesn’t clap to socialist/collectivist causes such as Obama’s national healthcare system.

        On the other hand, this is why great countries collapse. People, even the ones against government produced/owned money, get so mixed up with government handouts of all forms, that they then go against anyone who wants to at least dial back a socialist agenda. It’s demented really.

        The collapse is not in the economics, the collapse is in the government. Productive people who have something useful to offer others, will always survive. Even in a minimum energy world. Politicians and bureaucrats won’t. That’s why they buy time handing out breadcrumbs like “free” healthcare, all the why robbing all economic actors blind in the process.

        I feel sad that America has mostly become another leftist, socialist wasteland with braindead people who instead of defending their constitutional freedoms from government, clap the government while it robs people to give handouts to a few. What a sick and twisted mentality.

    • Yeah, Right | July 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm |

      First, many of those 22 million are folks who can’t wait to dump the unaffordable insurance (with ridiculous sky-high deductibles) that the nanny-state has forced them to buy. Second, insurance is not the same as healthcare; ask any middle class person who can’t afford the high Obamacare deductibles that’s been foisted upon them.

      Morons indeed. More projection from the left.

  6. silverfreaky | June 28, 2017 at 2:05 pm |

    I thought Trump would dry out the swamp.Now it seems he the biggest bull frog.

  7. Why don’t we stick to the metals and economic news and stay away from the political commentary. There is enough crap that Bush , Obama and Trump have done and will do that benefits mostly the elites. Find a way to invest and take care of yourself. If you think the government will take care of you…just ask the Native Americans how that has worked out for them or…ask the American Japanes…that were put in camps during World War II.
    Keep Stacking…and collect some crypto too!

    • WHAT !???!! Are you purposely leaving out the most dastardly duo of them all ???? The CLINT-O-NIANS !!!!!! My God !! They have a rap sheet that reads a mile long (destroyed of course , along with every participant and eye witness who happened to par take in their evil doings ! ) end of rant.

  8. Dick Carmack | June 28, 2017 at 7:09 pm |

    When push comes to shove, the cryptos will be pushed down the outhouse hole. First they cut off the power, then use hammers to break down the doors, then just bulldoze the place. I wouldn’t buy any kind of crypto while the real stuff is still available.

  9. Hands up those who have read Harry S. Dent, JR. Books? Remember his book “The Roaring 2000s”? A few paragraphs from pages 40/41. NOTE: Figure 1.1 and 1.3 (as mentioned below) can’t be copied into this comment.


    Here’s how to understand our economy today, as well as all the extremes it is experiencing. Take a look at Figure 1.1 again. It shows you that the baby-boom generation is three times the size of previous birth waves. Now, factor in the high levels of immigration reflected in Figure 1.3, and you will see why the baby-boom generation has been called “a pig moving through a python.” It is over four times the size of the previous generation-so massive that everything it does as it ages will stretch our society and economy to extremes.

    This generation stretched the public-school system in the 1960s. Then it stretched inflation rates to extremes into the late 1970s. It elevated housing prices to extreme levels in the late 1980s. Debt levels then hit an extreme high in the early 1990s.

    The next surprise was a booming economy and an accelerated bull market in stocks between 1994 and 1997. How many forecasters predicted that? What many of them don’t know and aren’t predicting is the greatest wave of economic expansion still ahead of us.

    This huge generation of consumers will drive the greatest economic boom in our history, with increased productivity, real-wage gains, rising savings and falling debt ratios. We should see a Dow of at least 21,500 and as high as 35,000, as the baby boomers and the recent wave of immigrants move into their peak spending years around the year 2009.

    The baby-boom generation will continue to cause extremes in our economy. Baby boomers will eventually threaten to bankrupt the social security system during the 2020s and 2030s—after allowing the Bob Hope generation to be the only group in history to retire comfortably. So let’s see these extremes for what they are and not view the debt ratio, for example, as a sign that our country is going to hell in a hand-basket.

    And no I am not advertising Harry’s books 🙂 BUT here is the link for those of you who wish to read it.

  10. Colorado Cowboy | June 28, 2017 at 7:21 pm |

    Excellent article. Keep yelling from the roof tops. Truth is difficult to swallow for many folks. Keep doing what you are…you and others are starting to make progress in others thinking. Although…some 30-50% will never get it.

    • Colorado Cowboy,

      I still find it amazing that 35-40% of my traffic is from NEW VISITORS every day. That’s a lot of NEW EYEBALLS.

      Furthermore, when my excellent webguy redesigned my site earlier this year, I receive a more accurate accounting of how many visitors are coming to my site. Google Analytics is under-reporting this figure.

      According to my most recent data release:

      Visitor Statistics for for the previous 4 weeks

      Total Visitors: 644782

      Total Visits: 3004488

      I am averaging about 21,000 visitors to the site per day. That’s one hell of a lot of visitors for a blog that only puts out 2-3 articles per week.

      So, I am glad you find some of the information interesting.


      • Steve,

        The server statistics, which are admittedly the most accurate, since they record every single request for connection to the site, show even higher numbers.

        The most current stats for June 2017 show that there were:
        4,960 requests per day for (these get redirected but are counted separately) and
        48,407 requests per day for

        Put together, that’s 53,367 unique requests per day.



  11. Nicely said Steve; COLLAPSE IS THE NEW “ECONOMICS”….thanks. regards

  12. I like to think of myself as a realist Steve. I like this site because I believe that is what I get; “Realism in numbers”. I can’t knock those numbers up the way you do. The numbers at the end of the day are what will be right, if we look at them correctly. It is the opinion based around those numbers that will be wrong.

  13. silverfreaky | June 28, 2017 at 10:25 pm |

    Some think cryptos has no inner value.That’s the same with the dollar.A big fault of me to think like that.I will buy some cryptos(Litecoin) and safe it at a ledger nano(hardware wallet.)In germany the ledger nano has a supply time about 5 weeks.

    The verification at coinbase and kraken are unbelievable.At kraken i get no verification.
    I think the FBI is controlling me.Coinbase need 2 or 3 weeks and i downloaded 2 or 3 times my passport.They accept no passport file.Mr. Robot is controlling you online via downloaded passport at the smartphone.
    I missed the question(Are you a robot? (yes/No))

    With small money i will buy always at those downswings.The storage to the HW seems to be awkward.
    When they switch off the power in the whole USA?I think the problem that your cryptos are away should be your smallest problem.But therefore i had the hardware wallet.

  14. Goldman Saudi Forrest Trump, what?!?!?

    Come again, the signal didn’t come in clearly on first attempt.

  15. Steve
    Thanks for putting me on to this blog, quite entertaining. Not sure it is fully aligned with your views on gold…”Unfortunately, gold having no intrinsic value, will be one of the first assets that gets liquidated”

    • steve,

      Yes… it’s true that PonziWorld has a different view on gold as well as other things. I don’t agree of course, but the guy’s charts are outstanding. It seems as if he has more of a political slant on things, but doesn’t understand the ENERGY or Falling EROI.

      Gold can’t be in a Bubble if it costs $1,100-$1,150 to produce it……LOL


    • Steve of It was a pleasure to be introduce to your work through srsrccoreport but I, like Steve St Angelo disagree with your perception of gold only as a commodity. IT appears that the B.I.S. (Bank of International Settlements) does as well, since international settlements require gold. Nations are evaluated by Gold holdings by the IMF that is why China is now part of the SDR (Special Drawing Rights). The sale of all of Venezuela’s $7.7 billion dollars in gold between May 25, 2016 and Apr 18, 2017 is the foreshadow of all countries as the economic situation gets worse. According to most demographic annalists, citizens will as well have to sell their gold as the pensions disappear. How far will gold go down? maybe $700 an ounce But it will spring right back! Why? Because as historical evidence and the psychology of the human mind defaults to GOLD being the ultimate value. It is the Golden rule, HE OWN THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES!

  16. People are not clear about real wealth. Real wealth is biodiversity, free flowing and clean rivers, healthy soil.
    As long as there are seven and half billion parasites on this planet, god bless.
    Watch these:


  18. Steve, our present economic state of mind is just as it was in 1912 about the newly designed ocean liners. Here from Wikipedia… It was generally believed that ice posed little danger to large vessels. Close calls with ice were not uncommon, and even head-on collisions had not been disastrous. In 1907 SS Kronprinz Wilhelm, a German liner, had rammed an iceberg but still had been able to complete her voyage, and Captain Smith (of the Titanic) himself had declared in 1907 that he “could not imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” The ship could not sink! Did the facts show the ship was sinking? Did the facts show there were not enough life rafts? Was there enough time to manufacture life rafts from the wood below deck and the cargo? YES ! Did they do it NO! Why? The ship could not sink!
    Steve you are of the few that call it right without hyperbole. For those who just don’t get it may I suggest Chris Martenson or Joseph Tainter Here are the two together

    • R. Frank,

      How ironic you mentioned Chris Martenson and Joseph Tainter. I find their analysis closer to my work than any other analysts.

      Furthermore, I just did my first interview with Chris Martenson today. Had a great conversation with Chris. I gather it will be released on PeakProsperity this weekend.


  19. silverfreaky | June 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm |

    I read the last commentars.The thinking of maximum personal advantage in a society won’t work.

    People complain about banksters and politician regarding their corrupt behaviour.But at a smaller level they have the same attitude.
    I prefer a health system that guaranteed a minimum standard.This must be funded by
    all.The problem is not to provide this basics.The problem are the high costs for wrong
    medical treatment.
    Last example i met a friend of mine in the hospital.The woman had massive psycholical problems which led to 3 deadly diseases.She has no change.Today she has Bone cancer,blood cancer and a little tumor in the head.

    Instead of starting with treatment of her peronal inner deamons they start with radiotherapy.After two years of very expensive treatment she is in the most worse condition ever.The next goal is to give her 17 new treatments of radiotherapy.
    They do not want to heal this woman they want to make money.

    And that’s everywhere…

  20. OutLookingIn | June 30, 2017 at 1:22 am |

    Main street has crossed the “Collapse Exhaustion Boundary”.

    Never have I seen such pessimism and bleak outlook for the future. This from those who are in the “Know”, while those who still have their heads in the sand party on.
    I like the articles title of collapse being the new economy, because its true. Only the collapse has been occurring in ultra slow motion, ever since the ‘Deep State’ had JFK shot.

    The bottom line? When all else fails? The ‘Deep State’ takes the nation to war. A BIG war.

  21. Old economics: commodity, money, growth, saving.

    New economics: ETF, digital currency, debt monetization, helicopter money.

    Old economics: David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Boehm Bawerk, Keynes.

    New economics: Janet Yellen, Kuroda, Draghi, Dracula, Al Baghdadi, Jeb Bush, Dora Emon.

  22. whats the views on the BEAR market ETF …… is two on the ASX -BEAR.ASX – BBOZ.ASX the first 1:1 short on the ASX100 the latter 3:1

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