June 2020

When The Next Global Financial Crisis Hits, Silver Coin & Bar Supply May Totally Dry Up

If investors are waiting for much lower premiums to purchase silver bullion products, they may be waiting for quite some time.  Due to the global contagion, investors have bought a record amount of silver bullion.  However, as supply disruptions and lack of availability impacted the market, premiums on many silver…

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SILVER PRICE BREAKS ABOVE KEY LEVEL, NEXT TARGET $21: Compare 10 Precious Metals Dealers Silver Eagle Prices

Today, the silver price broke through a critical level held for nearly four years.  With silver now firmly above the important $18.50 level, the next target is $21.  If silver can break above the September 2019 high of $19.75 quickly, there’s a good chance it would reach $21 in June….

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