September 2020

You’ll Never Guess What Company’s Largest Holdings Is In This Gold Mining Stock

The precious metals markets are changing faster than we realize.  While the gold price reached a new all-time high of $2,089, this is only the beginning of the new bull market.  Already, we are seeing interesting moves by companies acquiring the Gold ETFs and mining shares.  One such company has this…

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TROUBLE IN PERU: Silver Production Recovery Stalls As Mine Supply Falls In July

Peru was on track to ramp up its silver production in the summer and early fall after the mine closures during April and May, stemming from the global pandemic.  But, something must have changed as Peru’s silver production recovery has stalled as the country’s mine supply fell in July…

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INFLATIONARY 1970s DECADE: 40-Year Silver Mine Production Cost Study

What did it cost to produce silver during the 1970s Inflationary Decade?  Good question.  Unfortunately, we don’t really know because most analysts focus on the price charts of the precious metals during that period rather than what it cost to produce them.  So, with some data collected from Homestake Mining’s 1979 Annual…

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