Why SRSrocco Report

The problem with the majority of analysis found on the Mainstream Media and the Internet is that it doesn’t get to the FUNDAMENTAL ROOT of the problem. If an analyst is making forecasts based on data without factoring in the EROI FACTOR – Energy Returned On Invested, then the analysis will be inaccurate and faulty.

Everything we do is based on energy. It ranges from the energy we need to get out of bed and perform a day’s work to the energy that goes into all the levels, stages, and aspects of our economy. An individual, investor or company must understand this critical energy data, or they will fall victim to an ocean of shortsighted analysis.

The U.S. and the rest of the world’s economies are suffering from the weight of massive amounts of debt and highly leveraged paper assets. The majority of analysts are arguing and offering solutions by dealing with the mere symptoms and not with the real cause: our present and future energy situation.

Why Read the SRSrocco Report?

If you are worried about protecting your wealth or sick of reading the same old worn out data and information, please consider subscribing to the SRSrocco Report.

I have received a number of emails from individuals and investors who have dropped their subscriptions to other precious metal and financial websites, because they have either lost money or were unhappy with the information provided to them. This has become motivation for me to provide original, objective and cutting edge analysis that is hard to find on any other single website.

I foresee a tremendous loss of wealth in the not-so-distant future, due to the fact that investors and the public have been misinformed and misled as to what are the true safe assets and stores of wealth.

The SRSrocco Report will focus on how energy will impact the overall economy with a focus on the precious metals and mining industry. Gold and silver have been used as currency and excellent stores of wealth over past several thousand years… and will continue to be used as such.

The SRSrocco Report will provide detailed, objective analysis via monthly reports that will show investors the assets that are fundamentally better stores of wealth, as well those assets and sectors to stay away from in the future.

What does a subscriber get?

With the SRSrocco Report, you’ll get monthly access to privileged information revealing such vital information as:

  • Which assets provide a fundamentally better store of wealth and which sectors you should definitely steer clear of.
  • Which precious metals have provided secure stores of wealth since before Noah’s Ark…and will continue to do so when all else fails.
  • How net energy loss will impact the overall economy and why you should transition to a more local and less complex lifestyle.