Market Bubble

MARKET & METALS UPDATE JUN 17th: What Happens When Everyone Is On One Side Of The Trade

The selloff in the markets and metals continued today as the U.S. Dollar and Bond Market Rallied.  In several past articles and videos, I had warned subscribers what happens when EVERYONE is on ONE SIDE of the TRADE.  Today, we saw what happens when the WHIPSAW hits and the market dynamics begin…

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Global Economy Being Destroyed By Falling EROI In Many Sectors

In this video update, I provide examples of how the Falling EROI is negatively impacting several sectors in the global economy.  The Falling Energy Returned On Investment (EROI) is the number one equation that allows all living systems the ability to live or die.  When the EROI falls to a certain level, then the collapse…

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BUBBLE MARKETS & METALS UPDATE JAN 24th: Extreme Indicators Point To Significant Correction

When a Bubble gets bigger and bigger, the wall of the bubble becomes thinner and thinner.  At some point, the bubble finally pops, and all the fun is over.  The broader markets today represent that bubble.  However, the investors that are making the bubble larger and weaker don’t realize they…

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