September 2021

U.S. NATURAL GAS SUPPLY: Collapse Of Conventional Gas Production Being Offset By Rapidly Depleting Shale Gas

In this short video presentation, I show how the collapse of U.S. conventional natural gas production has been offset by rapidly depleting shale gas production… at 33% per year.  Few Americans realize the important dynamics taking place in the U.S. natural gas industry.  With the collapse of onshore and…

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TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Higher Silver & Gold Prices Coming & Bullion Supply Will Be Tight In The Future

In Tom Cloud’s newest update he discusses the silver price and where he sees it going in the next leg higher.  Also, with the new Basel 3 ruling, Tom sees more Central Bank gold buying along with private demand which will positively impact the gold price.  Tom and I agree that the next large move in silver…

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Debating Silver As “Industrial Or “Monetary” Metal & Coming Breakdown Of Global Infrastructure

In my newest video update, I discuss the topic of silver as an “Industrial” or “Monetary” metal and why the Global Infrastructure is in serious trouble.  In a recent Kitco interview, Lobo Tiggre suggests that silver will disconnect from gold as a monetary metal and track closer to copper due to the new GREEN ENERGY…

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