August 2020

Something Big Took Place In the Gold Market That Hasn’t Happened Before

Something quite extraordinary took place in the gold market in the second quarter.  While it’s true that the global contagion negatively impacted the economies throughout the world, what occurred in the gold market hasn’t happened before.  In the following charts, we can see how gold emerged as the classic “SAFE HAVEN”…

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The BIG MYSTERY Why It Costs So Much More To Produce Gold Than Silver

Many precious metals investors are still puzzled why it costs so much more to produce gold than silver.  I continue to receive emails and comments from followers who ask the same question, “If there world only produces eight times more silver than gold in a year, than why is gold so much…

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The Coming Collapse Of The U.S. Financial System Shown In One Chart

There is one chart that should deeply concern most Americans and the U.S. Federal Government.  While most analysts and economists are concerned about the rising U.S. Debt to GDP or the skyrocketing Public Debt, there is another indicator that is far more worrisome.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one economist…

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