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METALS & MARKET UPDATE SEPT 26th: Energy Still Impacting Markets While Investors Favor Inflated Paper Assets

Energy continues to be a major factor impacting the markets while the Fed and central banks prop up the global economy with trillions of bonds and debt.  Unfortunately, most investors who have been bamboozled by central banks are going to lose the majority of their wealth as the world heads over…

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WHY INVESTORS SHOULD OWN PRECIOUS METALS: Global Market Outstanding Bond Value vs Total World Oil Consumption

These two charts should convince investors why they should own precious metals.  The staggering increase in the Global Market Bonds Outstanding over the past few years has far outpaced the increase in world oil demand.  This is a very bad sign not spoken about in the mainstream media or by any precious metals analysts…

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METALS & MARKET UPDATE SEPT 19th: Important Dynamics In Natural Gas Market Are Preview Of Energy Cliff & Silver Prices

If you want to know what the Energy Cliff will look like in the future and the coming higher silver prices… well, pay close attention to the crazy Natural Gas Market.  In this Metals & Market Update, I provide 25 charts in this video presentation and explain why we will likely see higher energy prices…

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