April 2021

STUNNING AMOUNT OF U.S. SILVER INVESTMENT IN 2020: And Top Five Leading Countries Bar & Coin Demand

As the central banks added a record amount of debt and monetary stimulus last year, the country with the largest silver investment demand was the United States.  Not only did the U.S. enjoy the number one spot for silver investment, but demand also surged by 70% compared to 2019.  Also, Americans purchased…

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TRADE UPDATE: Our John Deere Short Trade Is Now In The Money

With the selloff in the broader markets, our John Deere SHORT TRADE is finally in the money.  Of course, we don’t know if this one-day correction will continue tomorrow or over the next several days, but with John Deere so overbought, I wouldn’t be surprised to see much lower prices in the short term…

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SUPER LONG-TERM GOLD CHART TECHNICALS: And How U.S. Treasury Rate Impacting Price

Rarely do investors look at long-term charts when they analyze the precious metals.  Most of the time, investors are concerned with the daily, or weekly chart price action.  For example, I like to use the quarterly chart to see interesting technicals not found in the shorter-dated charts.  If we look at a super long-term…

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