Tom Cloud

TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Rising Interest Rates To Impact The Metals & Large Investors Make Up 70% Of Gold & Silver Buying

Today, Tom Cloud provided another interesting precious metals update.  He discusses how rising interest rates will impact the precious metals and why the Federal Reserve is forced to continue increasing rates.  Tom also explains what is going on with official gold reserves in China and Russia. Tom also mentions how…

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TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Fake News, Gold-Silver Cryptocurrencies & Precious Metals Sales

In this precious metals update, Tom Cloud begins with discussing how “Fake news” is misrepresenting what is really taking place in the markets.  He explains that how fake news is impacting precious metals sentiment and sales.  Tom also talks about the new gold and silver cryptocurrencies in development.  While Tom…

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TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Silver Libertad, Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan & More

During this precious metals update, Tom Cloud discusses several important developments in the gold and silver markets.  Tom first discusses the debate on the monetization of the Silver Libertad and the increased buying by investors of the Official Mexican silver coin. Tom then talks about the possibility of a gold-backed…

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