Amazing Silver Data Came From Citizen Journalist

Mike Maloney Drutter's Divergence

( A great example of this type of journalism occurred in the silver market recently. An anonymous YouTuber going by the name of ‘Drutter’ discovered a large divergence between the market price for silver, and the physical demand for Silver Eagles as reported by the US Mint.

‘Drutter’ posted a video online with his findings – and the precious metals community was astounded that a guy working from his backyard with a coffee and a cigarette was able to come up with data that industry heavyweights had missed with the information right under their noses.

READ MORE & SEE VIDEO:  Amazing Silver Data Came From Citizen Journalist

This is the kind of ANALYSIS that I admire… from someone who is not even in the industry.

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7 Comments on "Amazing Silver Data Came From Citizen Journalist"

  1. Drutter is a good guy. A lot of good ideas coming from youtube for this market. Thanks Steve.

  2. i can’t view youtube video in china. could you please give a brief summary of this video?

  3. Judejin… this fella named Drutter found out that the price of silver corresponded with the sales of American Silver Eagles. However, there have been record sales for the first 4 months of 2012, but the price of silver has fallen to $22-$23. He calls it the Drutter Divergence.

    Mike Maloney talks about Drutter’s chart and adds that it hasn’t been the public that has been buying the record amount of Silver Eagles, it has been big players. So its typical of the public. They buy when the price is high and sell when the price is low. However, it has been the big players who have been keeping the U.S. mint busy.


  4. thanks.

    this divergence chart has been posted somewhere before.

    the big players buying up silver coins is new info. 25 million ounces so far, must be some deep pockets.

    shanghai silver inventory below 700 tons, dropped by 10 tons today.

    i’m reading ayn rand’s “philosophy: who needs it”. there’s an article on egalitarianism and inflation.

    i regard her as einstein in philosophy.

    clive maund is calling for a turn in gold/silver when so few expects it. i hope he’s right again.

  5. I am all for buying silver and gold, but I really don’t understand why they are going down at this point. Is it going to take some black swan event to get the hot money flowing to get the price back up? Or are we looking at a situation where the markets go down by 80% and gold and silver only go down by 60%? I guess I am wondering what will be a potential event for the prices to reverse? Thanks for the great articles SRS.

  6. OutLookingIn | June 20, 2013 at 10:56 am |

    Drutter has a new video up –

    Gold & silver down, stocks down, commodities down, bonds up, overnight inter-bank rate in China goes to over +25% and freezes. What does all this mean? In one word? LIQUIDITY.

    Everyone is selling everything thats not nailed down! This move is purely human based fear. Remember, its the raw human emotions laid bare, that move the markets the most. The fundamentals have not changed to cause this event. The macroeconomic picture remains essentially the same, with the exception of slowly worsening, not getting better.

    If you own physical gold and silver, then you are right. Just sit tight. Make some popcorn and watch the show unfold! Thanks Steve, for this site and your hard working insight.

  7. golden minerals suspended production citing low gold/silver price as reason.
    it needs 1600 gold, 30 silver to be cashflow positive.

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