May 2023

METALS & ENERGY MARKET UPDATE MAY 6th: What’s Next For The Precious Metals & What Happened To Energy Inflation?

The precious metals were set to continue their BREAKOUT until the supposed Positive Jobs number came out on Friday… so what’s next?  Well, that depends on the next stage of the Banking Crisis.  Also, when are these Crazy Broader Markets finally going to start to Correct or Collapse Lower..

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BREAKING NEWS: Barrick’s Cost To Produce Gold Surge Over $1,700

When you think nothing can shock you anymore, it does.  I was completely stunned by how high Barrick’s cost of production increased in the first quarter of 2023.  Barrick surpassed Newmont with the highest cost to produce gold in the industry.  I see even worse results for smaller gold miners…

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STUNNING SURGE IN GLOBAL MONEY SUPPLY & WHY INVEST IN SILVER: World Heading Towards Hyper-Stagflation & Economic Hardship

You have to see how much the Global Money Supply has increased in the past decade… I was completely stunned.  There is so much money sloshing around that when the world hits “Hyper-Stagflation,” it will push the silver price to new all-time highs…

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