Tom Cloud Update: Precious Metals During A Trump Presidency & Shortages Of Large Gold Bars In Europe

Tom Cloud explains different ways a Trump Presidency would impact the precious metals.  Even though the stock market has soared into record territory since Donald Trump won the election, Tom believes the stock market will roll over towards the end of the year.

In addition, Tom talks about his conversation with his contacts in Europe who are experiencing extreme tightness in the large gold bar market (100 & 400 oz) in the London Market.  While investors are able to acquire some large gold bars in the U.S., it is very difficult in Europe.

Lastly, Tom explains why it is important for precious metals investors to look at the longer term instead of being concerned by short term price movements.  I will be writing a few articles on why this is important and WHAT INVESTORS should really be concerned about.

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11 Comments on "Tom Cloud Update: Precious Metals During A Trump Presidency & Shortages Of Large Gold Bars In Europe"

  1. vlad the impaler | November 15, 2016 at 12:22 pm |

    Where is the bottom in PMs? 100 year silver chart shows that technical resistance stands at around $10.

  2. Steve,

    Excellent report from Tom Cloud. He is dead on the money.



  3. Steve,

    It seems gold and silver still tracks the price of oil (after the rescent metal plunge)?
    Do you have an idea when they will decouple?

    Best regards /Markus

    • quidproquocoins | November 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm |

      It is the other way around, oil tracts gold and silver. Since the commercial production of crude at the beginning of the last century, crude was paid for in US Dollars, “Petro Dollars”. At that time, the dollar was directly linked to gold. During WWII the Family Saud required the United States to produce gold disks that were gold equivalent to the British Gold Sovereign coin and a 4 Sovereign coin. Why, our dollar was not good enough and the King was rooting for Germany. Gold and crude oil have always been linked as payment. The fact that oil producers would not allow their product to be debased by paper is logical and understandable. There is no mystery to the correlation It is dollars and sense.

  4. You can’t taper a ponzi. China is finished with 300+% to gdp. Now its time for the US to keep the wheel spinning. Look at all those jobs and factories coming back! Its just infrastructure deficit spending. We’ll talk about the debt ceiling later.

    I see more exponentials on the horizon.

    • “Now its time for the US to keep the wheel spinning. Look at all those jobs and factories coming back!”

      not a chance. the factories were closed, the buildings and parts and tools sold for scrap, and the trained workmen scattered, decades ago. even ford is moving factories to mexico. the average white citizen is age 58, the average ghetto/mestizo/jihadi welfare tribal is age 23, named debt obligations are triple the overinflated hyped-up u.s. gdp, and the dollar is a fiat debt currency. you’ll see one last burst of effort, and then it will all fail.

      • DisappearingCulture | November 15, 2016 at 5:21 pm |

        Completely agree.

        It’s just HOW it will fail, and how fast…. we don’t know.

        we have some really good manipulators and can kickers.

        • “we have some really good manipulators and can kickers.”

          it’s not that they’re any good, it’s that they have the best working for them doing what they say. and you know who those best are? it’s us.

  5. You certainly can do it without increasing debt. Closing bases, charging countries for military services, reducing overcharging for items, cutting waste, not building poor aircraft, removing the unproductive from the VA hospitals and streamlining Vets through, halting black books, not building underground secret facilities, etc etc you certainly can without adding debt!

    • “You certainly can do it without increasing debt.”

      heh. you have NO clue how this works. sorry, the u.s. dollar is a fiat debt currency. declining debt == declining dollars. no debt == no dollars. it’s a pyramid scheme, and the only way out is total 100% repudiation. of everything.

  6. More guesswork afoot! Your guru says buy for the long term. He also said that one should
    have 20% of his assets in pm. For those who took advice in 2010 they are down 25%; those
    who bought in 2011 are down 54%; those who bought in 2012 are down 49%; those who
    bought in 2013 are down 29%; those who bought in 2014 are down 20%; and those in 2015
    about 2%. His great advice costs a lot. If he knew anything he should have said don’t buy any
    silver until 2020 because silver has a better chance of going to $15 than to $20. But since he makes
    a commission selling silver, a conflict of interests could be the reason. Imagine, these gurus have been wrong every year for the past 7 years that I looked at on the Silver Institute website. Steve, you can call me all the names you want but if all the money were invested in simply corporate bonds I would have 60% more money today to buy silver at the right tim, which surely isn’t 2016. .

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