TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Higher Silver & Gold Prices Coming & Bullion Supply Will Be Tight In The Future

In Tom Cloud’s newest update he discusses the silver price and where he sees it going in the next leg higher.  Also, with the new Basel 3 ruling, Tom sees more Central Bank gold buying along with private demand which will positively impact the gold price.  Tom and I agree that the next large move in the silver price will likely come from Big Investors.

While I agree with Tom that we are going to see much higher gold and silver prices, we can’t discount a move lower during a major broader market correction.  Again, I am not saying IT IS A GUARANTEE, but investors likely sell everything during a significant correction.  But, as I mentioned several times, lower silver prices will pull in a great deal of demand, pushing up premiums and wait times to get metals.

Tom and I don’t know when, but at some point, it will be difficult to access metals at reasonable prices.  And, talking about reasonable prices, CLOUD HARD ASSETS is selling the new TYPE 2 Silver Eagles for only $6.30 over spot.  General Manager Dan sent me some of the prices they are selling products over spot and I was quite surprised to see how low they are selling the new Silver Eagles versus the top online dealers.

The lowest I found was Money Metals Exchange at $8.79 over spot with the highest from APMEX at $11.49 over spot.  CLOUD HARD ASSETS is also selling 2021 Silver Maples at only $4.25 over spot.  The large online dealers are selling 20-99 Silver Maples for $5.00-$6.39 over spot.

You can contact Tom, Dan, or Jade click here: CLOUD HARD ASSETS.  You can also call (800) 247-2812.

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  1. Don’t look now……but here comes SILVER!

  2. Great video and informative and encouraging to hang on, hold tight for in the end the payoff shall be worth it.
    Richard H.

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