TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Gold, Silver Platinum & Palladium In 2019

Tom Cloud provides another update on the top precious metals for 2019.  He discusses the platinum, palladium, gold and silver markets.  While palladium has seen its price rise considerably over the past year, Tom believes it may be topping… I agree.  He also talks about how the Russian and Chinese Central Banks continue to acquire gold as China recently announced another increase in their gold reserves.

Tom Cloud has been in the precious metals business for 43 years, since 1976.  He has a lot of experience in the precious metals industry and understands the gold and silver market better than most dealers in the industry.

If you are new to the precious metals market and had questions, Tom Cloud would be happy to answer any questions.

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7 Comments on "TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Gold, Silver Platinum & Palladium In 2019"

  1. I give two more months before the markets go haywire

  2. Stephan Vogt | January 18, 2019 at 11:51 am |

    All time when i see Tom Cloud the PM Price is falling.

  3. Tom, i know that. Your interview is way too long and shouldn’t include platinum & palladium, nor copper or sink.

    AND, you still mix up the monetary plane with the physical landing.

    After so many years in the business, please skip the commercials.

    • houtskool,

      I don’t mind Tom letting NEW PEOPLE know about his services. The reason that I sponsor Tom on my site is that he is one of the MOST HONEST precious metals dealers I know in the industry and his prices are some of the best when we consider buying & selling. Tom doesn’t charge a commission to buy back metal, but that is not the case for most dealers. Also, Tom’s precious metals storage is less than most of the competition.

      Furthermore, Tom uses an escrow account, so that the investor’s funds are protected until Dillion Gage out of Texas sends the precious metals shipping info. That is a BIG PLUS knowing several companies have gone out of business screwing over the client-investor.

      However, I appreciate your input.


      • OK. I think you you should continue this. In my opinion mr Cloud could voice his opinion about the difference between money and currency.

        Within our energy timeframe we experience currently, that would be an interesting piece to listen to.

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