January 2022

PERMIAN RECORD OIL PRODUCTION TO PEAK IN 2022? Game Over For U.S. Shale When Top Field Peaks

Are the days numbered for the United States’ largest shale oil field?  According to the EIA, the Permian reached new record production in December.  However, with the annual decline rate being nearly 50%, the Permian will likely peak in the next year or two when it runs…

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TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Precious Metals & Alternative Hard Assets In 2022

Tom Cloud discusses how gold and silver will behave in 2022 with a weakness in the U.S. Dollar.  However, if we get a significant sell-off in the broader markets, precious metals investors may be experiencing higher premiums and longer wait times to buy retail bullion on any price dips.  Tom also discusses investing in another alternative hard asset…

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