February 2021

SILVER MARKET UPDATE: Powerful Forces Colliding To Impact The Price

Two powerful forces are now setting up for a collision in the silver market.  However, this wasn’t always the case.  In the past, industrial silver demand was the largest component of the silver market.  That’s all changed now as investment demand became the biggest factor last year, and will likely be the same in 2021…

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The ULTIMATE Crypto Report. Part 4 – The Crypto Ideology

One of the most often repeated claims in the crypto community is that cryptos must keep rising in value because they are in limited supply and they are purchased with cash. In other words, the claim is that there is virtually no leverage in the crypto market. In today’s installment of The Ultimate Crypto Report we take a look at what we call the crypto ideology.

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WTIC Oil Price At Important 10-Year Critical Trendline

The West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTIC) oil price is now at a long-term critical trend line.  Every time the oil price reached this trendline over the past ten years, it bounced off and moved lower.  Will it be the same this time??  Well, it depends on the continued Fed and central bank monetary stimulus…

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