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As the price of silver skyrockets during the next global financial collapse, the Silver Market will become one of the world’s most explosive markets in the future.

The Silver Chart Report, published in 2015, is a must-read for the new and experienced precious metals investor. Most analysts focus on a certain area or sector of the silver market.

However, the information in this report illuminates a holistic view of many sectors of the silver industry, capturing the relationships that connect many parts of the market.

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The Silver Chart Report is an updated collection of my top silver charts from articles published over the past six years and includes in-depth, never-before-seen charts and content that indicate that silver is on the rise. There are 48 charts in the report, broken down into five sections:

  • Silver Production
  • Mining & Falling Ore Grades
  • Official Silver Coin Sales
  • Silver Price
  • The Silver Market

The charts in these five sections give the investor a broad background in the silver industry and market. Silver will likely be one of the most sought-after physical assets in the future. Why? There are several factors that will impact its price (value) in the future, and they are explained thoroughly in The Silver Chart Report.

One factor is the huge cumulative global silver deficit developed over the past decade. Basically, the world invested and consumed a lot more silver than total global output. How large was the silver deficit? This answer can be found on one of the charts in The Silver Market section of the report, and hereโ€™s a sample:

Global Annual Silver Market Net BalanceThe global silver market suffered annual deficits nine out of 10 years reaching a staggering 930 million ounces over the past decade. To fill this large deficit, silver was supplemented by the government and private stocks. The report shows how government silver sales have plummeted since 2005 and why China refuses to sell any more of its official silver stocks.

The Price Of Silver Will Skyrocket In The Future Due To The
Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar & Highly Inflated Paper Assets

Investors need to be prepared for the upcoming collapse of the U.S. Stock Market, U.S. Dollar, and U.S. Treasury Market. Physical assets such as silver will be some of the safest and most sought after when the Great Crash begins.

There are three reasons to purchase The Silver Chart Report:

1) It provides individuals who are new to the Silver Market with an overall background of the silver industry and market through simplified charts.

2) It offers more experienced silver investors and long-time readers of the SRSrocco Report a single publication that includes my top silver charts over the past six years AND many new ones have never seen before.

3) The Silver Chart Report provides information and data on many areas of the Silver Market and industry not found in any other single publication in the precious metal trade industry today.

SIlver Chart Cover Graphic 3D shadowIf you want to become better acquainted with the overall silver market, this report provides information and data not found in any other single publication in the industry.

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