U.S. oil production

THE U.S. OIL PRODUCTION ENERGY CLIFF: How Much Will Supply Decline By 2030 & 2035?

With the illusion of U.S. Energy Independence soon to be a memory, Americans are not prepared for the ENERGY CLIFF that will hit the country’s domestic oil supply over the next 5-10 years.  Unfortunately, the Shale Oil Boom is now turning into a Bust.  As U.S. shale oil production plummets, it will also negatively…

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The Shale Oil Bubble Accounted For 99% Of U.S. Oil Production Growth Since 2007

Without the unprofitable and unconventional shale oil supply, U.S. oil production would still be below 5 million barrels per day.  While we can applaud the shale industry for allowing the American Leech & Spend Suburban Economy to continue for another decade, I wouldn’t count on it lasting another ten years. …

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Future U.S. Oil Production Will Collapse Just As Quickly As It Increased

While U.S. oil production reached a new peak of 10.25 million barrels per day, the higher it goes, the more breathtaking will be the inevitable collapse.  Thus, as the mainstream media touts the glorious new record in U.S. production that has both surpassed its previous peak in 1970 and Saudi Arabia’s current oil production, it’s a victory that will be bittersweet.

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