May 2021

EXXONMOBIL SHALE OIL PRODUCTION: Utilizing SuperFracks By Running Faster & Faster To Stay Alive

ExxonMobil is counting on using SuperFracks to increase its Permian shale oil production… or that’s the hope.  This is a terrible sign because these SuperFracks may add more production on the front end, but the decline rate at the backside is much more severe.  As ExxonMobil pumps in a record amount of fracking sand…

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LATE BRONZE AGE COLLAPSE: Amazing Parallels To The Coming Collapse Of The High-Tech Global Economy

This is a MUST WATCH presentation on the Late Bronze Age Collapse and its parallel to the coming collapse of our High-Tech Global Economy.  It’s quite amazing how advanced the different empires were doing the Late Bronze Age and how quickly they collapsed.  The information in this video provides my analysis of the major factors…

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ENERGY CLIFF COUNTDOWN: Indian Point Nuclear Plant Shut Down, Decommissioning Issues & Add More Fossil Fuels

After 58 years of operation on the Hudson Bay, the New York Indian Point Nuclear Plant shut down operations at its last unit yesterday.  While many are applauding the shutdown of Indian Point, there are big troubles brewing due to the closure of the nuclear facility.  One major issue that is not considered…

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