September 2020

RISING DOMESTIC OIL CONSUMPTION: The Ticking Timebomb For The Middle East

The Middle East is suffering from the same problem that eventually destroys all oil-exporting nations.  Unfortunately, the market seems to ignore this issue, until it’s too late.  Many oil industry analysts continue to provide optimistic forecasts for future Middle East oil production while they fail to consider one of…

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Southern Silver Exploration Mining Introduction & Technical Chart Analysis

Many SRSrocco Report followers subscribed as Gold Members due to my announcement that I would be providing additional new information-data-analysis on the silver, gold, and energy resource stocks.  I will be providing more of this type of information and analysis over the next several months. However, as I…

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COMPLETE REPORT: Physical Gold Buying & Selling 1H 2020 Reveals Amazing Developments

With the world heading into a deep recession (soon depression) due to the global contagion, the massive Fed and central bank intervention used to prop the world’s economies resulted in a massive surge of investor gold demand.  While a large percentage of the increase in gold investment took place in the…

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