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2022 NEW YEAR’S UPDATE: Continued Market Volatility & Increased Awareness Of The Energy Cliff

The theme for 2022 will be one of continued market volatility and awareness that the world is reaching the Energy Cliff.  Those who understand these dynamics will be better positioned with their investments compared to the overall market that continues to believe in “Growth Forever.”

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VERY IMPORTANT METALS, MARKET & ENERGY UPDATE DEC 19th: Energy Crisis Spreads To More Countries

All SRSrocco Report Members need to watch this Market Update.  The Energy Crisis is now spreading to other countries as massive energy price increases are thundering throughout the economies.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of Winter, and I fear the worst is yet to come. Furthermore, the continued notion…

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IMPORTANT SRSROCCO STRATEGIC REPORT: Putting Together The Energy Cliff Pieces

The world’s energy crisis will continue to get even worse as we head closer to the ENERGY CLIFF.  Because Europe is the weakest link in the global natural gas market, it is being impacted first.  Countries and regions with the highest dependency on energy imports are the most vulnerable. Thus,…

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