Precious Metals

ANALYST MISTAKEN: World Silver Production Did Not Rise In 2015, It Declined

There was a recent report stating that global silver production increased in 2015.  Sadly to say, it was wrong.  World silver production did not rise in 2015, it declined.  The folks at put out an article yesterday titled, Global Silver Mining Production Increases In 2015. In the article Smaulgld…

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Two Gold Charts Western Central Banks Are Worried About

There’s been a significant trend change in the gold market and it has the Western Central Banks worried.  Before the collapse of the U.S. Investment Banking system in 2008, annual net physical gold investment was negligible.  However, the present situation has changed considerably, putting severe stress on Western Central Bank…

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Setting The Record Straight On The Massive Gold Supply Conspiracy

As market turmoil continues to push gold and silver prices higher, precious metal investors need to understand the fundamentals more than ever.  Unfortunately, there continues to be a lot of misinformation reported by sources in the precious metal community.  This is harmful as it confuses would be precious metal investors….

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