The ULTIMATE Crypto Report. Part 1 – Are Cryptos Here to Stay?

In the fist part of our Ultimate Crypto Report series we look at the historical origins of cryptos. We also discuss the ways cryptos are supposed to create value. Understanding the background of these technological innovations is quite important because there are so many misconceptions regarding cryptos floating around on the internet.

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Japan’s Fragile Energy Supply Chain Wreaking Havoc To The Country’s Electricity Prices

Electricity and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) prices are skyrocketing in Japan due to extremely cold winter weather and shortages of LNG stockpiles.  Japan is a perfect example of what goes wrong when a country’s energy supply chain is very fragile.  I believe what we see taking place in Japan will set the stage

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IMPORTANT UPDATE JAN 9TH: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Tech Stocks & Why Precious Metals Are The Best Stores Of Value

With the big precious metals sell-off on Friday as Bitcoin reached a new record high, many individuals are questioning their investing decisions.  It seems that many precious metals investors are considering selling their gold and silver to get into Bitcoin and tech stocks.  While individuals are free to make their…

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