April 2021

WORLD’S TWO LARGEST SILVER MINES: Amazing Collapse Of Production, Ore Grades & Reserves

What happened to the world’s two largest primary mines over the past decade reveals how the high-quality ores in the silver industry are becoming extinct.  Thus, the mining companies are forced to extract lower-quality ore at a much higher cost to continue producing silver.  Not only do lower ore grades…

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LONG TERM CHARTS & TECHNICALS: Metals, Oil, Lumber, U.S. Dollar & Bitcoin

This update shows what the long-term chart and technicals say about where the metals, oil, lumber, U.S. Dollar, and Bitcoin are headed in the short term.  Yes, we can use long-term charts to provide clues to the short-term movements in these metals, commodities, and assets.  Interestingly, the long-term…

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MONTHLY WRAP-UP APR 2nd: Metals & Markets With SRSrocco & Tactical Trader

This is a monthly wrap-up of the Metals & Markets and some perspectives for the future.  While everyone seems to be focused on the crazy action in the broader stock indexes, the real trouble is taking place in the economy and energy industry.  What people don’t realize is if there is less energy production…

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