SILVER FORTUNE INTERVIEW: Nearing The Energy Cliff & How Silver Protects You

If you want to understand where the silver market is going, you have to learn about energy and the coming ENERGY CLIFF.  There are very few precious metals analysts that understand the important relationship between ENERGY & VALUE.  I discussed these topics with Matt at Silver Fortune last week in my latest interview.

If you are new to the subject of the “ENERGY CLIFF,” and how it will impact assets and the precious metals, I highly recommend that you check out the interview below:

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3 Comments on "SILVER FORTUNE INTERVIEW: Nearing The Energy Cliff & How Silver Protects You"

  1. Good interview Steve; I must find the time to listen again. So much information.

    I am a believer in DEGROWTH AND I think it will start and grow from the bottom up, not from the top down. We have learnt over previous generations, how to grow an economy with abundant energy; we now have to learn, how to degrow an economy with less energy.

    What I have enjoyed most over the last 20 years or so, is the ability (Via the internet) to talk and listen to people all over the world who have managed to retain a realistic view of the many problems we will confront in the future.

    Unfortunately the people who have led us to this point in time, are the same people who now tell us, they can lead us to better times.


    Lets hope the means that allow REAL KNOWLEDGE AND UNINTERUPTED DISCUSSION to flow around the world is retained.

  2. Scientists at MIT are testing a Nuclear Fusion reactor in 2025. They say they are a decade ahead of schedule and are confident of success. Let’s hope they are successful.

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