U.S. Currency In Circulation

GOLD vs. PAPER MONEY: Production Cost Is A Good Indicator Of Real Value

The U.S. Treasury printed another $243 billion worth of paper money in 2018, with the majority being issued as $100 Federal Reserve Notes.  What’s interesting is that the Reserve Banks estimated the number of notes they were going to remove from circulation and destroy accounted for 75% of the U.S….

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GOING CASHLESS?? Someone Better Tell The Federal Reserve As Currency In Circulation Reaches New High

With all the talk about Central banks going “Cashless,”  someone needs to tell the Federal Reserve.  Why?  Because the Federal Reserve just placed another large order for newly printed 2018 Dollars.  Interestingly, the U.S. Treasury will print the largest number of $100 bills since it came out with the updated…

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