BREAKING: Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Q1-Q3 Already Surpass 2012 Total

As the Fed and Central Banks continue to pump huge amounts of liquidity into the market, investors have been buying record amounts of Canadian Silver Maples.  Demand for the Canadian Gold & Silver Maples hit a record in 2011, but then declined in 2012 as investors started to believe that the monetary authorities had the financial system back under control — an illusion that will cost them dearly in the future.

After the huge take-down of the price of gold and silver during April of this year, demand for the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins picked up to record levels.  Not only were Silver Maple sales strong in the second quarter due to the extremely low price of silver, but demand was even greater during the third quarter… hitting a new all time record.

If we look at the chart below, we can see just how much sales of the Canadian Silver Maples have increased compared to the same period last year.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Sales Q3 2012

In the first nine months of 2012 total Silver Maple sales were only 12.8 million compared to the 19.7 million sold so far in 2013.  This is a huge 54% increase y.o.y at nearly 7 million more Silver Maples sold.

Again, the third quarter sales of Silver Maples hit a record of 6.7 million compared to 4.8 million in the same period last year.  This is the same phenomenon taking place with Silver Eagle sales.  Sales of Silver Eagles increased in the third quarter at 11.0 million compared to 10.8 million in Q2 2013.

Furthermore, Gold Maple Leaf sales in the third quarter are still quite strong even though demand has dropped off compared to the previous quarter.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Sales Q3 2012

Sales of Gold Maples are up a staggering 85% in 2013 at 867,000 ounces compared to the first nine months in 2012 when only 468,000 were sold.  Actually, Gold Maple sales are holding up much better than Gold Eagle sales.

Gold Maple vs Gold Eagle Sales (ounces)

Gold Maple Q1 = 269,000

Gold Maple Q2 = 403,000

Gold Maple Q3 = 195,000

Total Q1-Q3 = 867,000

Gold Eagle Q1 = 292,500

Gold Eagle Q2 = 336,000

Gold Eagle Q3 = 75,000

Total Q1-Q3 = 703,000

Here we can see that Canadian Gold Maples sold 195,000 oz during the third quarter compared to 75,000 oz of Gold Eagles.  So, in the first nine months of 2013, Gold Maples have sold 23% more (164,000 oz) than Gold Eagles.

Gold & Silver Maples Sales Already Surpass 2012 Totals

Demand for the Gold & Silver Maple Leaf coins have been so strong in the first three-quarters of 2013 that they have already beat the total figures for 2012:

Canadian Gold & Silver Maple Sales Q3 vs 2012

Total Silver Maple Leaf sales in the first nine months of 2013 were 19.7 million, surpassing the total 18.1 million for 2012.  In addition, Gold Maple sales are already 12% higher at 867,000 oz compared to 772,000 oz for the total in 2012.

If this strong sales trend continues, we may see another ALL TIME RECORD in Silver Maple sales in 2013.  In 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint sold 23.1 million Silver Maples which is only 3.4 million more than has been sold in the first three-quarters of 2013.

I would imagine we are going to see at least an additional 4.5-5 million Silver Maples sold in the last quarter which would bring the total for 2013 to be 24.5-25 million.  I don’t believe Gold Maple sales in 2013 will surpass their record of 1,150.285 set in 2011.  We would have to see more than 284,000 oz of Gold Maple sold in the remaining quarter of 2013 to beat this record.

This just goes to show how much more investors are buying Silver Maples & Eagles compared to their gold cousins… the Gold Maples & Eagles.

I believe silver will outperform gold in percentage terms as an investment and store of value in the next several years.  As I have mentioned several times in prior articles, the Fed and monetary authorities can print money, but they cannot print Silver, Gold or Barrels of Oil.

As gold revalues much higher in the future, most of the public will only be able to purchase silver as its price will be more afordable.  Thus, the demand for silver will be much greater than gold, pushing its value up to levels that the present disgruntled precious metal investors would believe impossible.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Please check back at the SRSrocco Report in the future as more updates on Maple Leaf & Eagle sales will be published as well articles on Primary Silver Miners Break-Even, declining ore grades, fuel consumption factors, the Falling EROI, and additional energy analysis as it pertains to the precious metals, mining and overall economy.

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20 Comments on "BREAKING: Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Q1-Q3 Already Surpass 2012 Total"

  1. Wow Steve, even with the US Mint played dead, and shut down 2 months of this year’s production….it couldn’t hold us back from record sales here…..imagine what we would’ve hit if the US Mint wasn’t a bunch of bought and paid for psychos serving the same banking powers that are raping planet earth?

    50 million? More? Next year(if they don’t shut down the entire last quarter to prepare to build up planchettes for Jan 2015, that is!)

    Near 70 million oz of silver used to make two govt coins…..incredible. This is just the beginning…

  2. Robert Happek | November 29, 2013 at 9:39 pm |

    The large number of silver maples minted has apparently had an adverse effect on the quality of these coins. I stopped buying these coins because of the milky spots these coins develop in time. It looks like the manufacturing process is not clean enough at the Royal Canadian Mint.

  3. Steve,

    Thanks for another well reasoned, well written, thought provoking article – much appreciated. My time to comment has been limited since you started the site, but I consider all your work as “must read” material. Looking forward to reading future essays as this saga unfolds.

    • dale,

      Thanks for the kudos and comment. I know exactly what you mean about “Limited Time.” I have several coals in the fire right now and I believe my replies on this blog may be less in the future as well. Of course, I will still be replying, but as you already know… there is only so much time in the day.


      • Steve I check this blog more than once a day. You give me a lot ideas to do my own research and there is a great story that we have here. We appreciate all that you do for us.

  4. Numismatist’s;

    To expect to receive internationally recognized numismatic quality coins from “run-of-the-mill” mint issues, is just wrong headed thinking for the “serious” coin collector.

    What you are receiving instead is precious metal in an internationally recognized, manufactured form. Nothing more – nothing less. I agree that these high volumes of output by mints have impacted their product quality. You must pay more, most times in excess of the precious metal price, for high quality numismatic coins. Such is the “cost” of being a “serious” collector.

    These “costs” are invariably recouped in the future when you decide to sell or trade. So don’t look at it from a cost standpoint, but however from an investment point of view. If worse comes to worse, you still have the precious metal itself.

    Do yourselves a favour and buy some Yuan (Renminbie) from your local bank. With the rate of gold purchases by China, the Yuan will be as gold as gold, in the near future. It has gone from 8 to the dollar just a few years ago, to less than 6 to the dollar today. Also, China has announced that it will stop purchasing any further US treasuries and is activilly reducing it’s huge amount of US denominated foreign reserves.

    This will have the effect of increasing the value of the Yuan in regards to all other currencies, but most assuredly against the US dollar, with parity not out of the question.

    • Could you briefly explain the process of how to purchase yuan at a local bank? Several years ago I had the bright idea to open a forex account and buy some yaun but then found out it isn’t traded on the open market

      • Adam,

        The Chinese yuan (in cash form) has become more common in the past few years. I don’t deal in the FOREX or futures markets, so have no idea how you may purchase yuan using those vehicles. Just go to your bank and ask to purchase some yuan. Invariably you will have to put in an order and wait for a few days, or possibly a week. I remember about a year ago waiting for almost 10 days! Hold the yuan as cash in hand. Good luck.
        p.s. Sorry about not answering sooner. Weekends, I tend to stay away from the computer!

        • Thanks I didn’t realize it would be that easy

          • Just read a report posted on ZH put out by Bloomberg, that the yuan has now become the second most used trade currency according to the SWIFT system. Surpassing the Euro and behind the US dollar, which still holds the #1 spot. I wonder for how much longer can it hang on?

  5. I recommend to watch brotherjohnf latest silver update :

    The powers that be seem to to fight as strong as the can to avoid a price increase silver by “stacking
    base metals”.

    p.s. I just let them stack some more base metals by purchasing 50 oz Silver from my Xmas salary 🙂

    • Yeah that was a good one BJF did and makes sense. There must be huge stockpiles of silver just sitting in some gov warehouse somewhere. With the kennecott mine disaster and the silver eagle sales someone is pulling nice cheap silver out of their arses! Did want to ask is there actual sales records of US stockpiled silver being dumped into the market or is everyone going of the USGS report of zero stockpiles? I dont think they sold it all probably very little just the treat of 10 bill OZs would keep a market down. There is never shortages just fabrication delays but plenty of silver all the tie…Anyway it is what it is I suppose!

  6. I forgot to thank you for this great information. I read all of your postings but sadly I don’t have the time to comment often.

  7. What a success for the Royal Canadian Mint and their core product Maple Leaf… but the best salesman for the silver coins and gold coins is the FED in the US, because they are printing banknotes as hell…

  8. I’m not surprised to see the Canadian Maples sales up, and, in much greater %’s than the eagles!! Personally, I have been buying more maples and not the eagles (though I have wanted to add to the current stack of eagles) just because of the spread in the premiums between buying eagles from what is charged on the maples and the philharmonics. AND NO ONE HAS GIVEN BE A SATISFACTORY REASON AS TO WHY! For example, I can go to one website that I often buy from and the premiums on the 2013 Eagles are $3.95 over spot (they shot up to $4.45 over spot last week for a few days), yet the same company offers maples at $2.45 over spot and the philharmonics at $2.35 over spot. So, why pay $1.50-$2.00 more per ounce for the eagles?

    The most common answer I have gotten is that well the 2013 eagles production is shutting down around December 9th. Okay, however, I had two additional questions to which I have not gotten any answers:

    1. So why have these spreads actually existed for at least the last two (2) months +?

    2. Why are the same premiums being charged on the earlier dates?

    So far, I haven’t gotten any satisfactory answers, and I have asked now several dealers. I have other additional questions, like, Who is getting that extra spread on the eagles (gov’t. or the dealers)? Is the real problem that there is a shortage here in the United States??? … so, they (gov’t.) are trying to tamper down the demand??

    I’ll keep adding to my Maples and Philharmonics, even though I might like more eagles, until the spread in the premiums comes down. In the end, what matters, is how many ounces you are able to accumulate!! With the Maples and Philharmonics, I am able to accumulate more ounces.

    Thanks for your response!!

  9. I hope we go below 1000 and 15, so that all miners finally DIE. They are the straw men of the cartel, they are what enables them, and they need to perish.

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