November 2015

Silver Wheaton Pays Glencore $900 Million For Silver At 20% Of Spot Price

Looks like Silver Wheaton struck it rich with its newest silver streaming agreement with Glencore.  According to the deal, Silver Wheaton paid Glencore $900 million for future silver production from its share of its Antamina copper mine in Peru.  Silver Wheaton receives silver from this Glencore deal at 20% of…

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Rising Silver Investment Demand Puts Record Squeeze On North American Supply

Rising physical silver investment demand will put a record squeeze on North American supply this year.  Since 2001, the United States and Canada have experienced two opposite trends… surging official silver coins sales on the back of plummeting domestic mine supply. For example, in 2001 U.S. and Canadian silver production…

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CRITICAL FACTOR: The Real Reason Behind Precious Metal Manipulation

Yes, its true.  Precious metals manipulation has taken place, but the real reason may not be fully understood by either gold and silver investors or their critics.  Lately, I have seen many articles written about this subject.  Even though some articles offered some interesting insight and data, there’s also a…

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