Precious Metals


The conditions in the market are setting up for a once in a lifetime gold trade.  Most of the participants don’t know it because they have their face and eyes firmly placed up against the television screen called the MSM — Main Stream Media. As they focus on the manipulated information and schizophrenic Fed press…

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The Coming Big Change in Gold Investing

There seems to be no shortage of conflicting analysis on the future of the gold market.  Some analysts believe gold will head lower towards $1,100, while others see the yellow metal moving higher towards the $1,500 level.  In all actuality, these short-term forecasts are meaningless as they fail to understand the coming big change in…

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The Coming Collapse of U.S. & World Conventional Paper Assets

The world is invested in the largest Ponzi scheme in history.   According to the CityUK Fund most recent report, the total U.S. and world conventional assets under management are forecasted to reach $94.1 trillion in 2013 This is up from $87.2 trillion in 2012.  These global conventional assets are broken down into the following investment…

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