September 2013

Shanghai Exchange Silver Drain Continues While JP Morgan Makes Large Transfer

Since my last update on Aug 11th, silver stocks at the Shanghai Exchange continue to decline.  Furthermore, JP Morgan made a huge transfer of silver on Thursday, Sept 5th from its Registered to its Eligible inventories. Ever since the April 12th take-down of the precious metals, the silver stocks at the Shanghai Exchange have fallen…

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War & One World Currency

There seems to be a great deal of debate as well as conspiracy theories that the world will have a One World Currency.  I agree with Mike Maloney as he explains in this short video that it is highly unlikely that the world will have a single currency. The reason why Maloney believes there will…

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Trouble Ahead for the U.S. Oil Boom

The much touted Oil Boom in the U.S. may be heading for serious trouble.  Even though the EIA – U.S. Energy Information Agency and the MSM have been putting out very optimistic forecasts for a growing domestic oil supply, present data and analysis show that domestic production may indeed be hitting an “Inflection Point.” According…

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