Get Ready For Silver Supply Shortages & Much Higher Prices

Investors and Institutions are not prepared for the massive changes coming in the future.  They still cling to a strategy of investing that is now… DEAD.  Unfortunately, they don’t know it yet.  Due to the coming Energy Cliff, investors will be forced to move into precious metals to protect wealth…

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TOM CLOUD ICECAP DIAMOND INVESTING UPDATE: Another Excellent Alternative Hard Asset

Tom Cloud discusses that if you are going to invest in Diamonds, you should invest in the highest-quality diamonds for the lowest prices.  Many investors have asked me for an alternative asset besides to acquire than precious metals.  For some individuals, diamonds are another excellent way to Protect Wealth…

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GLOBAL DIESEL FUEL SHORTAGE: Supply Chain Disruptions Will Increase If Diesel Shortage Spreads

If the European diesel shortage worsens, the world could see continued disruptions in the global supply chain.  Why?  Diesel is not only a heating fuel during the winter, but is also used in European automobiles and for truck, train, and ship transport globally.  Diesel prices in the United States hit ALL-TIME highs this week…

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