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TROUBLE IN PERU: Recovery In Silver Mine Production Stalls As Supply Declines Once Again

The hope that Peru’s silver mining industry would fully recover by the end of 2020 was stalled as production declined considerably during the first month of the new year.  This was quite a surprise as the country’s silver production reached a high in December since the pandemic shutdowns last…

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MAJOR MARKET UPDATE MARCH 7th: Inflation or Deflation Ahead??

This is an extremely important Market & Metals Update explaining whether we are heading into inflation or deflation.  As I have mentioned several times, it seems that traders are all on one side of the market expecting massive inflation and a continued rally in the markets.  While the markets could go higher…

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JP Morgan Continues To Drain Silver From The SLV ETF While Sprott PSLV ETF Inventories Surge Higher

Make no mistake, what is taking place in the Silver Market will turn out to be a HISTORIC EVENT when investors shun “paper” silver for the real physical bullion.  While the WallStreetSilver “Shortsqueeze” social media campaign will help get the word out on Silver, the real trouble will begin when just…

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