Gold Investing

TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Discusses Several Important Topics & Questions From Clients On Precious Metals

In Tom Cloud’s newest precious metals update he discusses several topics and questions from clients.  He starts off with how the falling value of the U.S. Dollar will positively impact the metals, the gold-silver ratio, why Hungry is now acquiring gold at its central bank, and what is a good percentage of gold-silver…

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Precious Metals, Trade Alert Mining Stocks, Shale Oil Bust, Physical Retail Gold & Silver Tightness

This is an important update for Silver & Gold Members.  I wanted to share some new information about the markets, energy, precious metals, and our new Trade Alert System.  Also, I spoke with precious metals dealer Tom Cloud this morning, and he says that the gold and silver retail market situation…

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Gold Retested $1,800 As We Forecasted Over Two Months Ago & Silver Eagle Sales Top 4 Million

Disregard all the hype, manipulation chatter, and the silly mantra stating that “Gold is now Dead.”  The gold price was going to retest the $1,800 regardless of anything to do with Bitcoin’s price rise or Janet Yellen becoming Treasury Secretary.  If investors understood the gold fundamentals and technicals…

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