U.S. Interest Expense

U.S. PUBLIC DEBT NEARS $29 TRILLION: Can The U.S. Government Continue To Pay The Interest Expense?

In just a bit more than a week, the U.S. Government added nearly another HALF-TRILLION in public debt.  Of course, this was due to the “temporary”  lifting of the debt ceiling by the honorable members in the Senate.  However, with adding nearly $500 billion of new debt, the price tag for servicing that debt is…

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Total U.S. Public Debt Surged Nearly $3 Trillion While The Government Is Paying Less To Service Its Debt

If Americans thought the U.S. Government would be in serious trouble as its ability to service its ballooning debt would become unmanageable, guess again.  After the U.S. Government added nearly $3 trillion more debt in just the past eight months (fiscal year), the interest paid on the public debt actually…

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